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So there I was...

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So there I was...

Post by Fenrasta » May 26th, 2016, 1:22 am

So there I was, browsing the Guild Bank to see if there were any new pets that I didn't own yet.

Strangely, I notice that I have withdraw privileges. I start drafting up a post to the Superstar forum to see if any of the staff know anything about it, while I continue looking through the bank.

The first tab is Donate, which doesn't tip me off right away because I haven't checked the GB in a few months. Second tab is full of pets arranged in columns by pet, as normal, and skimming through I have them all. I click to the next tab. Food.

Wait, food? What is going on? Fifth tab is full of Netherweave bags. Sixth tab is full of more pets, and is the only tab I can't withdraw from, and it's labelled "Officers Only". Okay, I KNOW we don't have a sixth tab of pets. The forums only go up to Tab 5!

Finally, I figure out I'm on my Warcraft Pets toon (Fenrasta@Madoran), not my A3 toon (Fenkhaaz@Bladefist). This is why I shouldn't be playing WoW after midnight.


I know some of you out there have similar stories... reply with one of your own!

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Re: So there I was...

Post by Wakamaru » May 26th, 2016, 1:49 am

LOL! I've done this with our sister guild before. I logged into Hellcatt by mistake and didn't realize it. I went to the bank and... what??? What's happened here! I checked the bank logs and see there hadn't been any recent activity and... Oh... /palmface
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