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Graves and Nexus Challenge (15/30)

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Graves and Nexus Challenge (15/30)

Post by Wakamaru » December 5th, 2016, 2:24 pm

Hello Everyone!

I've got a stimpack active for the next 31 days so I'm going to be running HoTs for XP and gold bonuses. If anyone would like to join me to farm for Graves or their 15/30 Nexus Challenge let me know! Don't worry about being a new player or not being good at the game (I hear this a lot) - we can get your XP/games done quickly and easily vs. AI.

I'm available most days after 5pm CT, sometimes 7pm CT depending on what's going on around here.

If you want to schedule days let me know below. If you prefer to pick up days on the fly then you can give me a shout in the A3 discord.



Player Level 20+
  • World of Warcraft: Graves Battle Pet
Nexus Challenge (15) Rewards (must be done with friends)
  • Overwatch: Oni Genji Skin
    Overwatch: Oni Genji Portrait
    Overwatch: Ony Genji Spray
    HoTs: Zarya Hero
    HoTs: Oni Genji Portrait
Nexus Challenge (30) Rewards (must be done with friends)
  • HoTs: Auriel Hero
    HoTs: Greymane Hero
    HoTs: Kerrigan Hero
    HoTs: Li-Ming Hero
    HoTs: Orochi Hovercycle Mount
    HoTs: 30 Day Stimpack
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