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Pornography/Illegal Material Will Not Be Tolerated

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Pornography/Illegal Material Will Not Be Tolerated

Post by Wakamaru » April 18th, 2015, 1:17 pm

KEEPING THE FORUM CLEAN I was hoping that we would all be able to use our heads on this but it's come to my attention that some issues have come up that fit this category. There are things that will NOT be tolerated. These issues will warrant an automatic ban from the site and removal from guild.

The following will have a no tolerance policy and will warrant immediate and firm action:

1) Pornography
2) Sexism or racism
3) Making fun of any group of people based on disability or sexual preferences
4) Illegal material or discussions of illegal activities
5) Anything violating Blizzard's TOS

Also while we respect everyone's religious views we ask that this topic be avoided openly on the forums. These often lead to flaming and can lead to a hostile environment. The mention of religion may not in itself lead to a banning or removal but any subsequent arguments it spurs possibly could so it's best to just not push the envelope.
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