Legion: Easily Looted Pets

Following on from the model Blizzard used in Warlords of Draenor, there are a number – 13 to be exact – of pets that are guaranteed to be obtainable once per character. These are all cageable, and involve either a quick fight, or minimal questing.

Emmigosa Reward from Stellagosa in Azurewing Repose (50,27) for On the Brink. This is the fifth quest in a chain started by Runas the Shamed (54,17) in the Azurewing Whelplands.
Grumpy Upstairs in the burning house –
Heathrow Manor (39,66) – near Bradensbrook. You may have to save Penelope in the basement before Grumpy gives you the quest.
Ashmaw Cub In a cave in the Lunarwing Shallows (53,88). Reward from protecting the cub from a few waves of attackers for Adopting the Adorable.
Fetid Waveling Looted from Pollous the Fetid (66,45) near Starsong Refuge.
Pygmy Owl Looted from Gorebeak at (60,77) west of Moonclaw Vale after speaking with Lorel Sagefeather.
Risen Saber Kitten Looted from Darkshade in Black Rook Hold’s Ravencourt (44,53).
Crispin Looted from Tenpak Flametotem at (42,42) up a hill in the Haglands.
Skyhorn Nestling Reward from a 5-part quest chain started by Oren Windstrider at (52,37) near Skyhorn.
Bleakwater Jelly Looted from Soulthirster in Helheim, underwater around (29,62) in the western part of the sub-zone.
Stormborne Whelpling Looted from Stormwing Matriarch at (50,72) near Hrydshal. Note, this may be lootable more than once per character.
Benax Looted from Anax at (34,52) in Meredil.
Lurking Owl Kitten Reward from You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me Right Meow which is the third in a short chain that starts at Irongrove Retreat (26,31) in the north.
Untethered Wyrmling Reward from Balance to Spare (58,53) after your character is Honored with the Nightfallen and the Twilight Vineyards is accessible.