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Guild Achievement Listing

Posted: April 26th, 2015, 2:02 am
by Irayna
There are some pets (and mounts) that are available only through your guild when they have gotten specific achievements. Sometimes a guild is willing to open up their membership to others in order to buy said pet provided they are able to follow their rules and earn enough reputation and gold to purchase the item. Below you will find a list of these pets, their requirements, and the guild(s) that has(have) them unlocked. If you would like to add a guild to this list, please fill out this form and I will add the information as I can. If you do not submit information through this form, your guild will not be listed here.
Blacksmithing Supplies
Crazy Cat Lady
Depths of Depravity
Jacobs Ladder
Legionairs ... -hatchlingExalted300gAbiogeny
Blacksmithing Supplies
Depths of Depravity
Jacobs Ladder
Blacksmithing Supplies
Crazy Cat Lady
Jacobs Ladder
Guild Herald and Guild Page are not listed here because they are not account wide. You can only use them on the character(s) you purchase/learn them on.
ItemReputationCostGuild(s) ... battleboarExalted4,000gN/A ... rk-phoenixExalted3,000gBlacksmithing Supplies
Depths of Depravity
Legionairs ... olden-king ... nnihilator
Exalted1,500gBlacksmithing Supplies
Depths of Depravity
Jacobs Ladder
Rivaled ... ud-serpentExalted3,000gBlacksmithing Supplies
We are in dire need of guilds with the following available:
NameServerFactionMore Information
AbiogenyBlackwater RaidersHordeLink
Blacksmithing SuppliesBarthilasHordeLink
Crazy Cat LadySkywallAllianceLink
Depths of DepravityKirin TorHordeLink
Jacobs LadderAggramarAllianceLink
LegionairsArygos / LlaneHordeLink
Make sure you have the appropriate level and riding skill so that you can actually use the mounts that you purchase.

* I learned this one the hard way, and now I have to decide how I'm going to get her to level 85 so I can learn the dang thing I farmed rep & gold to buy.

[Guild Perks] Depths of Depravity [H] (Kirin Tor-US)

Posted: April 26th, 2015, 4:36 pm
by Rannegirl
A while back, like 2 yrs ago maybe, I bought a level 25 guild. It has the following items unlocked and I am willing to offer membership to anyone who wants to roll an alt and get the required guild rep to get the items.

Dark Phoenix Hatchling -- 300g, requires exalted with guild
Armadillo Pup -- 300g, requires exalted with guild

Kor'Kron Annihilator mount -- 1500g, requires exalted with guild
Dark Phoenix mount -- 3000g (I think it requires exalted but cannot document at this time)

This is not a sister guild of A3, it is my own private guild for a couple alts and the alts of a couple friends. There will be no bank access, but if you ask nicely I would be inclined to help provide netherweave bags.

The guild is Horde side called Depths of Depravity and is on US Kirin Tor, an RP server. You can send me a btag request (RaiRai#1483) and when accepted let me know it's for the guild perks. I will create an A3 rank in the guild. As long as you are polite, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, especially if you're going for the mounts as that's a pretty good-sized pile o' gold. The toon that is the guild leader is Mailhing.

[Guild Perks] Crazy Cat Lady [A] (Skywall-US)

Posted: April 26th, 2015, 7:03 pm
by Wakamaru
Crazy Cat Lady @ Skywall-A

Armadillo Pup
Lil' Tarecgosa

[Guild Perks] Legionairs [H] (Arygos-US / Llane-US)

Posted: May 10th, 2015, 8:05 pm
by Jedikitten
Legionairs is happy to open our doors to pet collectors.

We have unlocked the following:

  • Armadillo Pup - 300g
  • Dark Phoenix Hatchling - 300g
  • Lil' Tarecgosa - 1500g
  • Reins of the Kor'kron Annihilator - 1500g
  • Reins of the Dark Phoenix - 3000g
There is no fee for joining for pet collecting purposes. If you wish, donations to the guild bank are welcome, but not required.

To join you will need to create a character on Arygos-US or Llane-US, Horde side.

