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How To Donate Without Joining

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How To Donate Without Joining

Post by Wakamaru » July 15th, 2015, 12:27 am


Thank you for interest in donating to A3!

We have had many individuals contact us wanting to donate to the project, but who aren’t necessarily interested in joining the forum, guild, or adopting pets. For these individuals we wanted to provide some helpful information on how you can get your pets to us.

Method #1 – Bladefist Lowbie
The first step in donating to the project without joining is making a lowbie character on the Bladefist-Horde server. Once you have made this character you will need to send it something to generate enough money to afford the cost of mailing items (assuming you don’t want to kill mobs to vendor loot which can take a while). Luckily, there are several easy to come by items which can be used for this.
http://www.wowhead.com/item=86143/battle-pet-bandage – vendors for 50 copper (worth 1 mail)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=71153/magical-pet-biscuit - vendors for 65 copper (worth 2 mails)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=89906/magical-mini-treat - vendors for 60 copper (worth 2 mails)
Timeless Isle Armor Tokens – vendors for 5 gold (worth 16 mails)
http://www.wowhead.com/item=69209/illus ... ild-tabard - vendors for 31 gold 25 silver (worth 104 mails)

Once you have mailed your new lowbie one/some of the above items you will vendor it and begin caging up the pets you wish to donate.

Please mail your pets to Wakamaru or Tikaraa.

If you like you can include a note about who you are, how you found us, your twitter name, your warcraftpets.com, or anything else.

Method #2 – Guild Bank
If you are the sort of person who ever so slightly hoards pets (none of us do that!) and you have too many pets to realistically or easily transfer by learning and caging them – you can instead contact one of our admins and notify them of this. We will happily arrange a team or team member to help you clean out your precious bank space and ensure that your lovely pets find a new home!

How do you contact us without joining the guild?
Join the forum and send Wakamaru a Private Message
If you are a member of WarcraftPets.com you can locate Wakamaru there and send her a Private Message
If you came to us through Twitter you can send @A3pets or @TamerWakamaru a direct message.

Please be advised for these sorts of pickups we do prefer there be a realistically large sum of pets. Smaller sums of pets should be donated through the mail.

Some things worth knowing…
A3 adopts pets out to members to need them. We define need as “not already owning”.
A3 will never auction off a pet that has been donated to us.
A3 will never use a donated pet in a twitter giveaway unless the pet has been donated specifically for this. Twitter giveaway pets are obtained privately and solely for the purpose of the giveaway.
The more common or obtainable pets are adopted through the normal weekly adoption system.
The more rare or harder to obtain pets are adopted through the weekly raffle system.
Some pets may be used as rewards for donation drives.
Some pets may be used for guild member-only contests and events.

The Do Not Donate List
While A3 loves all pets, there are some pets that we simply cannot accept. If we did accept them we would be over run and not have the space to accommodate the pets which will truly be adopted requested/adopted out. Please observe the following list of pets that we cannot accept:
Miscellaneous Pets
Vendor Pets

If you plan to donate regularly however, we would strongly recommend joining the forum and the guild. When you join the guild you will have access to enough gold to fund your mailing needs or you can donate by dropping your pets off in our banks donate tab.
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