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  • Fashion Friday – 7.2 Transmog Sets and Achievements

    Patch 7.2 has a number of fun and exciting changes coming for transmog collectors! Included in the patch will be a new transmog set tab, new collection achievements and new ensembles. Transmog Set Tab The […]

  • New 7.3 pets: Raiding with Leashes V achievement!

    Hey A3ers! Check it out! There’s a new Raiding with Leashes achievement coming in Patch 7.3! The pets for this achievement (Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm) will come from the following raids: Bastion of Twilight […]

  • Tips for New Tamers: Legion Changes

    For this week’s Tips we are going to be looking at the recent changes to pet battling that have arrived with the Legion pre-patch. Some of these changes have a fairly significant impact on pet […]

  • Creature Feature: Baby Winston

    ith Overwatch newly released, we’re taking the time to look away from the more accessible pets, and squealing excitedly over the cuteness that is Baby Winston. Much like his character in Overwatch, Winston has two […]

  • Caturday for April 30

    Hope you’re having a great weekend so far! This coming week we’ve got two big things happening in World of Warcraft: the Darkmoon Faire begins tomorrow, May 1st, and Children’s Week begins on Monday, May 2nd. […]

  • Blizzcon 2017: Heroes of the Storm Summary

    The release of Heroes of the Storm 2.0 saw the highest player engagement ever – even higher than at the launch of the game. In 2017 a total of seven new battlegrounds were added, doubling […]

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