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NPC quotes

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Re: NPC quotes

Post by Wakamaru » August 19th, 2015, 8:32 am

These are Heroes of the Storm click quotes (ie. click your toon and they say things). IDK if they count - but they are WoW toon in a Blizzard game so... lol

Crown Prince Arthas
"I rule!"
"I will be twice the king my father was and three times the dancer!"
"I once had a horse named Invincible. Turns out... he wasn't."
"*stomach growl* Ah great... Frostmourne is hungry again. Does anyone have something I can rub against the blade to tide it over? Maybe an orphan?"
"*cell phone ring tone* I'm sorry, I have to take this... Darkness! How's it... Wait what? Oh yeah... There's a lot of demon hunters now, eh that was bound to happen. I agree, I agree. It's very confusing. Look I gatta go, I'm in the middle of a thing here. Yeah, yeah, no - we'll hang out soon. Okay bye."

"Mhmm yes... I'd mana tap that."
"Watch where you'r clicking! This hair takes a lot of work!"
"You can see these green orbs too? Oh good... Thought I was starting to freak out for a second."
"I'll never get used to the smell of burnt hair... Blegh!"
"Energy... Power... My people are addicted to it. You know what, I've given this speech a million times so maybe you could just go look it up online."

Lich King
"Hail to the king, baby."
"I am one cold brother."
"Darkness stopped calling. It's alright though, we're still friends through RealID."
"It's Lich King, not Lick King... the two are very very different jobs."
"The thing no one tells you about sitting on a frozen throne is how much of your flesh ends up stuck to it."

"I'm blind, not deaf."
"No I id not just see that. Or anything else for that matter."
"Remember when wings, hooves, and horns were strange for Warcraft? Ah the good old days."
"Ugh, my brother is such a tree huger!"
"Is Maihv behind me? She's totally behind me isn't she..."
"*call phone buzz* Hold on, Darkness just texted me."
"Alright I'm ready. All I need is someone to point me to the pinata."

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Re: NPC quotes

Post by LadyWizard » August 19th, 2015, 9:31 am

I actually like the if you have 2 from the same universe smack talk on hots especially Tyrande with Arthas

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Re: NPC quotes

Post by Mystickah » September 10th, 2015, 11:05 pm

I screenshotted this a few years back while in Karazhan.


And this in Draenei land.....

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Re: NPC quotes

Post by Sayulita » December 15th, 2015, 3:29 pm

I recently started a new troll on a new RAF (Recruit a Friend) account. Woo! New RAF pet in the works! Anyway - in the troll starter zone I get assistance in the naga caves from Zuni, a very enthusiastic troll. I had forgotten how funny he is!

"Ya momma was a bait fish!"
"Die snakefish!"
"Ya about to be darkspeared!"
"Go suck on a trident!"
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