Crocolisks in The City


Crocolisks in the City is one of five daily quests given by Old Man Barlo in Terokkar Forest. This quest rewards a Bag of Fishing Treasures which may contain a number of fishing-related goodies including Chuck’s BucketMuckbreath’s BucketSnarly’s Bucket, and Toothy’s Bucket. There is no fishing requirement to complete the quest.

The Pets

The buckets teach the following battle pets:

Quest Location

The quest Crocolisks in the City is located in Terokkar Forest, given by the NPC Old Man Barlo, who is found fishing in Lake Silmyr, northeast of Shattrath City.

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Old Man Barlo is to take a portal to Shattrath City, then fly over to his location. Pick up the quest, then fly back to Shattrath City where you can take a portal to your respective major city to fish up the quest item.

Then port back to Shattrath, or take the portal to Hellfire Peninsula located in The Cleft of Shadows for Horde in Orgrimmar or in the very top of the Mage Tower for Alliance in Stormwind.

Catching The Baby Crocolisk
Horde can catch the crocolisk in the lake and rivers in Orgrimmar as noted in the map below:

Alliance can catch the crocolisk in the Canals of Stormwind as seen in the map below:

Helping Others

If you have this quest on your server, a great way to help more people get it is to have the person who has it available make an LFG group with auto-accept that others can use to pull them to the proper server.