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Pictures For Pets Information Post

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Pictures For Pets Information Post

Post by Wakamaru » November 19th, 2016, 5:51 pm

THIS EVENT HAS ENDED[hrc=#000000]5[/hrc]Winners will be drawn January 1st through January 7th. Good luck everyone!
Image Introduction
This is one of A3's all time favorite events: Pictures for Pets! Traverse the World of Warcraft with your companions to complete challenges and win pets. Because a 2-year anniversary is considered the "Cotton Anniversary" we thought we would have some fun with cottony pets! What pet looks more cottony than the newly remodeled sheep?

Event Dates
December 1st through December 31st

Entry Deadline
December 31st at 11:59pm ET

Drawing Information
All challenge winners will be drawn January 1st through January 7th.

Choosing Winners
Each individual challenge will have 1 winner. There will also be a Grand Prize winner. Challenge winners will be drawn in numerical order (ie. Challenge 1, then Challenge 2, then Challenge 3, and finally Challenge 4). An order is given to prize drawings because some prizes listed below have limited quantities. As prizes are claimed they may be removed from the entry list.
  • The winners will be drawn randomly from the total list of entries.
  • How are winners randomly drawn?
    Everyone who qualifies will have their names added to entries list alphanumerically in the order that their entry is earned. At the end of the event the winner we will draw a winning number using A3's random winner generator (RWG) powered by Random.org.

    Click here for more information about how we randomize drawings.
  1. You may enter multiple screenshots/selfies for each challenge, but you will only earn 1 entry.
  2. You may participate to earn entries toward the Grand Prize even if you do not need the individual challenge prize options.
  3. You may win more than one challenge.
  4. You must need the item you are entering for. Remember that A3 defines "need" as "not already owning".
How To Enter
Each challenge must be completed with one of the following pets:
[col]Black Lamb
[attachment=1]black-lamb.v9799.jpg[/attachment]|Elwynn Lamb
You can use either pet or both pets.

If you don't have either of these pets, the Black Lamb is a very easy pet to capture. They are only levels 1-2 and can be caught outside Stormwind in Elwynn Forest. If you can't fly or get there easily, you can make a level 1 human to capture one with. You must have already learned the Pet Battle ability on another character (it's account-wide).

