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Kemntari Introduction

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Kemntari Introduction

Post by Kementari » September 19th, 2017, 3:49 pm

Hello everyone Kementari here :)

First off I will say that I am terrible at writing anything, I tend to avoid posting on any forums which I guess gives people the impression that I am either not interested or a snob lol (so far from the truth)
The reason I don't makes posts is because I feel like I come across as stupid :P


I like OzinLA am another Aussie transplant into the USA. I currently live in Texas but have lived in NC and MA too. I started visiting in 96 and moved over here permanently about 10 years ago now. I am a 46? ...let me think... yes 46 year old woman.

I have always loved animals (cats especially) my whole life. My dad always said I would end up being that crazy old cat lady down the street, so you can imagine my delight when they introduced the "Crazy Cat Lady" title into the game, and yes I have used it ever since lol. I currently have 3 fur babies (all rescues to some degree) but at one stage was feeding and semi looking after 13 of the fur balls! (3 of my own and 10 strays, 7 of which were kittens)

I am have been married to the hubby for 9 years now, we actually met in WoW, can you believe that! I was on my mage and he asked for a portal somewhere, what a romantic story huh, LOL not! As you may have guessed he is the reason I moved to the USA.

I guess you would call me a casual WoW player, even though I have been playing since May 2005 (dear lord that's a hell of a long time!) and I was playing everyday for many hours. I don't play as much as I used to but still play often, often enough to have 10 level 110's lol. But hey I am a "casual" player. You know I really hate that we get called that just because we don't raid or pvp. I used to, but not since they changed my hunter so much that I just cant get a grasp on how to play her well anymore. There are so many aspects to this game which is why I love it, I give them my money each month like everyone else but I am a "casual" player...grrr really grates my nerves.

I first got into WoW through my baby brother. I call him baby but he is a grown ass man, he is 8 years younger than me though. And I was hooked from the very beginning. I love fantasy and medieval stuff and this game covered both bases. My first toon was a Alliance rogue on a PVP sever (Dunemal). I thought it would be like the DnD rogues (yes I was a roll the dice DnD player too) but I soon learned that I really suck at playing melee toons. My next main was a feral druid another melee toon I know, like I said earlier...stupid...lol I loved playing her, never did anything to hardcore with her, I did raid Onyxia and Molten Core a few times, only one boss at a time. For all you newer players thats how it was back in the day, you got 40 people together with no voice chat and tried to kill ONE boss in the raid for that night, some times you even succeded! lol
After that I mained a mage through Burning Crusade (the very same mage in which I met my hubby) I played the hell out of her and realized I loved ranged! Soon to be hubby wanted to move off Dunemaul cause it was dead and so we transferred to Area 52, back when there were still a lot of Alliance on the sever, that was a expensive idea! Me being me had to bring all my toons with me. Not long after transferring he then decided he wanted to go back to Horde, I had never been a fan of the horde races but seeing as there were now Bloodelves I agreed. I made my first Hunter and I haven't looked back. We soon transferred again to Exodar for reasons I cant remember but this time I only took the hunter. And that's where I have been since, hubby transferred to many other serves since then I never went with him ( such a waste of real money) and he stopped and started playing again a few times anyways, plus I hated leaving behind the friends I had made along the way.

As for pet collecting, I have been addicted to it from the get go. I had to make a extra toon to hold them all. I think its my OCD of gotta get them all! that keeps me collecting, I even collect tabbards, mounts, patterns and now (curse you blizzard!) appearances lol
I not much of a fan of the pet battles, it honestly bores me to tears sometimes but I do it to get the wild pets I need and the pet charms I want.

Outside of WoW I play the Sims, I love to build and decorate. I am a fan of crafting though I don't get to do it over here in the US. Its expensive to buy all the materials you need from scratch :( I really love to read, anything fantasy/medieval, hell who am I kidding I will read the back of the toilet paper packaging while on the loo! I am pretty down to earth, a open book and like to think I have a great sense of humor.

Sorry for the long ramble, I actually cut out a lot lol
Thanks for reading!

(good lord that's a huge wall of text!)

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