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2-Year Anniversary Celebration

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2-Year Anniversary Celebration

Post by Wakamaru » November 19th, 2016, 5:49 pm

Image To celebrate turning 2 years old A3 is hosting a multitude of giveaways, events, and games. Don't miss out on the fun and prizes! December 1st through December 31st 30 Days of Giveaways
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Toys for Tamers
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Pictures for Pets
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Pet Pop Quiz
More Information

Warcraft Crossword Puzzle
More Information

More Information

Tamer Word Jumble
More Information

Social Media Giveaways
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Acknowledgments We just want to take a moment to acknowledge those that worked on this event to make everything possible! Thank you all!
  • A3ers - Donating pets to make the entire project possible since 2015!
  • FlameFlash - Cotton anniversary idea
  • Jedikitten - Word Jumble creation
  • Piwakawaka - Waka's right-hand helper ❤
  • Piwakawaka, OzinLA, FlameFlash - Entry questions
  • Sandwalker - Crossword puzzle creation and event editing
  • Jedikitten, Piwakawaka, Sandwalker, Shegrah, Smadronia, Ssparkles - Prize contribution ❤
  • Shegrah - Massive prize contribution
  • Wakamaru - Event/game creation, planning, and overall design, giveaway arrangements and content creation.
And a very special shoutout to SHEGRAH who put a ton of time and effort into farming so many prizes! Thank you for paying special attention to things we've never before been able to offer to A3ers!
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