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Fellow Heroes!

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Fellow Heroes!

Post by flameflash » December 8th, 2015, 5:42 pm

Okay, so I'm FlameFlash#1847 on battlenet (I don't mind that being out there, I have it publicly listed on my twitter).

Thanks to the Winning Hand contest thread it seems Graves is a target for capture. :D

You get more XP when partied with friends. I'm often pondering if I'll log into WoW, Heroes, or Hearthstone when at my computer (Hearthstone is my go - to when sitting next to daughter's bed waiting for her to fall asleep on my phone).

With that being said, I will gladly party with anybody Graves hunting to help with the friend XP boost. If you're logging into Heroes, feel free to hit me up, especially if I'm already in WoW since most of my time is garrison management or leveling alts.

I also have the hero Cho'Gall. If you're interested in trying Heroes but feel intimidated by the MOBA experience I've found this is a great character for friends to introduce each other on because it'll get the one friend in game as basically a turret while the more experienced player does the running around.

And since I'm mentioning Heroes, if you're not currently playing, they just launched a "recruit" link. You can find mine here, or hit up somebody you know who does play if you don't so you can give them the credit instead. The rewards for the new player are worth about $15 or 12000g depending on your currency angle (and if I'm remembering correctly). It's definitely worth signing up through a recruit link if you haven't played much yet.
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