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Battle/Collection Goals

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Re: Battle/Collection Goals

Post by Trethsparr » January 27th, 2018, 6:47 pm

Dang! So, it's been awhile since I looked at my goal list. The last few years, I went hard into casual raiding and toon leveling after a bit of pet battling burnout. I've been back at it in recent months, though. It was time for an update!

1. Replace all poor pets. (Complete 1/27/18!)
2. Replace all common pets.
3. Replace all uncommon pets (either by stoning or farming for rares).
4. Collect 600 pets (currently 536 590 630/600) for Stormwing. (Complete 9/25/15!)
5. Collect all four Celestial Tournament pets (currently 2/4). (Complete 11/25/17!)
6. Finish Raiding with Leashes II (currently 9/10). (Complete 8/19/15!)
7. Finish Raiding with Leashes III (currently 9/12). (Complete 8/31/15!)
8. Finish Pebbles dailies.
9. Complete the World Safari achievement and receive the "Zookeeper" title. (Complete 2/07/16!)
10. Finish Rookie Pet Mob (currently 60/75). (Complete 7/27/15!)
11. Earn the Mechanical Chicken.
12. Finish An Awfully Large Adventure. (Complete 7/01/16!)

and a few new goals:

13. Finish Raiding with Leashes V (currently 11/15).
14. Complete Family Fighter.
15. Finish Pet Brawler.
16. Collect 875 pets (currently 835/875).

I'm feeling convicted that I haven't earned Pebbles or the Mechanical Chicken yet. Time to fix that!

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