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How To: Request Guild Membership

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How To: Request Guild Membership

Post by Wakamaru » April 14th, 2015, 11:56 am

Joining Azeroth Adoption Agency Anyone wishing to be added to the Azeroth Adoption Agency is required to first post a guild invite request in this forum. Please submit your request as a new post, not a reply post. There are a few things that you should know before posting your request to join, though.
Please be advised that A3 is located on the US client. As such we are unfortunately only able to help US players (this includes all players on the US- Oceanic, Latin America,
and Brazil servers as well). At this time we are unable to adopt pets out to EU players. We do encourage EU players to join the forum and Twitter communities though, as we do sometimes have code giveaways which EU players could participate in.
Getting Started
  • The A3 Forum
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    • Registering
      Everything that happens in the A3 community revolves around our forum. Adoption requests, event information, community discussion, and more are organized through the forum. In order to be a part of the community, you must be a part of the forum. General discussion isn't required of members, but there will be times where forum responses are necessary to participate in something (ie. events or adoptions). Even if not participating in discussions, it's a good idea to check on the forum regularly so that you stay in the know with A3 happenings and the community in general.
  • Bladefist
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    • The Main Guild: Azeroth Adoption Agency
      All A3 members must create a character on the Bladefist-Horde realm to join the guild with. This character will act as your point of contact with the community so that we can easily send pets and prizes to you and so that you can easily send pets to A3 (if you have any to donate).
      • You are limited to 1 character in this guild.
      • You are not required to level this character.
      • You can choose any class or race (as long as you are Horde).
      • If you choose to make a Pandaren you will need to complete the starting scenario and choose your faction before you join.
      Pets available for adoption will be featured in this guild's bank, Monday through Friday.
    • The Sister Guild: Petoholics Anonymous
      If you would like to level additional characters with us, we have a sister guild just for this. If you download the addon GreenWall you will be able to talk to members in both guilds in regular guild chat, at the same time.

      Please keep in mind that this is a family-friendly guild. Name your character accordingly.
    • Naming
      Please refrain from using non-family-friendly character names or names that include special characters. Names with ASCII characters in them will be rejected (Example of ASCII letters: â è ï õ ú ÿ ć Đ ß (etc.)).
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    • BattleTag#0000
      We require you to share your BattleTag with us so that the team can add you to their friend's list and easily message you cross-realm about adding you to the guild on Bladefist.
      • We will remove your BattleTags from your request once you have been added to the guild.
      • You are not required to keep any A3 team member on your friend's list.
      • A3 team members may remove you from their friend's list once you have been added to the guild. This is only due to the friend's list quantity limit; it's not personal.
      There are multiple team members which may reach out to you to help you into the community. This is done so that we can cover as much time in the day as possible. Invites may come from:
      • Jedikitten
      • OzinLA
      • Piwakawaka
      • Wakamaru
      Piwakawaka is our resident "international recruiter", so all time zones are welcome!
    Information You'll Need To Join
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    • Checklist
      • BattleTag
      • Bladefist character name
Application Information
  • Posting Your Application
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    • How To Post An Application
      Please create a new post in this forum with the application shown below. Please do not post your application as a response to this thread or to someone else's application - it will not be seen.

      Provide the requested information as best as you can.
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    Copy & Paste:
    • BattleTag:
    • Bladefist Character Name:
    • Name and Realm of your main character (level 20+):
    • Playing Schedule:
    • How did you hear about A3? We'd love to know!

    • How long have you played WoW?:
    • What's your favorite pet?:
    • How did you get started collecting vanity pets/battle pets?:
    • Tells us something about yourself!:
    Invite Process
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    We will send out BattleTag requests and invitations a few times a week at our discretion. We will come to you, so please be patient!

    Once we have connected with you and added your character to the guild, your BattleTag will be removed from your application so that it does not remain public.

    While you wait to connect with our recruiter, please take the time to learn about our guild! We recommend starting with the following post, as it will direct you to all important and major information you will need to know HERE
    Please Wait
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    We ask that you please wait for us to add your BattleTag and contact you. Please do not harass or pester members for a guild invitation or spam the realm's chat channels looking for an invitation. It typically takes only a day or two for us to make contact with a new member.
While You Wait...
  • Discord
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    • Join Discord
      A3 uses Discord to help our members keep in touch cross-realm. Since so many of us play opposing factions or main on other realms, this is a great way to build that "guild" feeling. You can chat with members, share pet information, build groups, and more!
  • Twitter
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    • Follow Us On Twitter
      Twitter has become a favorite for many WoW players due to it's in game functions. You can share your screenshots and achievements with A3 to be included in newsletters as well as stay up to date with the latest A3 games and events. We also share blog posts, helpful information, and giveaways. If you plan to interact with us on Twitter don't forget to let us know who you are! Your can add your name to the Twitter list here.

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