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Summer Games

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Summer Games

Post by Wakamaru » June 30th, 2019, 7:11 pm

Did you know that A3 has several games that are always active in the community? Well if you didn't - now you do! Go play some of the community games and earn entries toward some awesome pets!

Important Information
Common Event Rules & Information
Questions and Answers

How To Enter
  • Create a NEW post in the Summer Games forum.
  • Every time you participate in a community game, reply to your post with the link to your participation post.
  • Please do not post your answers for others to see. Using the form below will keep your answers private.
  • You can put all of your links in one post, or you can reply with a new link each time you play a game. If you are posting little by little, please bump your post to let us know when you are done.
  • There are no right or wrong answers for these games - just participate and have fun!

Click here to see an example post.

Entry Info
You will earn 1 prize entry for each clue you answer correctly. A maximum of 20 entries can be earned.

Games Forum Section:
Newsletter Section:
  • Newsletter Crosswords created by @Sandwalker
  • There is a crossword puzzle at the end of most newsletters starting with the June 18, 2018 newsletter (Newsletter June 18: Really Important Reminders!). You can use any or as many of these as you want!
  • Please note that some newsletter dates will say "July 8th" instead of their correct post date. This is due to a forum backup being used.
Newly Created Games: New Games
You are more than welcome to create new games for the Games Forum. If you create a new game you will automatically earn a bonus 10 entries. These entries can be stacked with your other 20 entries, giving you a total of 30 entries.

The winner may choose from the following items:
Community Leader
Team Member
[+] A3 Responsibilities
Adoption Forum Management
Adoptions: Inventory
Community Manager/Leader
Event Creation/Management
Pawprint Press Contributor
Reading With Leashes Contributor / Admin
Site Admin
Social Media Manager


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Re: Summer Games

Post by Kastriia » August 5th, 2019, 9:24 pm

Sandstinger Wasp please <3

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