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  • Tips for New Tamers: Tamer Routes

    With Legion looming on the horizon, now is a good time to get started preparing for the swarm of new babies we can capture, loot, and otherwise greedily grab into our collections. While preparation takes […]

  • Postcards from Azeroth – Isle of Quel’Danas

    Isle of Quel’Danas This small island lying to the north of Silvermoon City plays host to the famous Sunwell, oft mentioned in the phrase ‘Remember the Sunwell!’ It is very roughly triangular, with a large […]

  • Happy Caturday!

    Happy Caturday everyone! And now, on to our regularly scheduled Caturday! Last Wednesday was Veteran’s Day here in the US. So in honor of all our military, Happy Veteran’s Day! Also, remember, Pilgrim’s Bounty is […]

  • Fashion Friday #29 – Safari Sets (All Armor Types)

    Fashion Friday We know that many of you are pet collectors, so your Safari Hat gets a lot of use, so we are bringing you a special Safari Hat-themed Fashion Friday! This Fashion Friday features four class- […]

  • Creature Feature: Feline Familiar

    Creature Feature – Feline Familiar Feline Familiar Possible Breed: P/B Stats: Health: 1221 Power: 322 Speed: 289 Abilities Slot 1: Onyx Bite Pounce Slot 2: Stoneskin Call Darkness Slot 3: Devour Prowl With Halloween just around the corner, we […]

  • Cat Days

    Hello everyone! Monday, February 22, was ‘Cat Day’ in Japan. In doing some Googling, it seems that there’s also a few other ‘Cat Day’s coming up later this year: International Cat Day (aka World Cat […]

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