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Donor List - Add Your Name!

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Re: Donor List - Add Your Name!

Post by geekette1124 » November 20th, 2017, 9:05 pm

I just returned from a long hiatus, so I had a bunch of extra pets.
  • Ghostly Skull (x3)
    Giant Sewer Rate
    Great Horned Owl (x4)
    Green Wing Macaw (x2)
    Hawk Owl (x5)
    Lifelike Toad (x3)
    Lil' Smoky
    Mana Wyrmling (x5)
    Mechanical Squirrel (x4)
    Mojo (x2)
    Mr. Wiggles (x5)
    Mulgore Hatchling
    Nether Ray Fry
    Peanut (x2)
    Pet Bombling
    Proto-Drake Whelp
    Razormaw Hatchling (x2)
    Red Dragonhawk Hatchling (x4)
    Red Moth (x5)
    Sen'jin Fetish
    Senegal (x5)
    Siamese Cat (x6)
    Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling (x4)
    Silver Tabby Cat (x4)
    Sinister Squashling (x7)
    Smolderweb Hatchling (x7)
    Snowshoe Rabbit (x4)
    Trisfall Batling
    Tranquil Mechanical Yeti (x3)
    Tree Frog (x3)
    Undercity Cockroach (x6)
    Wiskers the Rat (x2)
    White Kitten (x2)
    White Moth (x3)
    Willy (x2)
    Wolpertinger (x6)
    Wood Frog
    Worg Pup (x7)
    Yellow Moth (x3)
I hope everyone is able to enjoy these!

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Re: Donor List - Add Your Name!

Post by Elekayl » November 27th, 2017, 2:38 pm

Just added to A3 and donateA few pets: Ashleaf Spriteling, Bleakwater Jelly, Docile Skyfin, Ashmaw Cub, Pandaren Fire Spirit and Sky-Bo. I hope they find good homes. 😀

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