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•Important• DO NOT use ASCII characters in your names!

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•Important• DO NOT use ASCII characters in your names!

Post by Wakamaru » April 20th, 2015, 8:12 pm

We know that being able to have the name you want is highly desirable for each member. Sadly we also know that at times people will find the name they desire to be already taken. While it's common practice to use ASCII characters to get as close to the name as you would like, it is very difficult for our staff.

What are ASCII characters?
  • The uncomplicated version is any character you have to make by using alt + a sequence of numbers to get a character similar to a standard alphabetical letter. While these characters are similar, they have a slight appearance difference. So instead of having the standard "A" one might use "Ä"

  • Example:
    Ä instead of A
    ß instead of B
Why are these characters bad to use?
  • Not everyone knows how to make these characters. Our staff already puts an impressive amount of time into helping each member starting from getting them into the guild up to sending them pets. When we have to prod for help with making these characters it slows work down and makes a simple task frustrating. Not to mention, if someone has a simple keyboard then they may be lacking the key pad needed to make the character. All in all, everyone wants fast and accurate service so just using standard english letters is the best bet for everyone, not just us.
What will happen if I contact you with a special character in my name?
  • Anyone that makes a toon using a special character will be asked to remake their toon. Until the name meets sufficient criteria you will not be able to be invited into the guild. This rule will likely hold true for entry into the sister guild as well. If the name you want is taken please find other creative ways to acquire the name you desire or find another name that you love.
We thank EVERYONE for their patience and understanding and hope to see all of your eager faces in the guild soon![/color]
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