Timeless Isle

The Timeless Isle is full of pets, and keeping track of where to find them can be difficult. I have put together a map and information about each pet available. Keep in mind that the respawn timers for rare spawns on the Timeless Isle are almost all between 30 minutes and an hour.


Map Pets

*Black* Ashleaf Spriteling – Rare drop from the rare mob Leafmender with a 3% chance. The rare is on the higher level of the island. There is a ramp on the south side that circles around. Follow the road up the ramp over a bridge and around. Leafmender is always on the west side of the road, a little way before you get to the next bridge.

*Yellow* Azure Crane Chick – Looted from Crane Nest with a 2% chance. Nests are located near trees. Be aware that all the cranes near the nest will attack after looting.

*Grey* Dandelion Frolicker – Rare drop from Nice Sprite with a 0.14% chance. Nice Sprites are not attackable normally – you have to wait for Neverending Spritewood to spawn. After clicking this crystal you will get a one minute buff that will allow you to attack the sprites. Try to kill as many as you can in one minute to get the best chance at finding a pet. Sprites will spawn quickly for the duration of the buff. I have heard that herbalists can get the pet from gathering from the sprites after they are dead, but I have not done this myself. I think that the crystal was previously a once per day thing, but I believe that was changed to no longer have that restriction. If any of this information is inaccurate please let me know. Grouping with a healer allows you to focus on killing the sprites and not worrying about your health, although at level 100 that shouldn’t be a huge concern.

*Blue* Death Adder Hatchling – Rare drop from rare spawn Imperial Python with a 3% chance. Imperial Pythons only spawn where Death Adder spawns but only if that Death Adder is dead, therefore killing a Death Adder when you see it makes it more likely for an Imperial Python to appear.

*Orange* Swarmling of Gu’chi – Rare drop from the rare mob Gu’chi the Swarmbringer with a 3% chance. Gu’chi the Swarmbringer patrols in the designated area.

*Light Pink* Gulp Froglet – Rare drop from the rare mob Bufo with a 3% chance. The frogs in this area and Bufo have a stacking poison attack – if it reaches 10 stacks it will kill you instantly.

*Light Blue* Jademist Dancer – Rare drop from Jademist Dancer with a 0.5% chance. These are not rare mobs, and are easy to farm.

*Dark Red* Ominous Flame & Jadefire Spirit – Both are located in a cave to the North East of the Celestial Court. Ominous Flame – rare drop from Foreboding Flame with a 0.5% chance. Foreboding Flames are not rare mobs, and are easy to farm. Jadefire Spirit – rare drop from the rare mob Spirit of Jadefire with a 2% chance. Spirit of Jadefire spawns in several different locations, and all are inside the cave.

*Red* Ruby Droplet – Rare drop from the rare spawn Garnia with a 3% chance. Her location is in the highest area of the island with no way to get to it normally. Below is a video for how to get here using a flying mount, which is the fastest method. You can also buy for 1,000 Timeless Coin a stack of five Golden Glider from Ku-Mo, at the southeastern edge of the Celestial Court, which reduces your falling speed for two minutes. If you are having trouble getting there using the linked method, the gliders come in handy. Assuming this method isn’t working for you at all, you can also use a Highwind Albatross to get there. On the west side of the Celestial Court there are large birds that fly by overhead. When you hit these birds they will pick you up and carry you off, stopping only when you attack them. They travel slowly but will eventually take you to Garnia’s spawn point. Kill the bird and you will drop safely into the lake. At level 100 it is very easy to kill these birds too fast, so you may want to do this method on a lower level character.

*Hot Pink* Skunky Alemental – Rare drop from the rare mob Zhu-Gon the Sour with a 3% chance. This mob will not show up as a skull on your map until he is summoned. You will first see a set of crossed swords that will indicate the event to summon him is available. Go to the circled area and kill off Skunky Brew Alemental or the random barrels lying around. Once you have killed enough of them, Zhu-Gon will spawn for you to kill.

*Purple* Spineclaw Crab – Rare drop from the rare mob Monstrous Spineclaw with a 1.8% chance. Monstrous Spineclaw only spawns where Ancient Spineclaw spawns, but only if that Ancient Spineclaw is dead. Therefore killing an Ancient Spineclaw when you see it makes it more likely for a Monstrous Spineclaw to appear. The area north of the Horde flight point has the most Ancient Spineclaws.

Vendor Pets

Bonkers – Looted from Timeless Chests with a 1.4% chance. To open the chest you have to buy Kukuru’s Cache Key from Master Kukurufor 500 Timeless Coins each. Master Kukuru is located in a cave. On the lowest level of the island, follow the cliff face past the dark red circle on the map until it curves sharply south – stop there and turn north, and you should see the cave. Assuming a 1.4% drop chance it should take around 75 chests to find a pet, meaning you would need around 37,500 Timeless Coins in order to get one pet. Know that while you can loot more than one of these pets, they are not cageable and therefore cannot be traded to anyone.

Harmonious Porcupette – Sold by Mistweaver Ku for 7,500 Timeless Coins. This pet also requires Revered reputation with Emperor Shaohao. Obtaining rep with him is pretty simple as you can kill the Yaungol on the island for rep and there is one daily quest. Mistweaver Ku is located on the eastern side of the Celestial Court.

Sky Lantern – Sold by Ku-Mo for 7,500 Timeless Coins.

Vengeful Porcupette – Sold by Speaker Gulan for 100 Bloody Coin. Bloody coins are obtained by killing other players (Alliance or Horde) on the island while having the buff from Censer of Eternal Agony, which is obtained from Speaker Gulan for 2,500 Timeless Coins. Using it will decrease your health by 90% and automatically flag you for PvP. Speaker Gulan is located on the higher level of the island on the eastern side near the cliffs. After getting a coin for killing someone, the person you killed will get a 10-minute debuff which will not allow you to get another coin from killing them until it goes away.

Battle Pets

Ashwing Moth – Pet battle found on the main level of the Timeless Isle. These are the easiest pet battles to find on the island. Just running around should locate at least one of these.

Flamering Moth – Pet battle found on the higher level of the Timeless Isle. These are easy to get to you; you just have to know where to look. They are most often located around the Yaungol.

Skywisp Moth – Pet battle found on the top of mountains that are hard to get to. You can either use the flying mount/glider method explained for the Ruby Droplet to get to the mountain tops, very carefully get a Highwing Albatross to carry you to one, or fight other pet battles until you get one as a secondary pet.

Celestial Tournament

Chi-Chi, Hatchling of Chi-JiXu-Fu, Cub of XuenYu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon and Zao, Calfling of Niuzao – Sold by Master Li for 3 Celestial Coin each. Celestial coins are obtained through the Celestial Tournament, which Ehly has made a wonderful guide for here.