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Membership Request  [INVITE COMPLETE]

Posted: October 1st, 2018, 4:53 pm
by MagicVidalia
• BattleTag:
• Bladefist Character Name: Magicvidalia
• Name + Realm Of Your Main: (level 20+) Cassyopia Proudmoore
• Typical Play Schedule: Almost every weekday 12noon to 9 or 10 pm PST
• How Did You Hear About Us? A previous guild member, friend, and pet collector Heaters.

• How long have you played WoW? I have played since January 05
• What's your favorite pet? Sprite Darter Hatchling
• How did you get started collecting vanity pets/battle pets? I want to say that the Sprite Darter Hatchling was the first vanity pet that I had to have because it was so cute and not so easy to get. My guildmates and friends thought I was crazy to spend that much time and energy getting something that had no value in the game at the
• Tells us something about yourself! I have played WoW for way too long, yet here I still am! As long as they keep giving me achievements to complete and pets to collect I will keep playing! I also play for the friends I met along the way to this point and the friends I have yet to meet in the future!

Re: Membership Request

Posted: October 1st, 2018, 6:27 pm
by Jedikitten
Hi there @MagicVidalia!

Btag request sent from Jedikitten. Please be advised you may also receive requests from Flameflash, OzinLA, & Piwakawaka. This allows us to cover more hours of the day giving you a better chance to get into the guild quickly! We remove Btags once the invite is completed (must make room for more people).

~Jedi c: