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Membership request  [INVITE COMPLETE]

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Membership request

Post by Nebina » November 3rd, 2018, 11:43 pm

• Bladefist Character Name: Drimzul
• Name + Realm Of Your Main: (level 20+) Molloch - US Oceanic Khaz'goroth
• Typical Play Schedule: Casual, on most evenings and weekends
• How Did You Hear About Us? Blog post came up in a google search

• How long have you played WoW? Vanilla open beta
• What's your favorite pet? Fossilized hatchling
• How did you get started collecting vanity pets/battle pets? A friend made me a Mechanical Squirrel way back when they took up a bag slot, and he followed me around for a long time.
• Tells us something about yourself! Have to collect all the things (pets, mounts, achievements)! Also I'm so happy that there is a Kakapo in the game (Poro)!

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Re: Membership request  [INVITE COMPLETE]

Post by Jedikitten » November 5th, 2018, 1:13 pm

Hi there @Nebina!

Btag request sent from Jedikitten. Please be advised you may also receive requests from Flameflash, OzinLA, & Piwakawaka. This allows us to cover more hours of the day giving you a better chance to get into the guild quickly! We remove Btags once the invite is completed (must make room for more people).

~Jedi c:
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