To secure an invite to guild you can whisper any member of Legionairs. (/who Legionairs to see who is on)
Once invited, please make sure that your guild note gets changed to "A3 pet collector" or some form of that, so we know who you are. Only officers have the ability to edit guild notes so you will need to whisper Fafallia (Jedikitten from A3 forums), Sainto (Cubes from A3 forums), Fiachra, Chantico, or Aledoriel to get your note updated.
Our guild is very helpful and welcoming. Please be respectful of other guild members. Do not beg for money from guild members. You may ask if anyone wants to group up with you while leveling, if people have nothing else to do, they may just join you. :)

Pet collector toons that are inactive for an extended period of time (offline for one month or more) are prone to being removed from the guild. Should this happen and you wish to rejoin, feel free to re-apply.

You are more than welcome to stay after you get your pets/mounts. Should you decide to leave your toon in the guild, please let an officer know, and we will update your note to include "permanent member" or just remove the "A3 pet collector" part; either way will signify your wish to stay. :)
Looking forward to having you all with us. Happy Collecting!
Original Legionairs Guild Forum Posting

[Guild Perks] Jacobs Ladder [A] (Aggramar-US)

Posted: May 12th, 2015, 1:16 pm
by Avarion

Our guild Jacobs Ladder on Aggramar - Alliance is happy to open its doors to pet collectors, we have available:

1) Dark Phoenix Hatchling
2) Armadillo Pup
3) Lil Tarecgosa
4) Reins of the Golden King

BTag add myself or a fellow guildie for a guild invite, we will allow up to 30 days to get your pets (just ask if you need more).

Avarion#1217 - myself



[Guild Perks] Blacksmithing Supplies [H] (Barthilas-US)

Posted: August 1st, 2015, 9:35 am
by Lunarific
<Blacksmithing Supplies> on US-Barthilas Horde (under the Oceanic tab) is willing to accept people who want to join for the guild pets/mounts. We're pretty much a casual/social guild right now as we stopped raiding last tier, if you whisper anyone online they should be able to throw you an invite.

People are generally quite helpful/friendly, although due to our timezone you might not find many people on at certain times. If you like it here feel free to hang around after you get the pet/mount, we're happy to have you. If you're not planning on coming back ever again though, it would be appreciated if you leave the guild because we are almost at the member cap and have to keep kicking inactive people.

- Armadillo Pup
- Lil' Tarecgosa
- Dark Phoenix Hatchling

- Reins of the Dark Phoenix
- Reins of the Kor'kron Annihilator
- Reins of the Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent

If you get stuck finding someone to invite you feel free to add me: Etul#6173. Also happy to supply people with netherweave bags for levelling, and maybe other things as well... who knows?

[Guild Perks] Abiogeny [H] (Blackwater Raiders-US)

Posted: August 19th, 2015, 1:09 pm
by kayhos
Hello pet collectors & lovers,

If you are still missing a few of the guild pets, My guild has most of them except the Deathwatch Hatchling:
  • Lil' Tarecgosa
    Armadillo Pup
    Dark Phoenix Hatchling
    Guild Herald
    Guild Page
Send me a private message here or toss me a whisper on US Blackwater Raiders on Horde Side in the Guild Abiogeny.

It's mostly dead and I'll be glad to have people over while they grind the reputation :)

Deathwatch Hatchling or other guild achievement pets

Posted: September 13th, 2017, 12:30 am
by xsirenxcrusnikx ... g#comments

The second comment down says that the Vitium guild on Korgath-US has this pet unlocked. I made a character on there and whispered someone from the guild and got an invite.

Now to grind my way to a Deathwatch Hatchling (and any others I don't have).

Re: Deathwatch Hatchling or other guild achievement pets

Posted: December 4th, 2017, 9:24 pm
by Irayna
xsirenxcrusnikx wrote:
September 13th, 2017, 12:30 am ... g#comments

The second comment down says that the Vitium guild on Korgath-US has this pet unlocked. I made a character on there and whispered someone from the guild and got an invite.

Now to grind my way to a Deathwatch Hatchling (and any others I don't have).
Can you please fill out the form in the top of this post so I can add this guild to the list. Without all of the information I can't add it.