Molten Front Pets

The Molten Front is a daily quest area in Mount Hyjal. It has 3 pets available from vendors that are unlocked through daily questing. It takes approximately 29 days to unlock everything possible from this area. Your character must be level 85 or higher to be eligible.

Searing Scorchling – 5% chance from Zen’Vorka’s Cache sold for 30 Mark of the World Tree (MotWT) by Zen’Vorka
Hyjal Bear Cub – sold by Varlan Highbough for 1500g
Crimson Lasher – sold by Ayla Shadowstorm for 1500g

Getting Started
To begin questing in the Molten Front you first have to obtain the quest Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion! (A)/Guardians of Hyjal: Firelands Invasion! (H). You can find this quest on the command board in any major city – I recommend Org or Stormwind. If you don’t see this quest then look for Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients (A)/Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients (H). If neither quest is available, then you mostly likely started questing in Mt Hyjal and stopped. If this is the case you will have to return to Mt Hyjal and fly around until you find where you left off in the quest line.

*Having ‘Tracking: Low Level Quests’ turned on will be very useful for questing in this area*

First Day
Sanctuary of Malorne
The Firelands Invasion quest will lead you on a small quest chain. When you get the the quest A Ritual of Flame (should be the third quest) you want to be careful. If you kill Leyara too quickly the quest will bug. I spent time trying to figure out how to get around this issue – what worked for me as a level 100 hunter was removing my weapon, putting my pet on passive, and auto-attacking her. After getting past this obstacle it should be smooth sailing for a while. There is only one quest line so just continue to follow it.

The Molten Front
When you get to the quest Calling for Reinforcements you should have 16 Marks of the World Tree (MotWT). Accepting this quest will unlock the first set of dailies and completing them should get you to 20 MotWT. After turning in this quest you will be sent through the portal into the Firelands. Keep in mind this is not the raid instance you are entering, but a special area made just for questing. After fighting a few things and turning in your quest you will unlock three daily quests.

Once you finish your dailies do not leave the area just yet. Go back outside to the Sanctuary of Malorne (the location of the starting quest line and first set of dailies) and you should have one daily available there. In the future you will have this daily and the two sets you already completed available each day. After this day you should receive 14 MotWT per day.

At this point you should have 25 MotWT in your currency tab and day one is complete. It should take around nine days to unlock more dailies. By now you should have picked up two quests that require 150 MotWT each.

Druids of the Talon
If you choose to complete ‘The Shadow Wardens’ first, skip to that section and come back to this one later. When you complete this quest you will be given Need… Water… Badly…which gives five MotWT and a daily quest giver, so it is in your best interests to finish this quest the day you get it. Turning in the 150 MotWT will also unlock a new set of daily quests. If you have already done ‘The Shadow Wardens’ you will have one extra quest.

You can do this set of quests along with the quests from the Sanctuary of Malorne and The Molten Front giving you a total of 25 MotWT per day (26 if you have already unlocked ‘The Shadow Wardens’. It should take about six days to unlock the next set of dailies.

The Shadow Wardens
If you choose to do this quest first, return to the ‘Druids of the Talon’ once you have obtained your second set of 150 MotWT. Turning in the first set of 150 MotWT will unlock a new set of dailies. There is a one-time quest chain starting with The Mysterious Seed which awards 5 MotWT and a daily quest giver. It is in your best interests to do this quest the day that you get it. If you have already done ‘Druids of the Talon’ you will receive one extra quest.

You can do this set of quests along with the quests from the Sanctuary of Malorne and the Molten Front, giving you a total of 25 MotWT per day (26 if you have already unlocked ‘Druids of the Talon’). Assuming this is your second set of 150 MotWT it should take you about five days to start unlocking vendors.

*Note: If you finish your dailies for the day and then turn in either ‘Druids of the Talon’ or ‘The Shadow Wardens’ you will have to wait for the next day to do the new set of dailies. You must pick either the Druid daily quests or the Warden daily quests – you cannot complete both in the same day.*

Unlocking Vendors
After finishing both the ‘Druid of the Talon’ and ‘The Shadow Wardens’ daily quests at least once each you will get three new quests, each requiring 125 MotWT: Calling the AncientsFilling the Moonwell, and Additional Armaments. I suggest finishing them in this order.

Completing ‘Calling the Ancients’ gives another daily increasing your total daily MotWT to 29 (or 31 assuming you finished “Additional Armaments” first) and Varlan Highbough for the Hyjal Bear Cub pet.

Completing ‘Filling the Moonwell’ gives a one-time chain quest and Ayla Shadowstorm for the Crimson Lasher.

Completing ‘Additional Armaments’ gives one extra daily increasing your total daily MotWT to 28 (or 31 if you finished ‘Calling the Ancients’ first) and a gear vendor.

After all this you should be getting 31 MotWT per day, enough to purchase one Zen’Vorka’s Cache. With a 5% drop rate you should theoretically receive one Searing Scorchling every 20 days. Assuming you have average luck it should only take about fifty days to obtain all three pets. You have to complete all three 125 MotWT quests to unlock Zen’Vorka’s Cache.

If you finish all of this and are not totally burned out you can try for the achievement The Molten Front Offensive which gives you Flameward Hippogryph upon completion. Most, if not all, of the requirements are completed during daily questing or are part of the quest chain.