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Request for Membership  [INVITE COMPLETE]

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Request for Membership  [INVITE COMPLETE]

Post by rudem00se » June 20th, 2016, 10:33 pm

➞ WarcraftPets.com Member Name: Rudem00se
➞ WarcraftPets.com Profile URL: http://www.warcraftpets.com/collection/Rudem00se/
➞ BattleTag:
➞ Bladefist Character Name: Moosies
➞ Playing Schedule: Usually available after 10pm EST (or midnight Sun/Mon/Thurs due to work - sometimes I pick up extra shifts though). I can also usually arrange to be on for a short bit during the day (10am-4pm EST), I'm currently a SAHM to two littles (under 5) so there's a bit of flexibility to pop online occasionally. My bnet account is nearly always 'online,' even though I *may* be afk, but please do message me if I'm in *any* game!
➞ How long have you played WoW?: Since October of 2008, right before Wrath came out (a few breaks here and there)
➞ What's your favorite pet?: Giraffe Calf, I named her Penelope and she's SOOOOO CUTE!
➞ How did you get started collected vanity pets / battle pets?: I really like to collect things: mounts, transmog, random vendor trash with funny flavor text. It was only natural to also collect pets...
➞ Tells us something about yourself!: I'm 30; mom to two littles (under 5), starting classes for an IT degree in the fall. WoW is where I hide from the real world.

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Re: Request for Membership

Post by Jedikitten » June 20th, 2016, 11:11 pm

Btag request sent from Jedikitten. Please be advised you may also receive requests from Astrae, Wakamaru, & Piwakawaka. This allows us to cover more hours in the day giving you a better chance to get into the guild quickly. We remove Btags once the invite is completed (must make room for more people!).

~Jedi :D
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