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Battletag Etiquette !! important !!

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Battletag Etiquette !! important !!

Post by Rusti » June 13th, 2015, 11:34 pm

Please take the time to read this over and reply with any questions you have on the subject.
As some of you have seen we have a few places on the forum where we request for members to leave a battletag for us so that we can reach them to either add them to one of the guilds or contact them for whatever reason we/they have requested. We also know that at times a member will share their btag to see about grouping up or hanging out with some of the members in order to share a gaming experience with people who hold the same in game interests as them. While we all want to be social and get to know one another and grow our friendship rings, it is almost always best to not add a person's battle tag unless direct permission is granted.

How can you tell when it's acceptable and when it's unwelcome?

Example A:
A membership request post.
This can apply to both the main and the alt guild. Battle tags left to request membership into the guild are only there to allow either the recruiter or the admins to contact the person requesting membership. Anyone sending btag invites to the member without gaining their permission first is actually acting in a manner that can be deemed unwelcomed and impolite. This should NEVER happen.

Example B:
Requesting a specific person to contact them.
If someone posts something along the lines of "Hey Rusti, I wanted to talk to you about something in game. Can you add my btag and contact me please? My btag is Needhelp#1234. Thank you!" Then this is a situation where only the person addressed has permission to contact this member. In this case, even a staff member would be encouraged to ask if there is a way they can help and for permission to add them before attempting to do so. This means that ANYONE other than the person the message was intended for needs to ask permission before adding that member.
Example C:
Member posts requesting people to hang out/group with.
"Hey guys! I was thinking about doing some dungeon runs to level my warlock. If anyone wants to group up then add my btag Epiclock#4321"
In this case, the member in question is posting for anyone to add them that wants to group up to level. This pretty much makes the btag an open invitation. We will not intervene in cases like this but please keep in mind the person wants to add others for a specific reason, not to just build their friend count.
So as you can see, it's all going to depend on why a person has posted their btag on what is welcome and what is not welcome. Please respect one another's space and do not send a btag request unless you have been given permission to do so. We want everyone here to feel comfortable and feel like they are being respected. Keep in mind that btags are no different than Phone Numbers, Emails, or Addresses. Just because you see one sitting around at random does not mean you have the right to call, email, or show up at their house; Btags should be handled with the same respect. If I was to see a party invitation sitting on a coworker's desk and noticed it had an address on it, then I would not show up at that house since the invitation was not for me. The same logic applies here.
Anyone found to be sending btag requests to people in situations where it obviously is unwarranted could face disciplinary action. When in doubt PM them first and ask permission!
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DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that anyone putting their btags in their profiles, signatures, or forum names may receive btag invites that we will not intervene on. Please do not post your btag to these avenues and only share them when you absolutely need to.

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Re: Battletag Etiquette !! important !!

Post by LadyWizard » June 14th, 2015, 9:27 pm

Just heads up usually if I'm adding it's because I saw add request for petaholics which I believe I still have invite privs to


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