Post your entries for each challenge to the correct challenge thread. Please do not post entries to this thread.
Grand Prize Information
Each challenge you complete will earn you 1 entry toward the Grand Prize. There is a total of 4 entries to be earned.
Pygmy Direhorn
Challenge Prizes
[readmore="Click To Expand List"]Alarm-o-Bot
Albino River Calf
Ammen Vale Lashling
Ancient Nest Guardian
Anubisath Idol
Aqua Strider
Ashleaf Spriteling
Ashmaw Cub
Autumnal Sproutling
Azure Whelpling
Baby Elderhorn
Blazing Cindercrawler
Blazing Firehawk
Bleakwater Jelly
Blood Boil
Bloodthorn Hatchling
Bone Wasp
Bronze Whelpling
Bush Chicken
Chaos Pup
Coilfang Stalker
Corrupted Nest Guardian
Court Scribe
Crimson Lasher
Cursed Birman
Dark Whelpling
Darkmoon Eye
Death Adder Hatchling
Deviate Hatchling
Disgusting Oozeling
Draenei Micro-Defender
Dun Morogh Cub
Durotar Scorpion
Dusty Sporewing
Elementium Geode
Elwynn Lamb
Empowered Manafiend
Empyreal Manafiend
Enchanted Broom
Enchanted Pen
Energized Manafiend
Extinguished Eye
Fel Piglet
Felbat Pup
Feline Familiar
Festival Lantern
Fetid Waveling
Firebat Pup
Fledgling Warden Owl
Forest Sproutling
Fox Kit
Fragment of Anger
Fragment of Desire
Fragment of Suffering
Frigid Frostling
Frostwolf Ghostpup
Frostwolf Pup
Giant Sewer Rat
Gilnean Raven
Glowing Sporebat
Gu’chi Swarmling
Gulp Froglet
Hungering Claw
Hyjal Bear Cub
Hyjal Wisp
Ironbound Proto-Whelp
Jade Crane Chick
Jademist Dancer
Leyline Broodling
Lil' Leftovers
Living Sandling
Lost Netherpup
Lunar Lantern
Lurking Owl Kitten
Magma Rageling
Moon Moon
Mulgore Hatchling
Nerubian Swarmer
Netherspace Abyssal
Nightshade Sproutling
Ominous Flame
Ore Eater
Pandaren Air Spirit
Pandaren Earth Spirit
Pandaren Fire Spirit
Pandaren Water Spirit
Periwinkle Calf
Plump Jelly
Pygmy Owl
Razzashi Hatchling
Risen Saber Kitten
River Calf
Rotten Little Helper
Runeforged Servitor
Rustberg Gull
Sanctum Cub
Savage Cub
Sen'jin Fetish
Sewer-Pipe Jelly
Shard of Cyrukh
Shimmering Wyrmling
Skunky Alemental
Sky Fry
Skyhorn Nestling
Son of Sethe
Spectral Porcupette
Spirit of Summer
Sprite Darter Hatchling
Sting Ray Pup
Stormborne Whelpling
Soulbroken Whelpling
Sunblade Micro-Defender
Sunborne Val’kyr
Sunreaver Micro-Sentry
Syd the Squid
Teldrassil Sproutling
Tiny Blue Carp
Tiny Green Carp
Tiny Shale Spider
Tiny White Carp
Tirisfal Batling
Untethered Wyrmling
Veilwatcher Hatchling
Vengeful Porcupette
Voodoo Figurine
Wicked Soul
Widget the Departed
Winter Rageling
Zangar Spore
Please note that some of these pets have very limited quantity. In the event that a prize is claimed and there are no more of that pet available, the prize list will be edited according in the prize messages sent to winners. As stated above, challenge winners will be drawn in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Prize Claim Deadline
Members entering giveaways and events are expected to be courteous of others also entering. Prize winners will be sent a private message on the A3 forum containing information about claiming their prize(s). Members will have 2 weeks (14 days) to [1] respond to the PM if a response is requested and [2] claim their prize(s). If after 2 weeks no response has been received or the prize(s) haven't been claimed in-game the win will be forfeited to another member. A new winner will be drawn for the prize(s).

If an issue arises that interferes with your ability to claim your prize then you must contact Wakamaru asap to make alternative arrangements.
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Re: Pictures For Pets Information Post

Post by Wakamaru » December 1st, 2016, 2:11 am

Image Questions & Answers
Q: Can I participate enter the challenges just for the Grand Prize?
A: Yes! Please include the following with your screenshot if you are entering only for the Grand Prize: * Grand Prize Entry *

Code: Select all

[align=center][color=#FF0000][fade]* Grand Prize Entry *[/fade][/color][/align]

Q: Can I participate without entering for the prizes? (ie. if you don't need them)
A: Yes! If you would like to participate in the conversation / task without entering to win, please copy the following form to do so. Insert your message(s) between the "nonentry" and "/nonentry" bbcode brackets.

Code: Select all


Q: How do I take screenshots? Where are the screenshots located on my computer? How do I attach the screenshots?
A: Click here (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=592) for a tutorial that answers the above questions.

Having Trouble Attaching Screenshots?
If you have trouble attaching screenshots to a challenge topic you may do the following:
1. PM your screenshot to Wakamaru on the A3 forum
2. Post a reply to this thread letting Wakamaru know that you have PM'd her your screenshot
3. Once your PM has been received Wakamaru will import your screenshot into your thread reply

If you need additional help please send a PM to Wakamaru on the A3 forum explaining the issue you are having.
Image [col]


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