Farming for Zomstrok

Shifty wrote:Since starting to run Tab4, one pet I have seen requested a LOT is Zomstrok. I don’t think people know where this pet is from or how EASY it is to farm. I went out the other night and farmed 6 in an hour, I was averaging 1 every ten minutes which equated to about one trip around the island.

Of course we will continue to fill requests for them as we receive the pets, but in the interest of everyone getting a pet, feel free to take a chance to farm yours and/or for donations.

Where it is dropped:

The mobs that drop that pet can be found in Southern Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor).

For both Horde and Alliance the easiest way to get there is to take the flightpath to Socrethar’s Rise, then running south.

Note from Ehly: You can sort of hop down the staggered levels or glide/float if you have that capability.

Mobs that drop it:

Happy Hunting!!