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Newsletter July 11: All Aboard The Hype Train!

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Newsletter July 11: All Aboard The Hype Train!

Post by piwakawaka » July 11th, 2016, 7:16 pm

July 2016
Year 2, Issue 28

Hello, Readers.

I hope you're feeling pumped. With the end-of-season PvP announcement for July 19, the pre-patch download happening, and the pre-expansion article that outlines absolutely nothing new beyond when they hope to release Demon Hunters, there is the tantalising taste of incoming pre-patch.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm giddy as all hell with anticipation. I have a new laptop (awesome discount, cost + sales tax) and the scent of new pets is wafting over the horizon. I mean, sure, changes and cool things happening but meh, INCOMING PETS! Well, that one pet from the event and then a whole other lot in less than two months. But still! So close.

I'm going to run around in circles screaming for a bit. Have a happy week!

Changes To A3A3 Origins…
The Azeroth Adoption Agency was born in December 2014. Although many people have had similar ideas, A3 was the first project of its kind to really take off. It was originally created by Rusti as a way to distribute excess pet stock and soon became a small community of people doing the same.

In March 2015 the project community grew from 50 or so members to over 300 members in less than a week. It was at this time that community manager Wakamaru put herself to work on the project and nicknamed the community A3.

Shortly after this, a proper team was recruited to help ensure the various functions of the agency were running harmoniously, the very first of which was Piwakawaka.

In the time since, several team members have come and gone for various reasons.

As co-Admin, Rusti has managed several A3 responsibilities. Over the last year or so her tasks have included collecting and sorting donations, sending supply requests, setting up new-member signatures, and distributing adoptions from Tab2. Other earlier tasks included helping new members into the guild and managing the leveling guild, Petoholics Anonymous.

Saying farewell…
Rusti created the original Azeroth Adoption Agency on WarcraftPets and has been a contributing member of the team since then. However, over the last six months her time constraints have fluctuated continuously. Her life has also recently seen much change as she’s been granted a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth and development. As such, the time has now come for her to move on from the A3 team.

While we are saddened by her departure from the team, we understand the tough decision to do so. We’re so excited for the new opportunities that await Rusti and we can’t wait to see where they take her.

The A3 Community…
We want to be sure that everyone understands that although Rusti has parted ways with the A3 team, A3 is not changing. The community and its many projects have been managed by Wakamaru since May 2015, and as such will continue to function as it has since then. The rest of the team is also still here and working hard. Tasks that were previously managed by Rusti have already been picked up by others and there will be no lapse in their activity.

To help ensure that things continue to run smoothly, Piwakawaka, our very first team member, is stepping up to the position of co-Admin. Well over a month ago, Astrae took over the recruitment and Tab2 adoption responsibilities. She has now also picked up the supply request and donation sorting tasks. Jedikitten has taken over the new-member signature formatting responsibility. Donations are now also being collected by Wakamaru only (no longer Tikaraa) and the A3 guild bank donation tab.
A message from Rusti…

As you’ve already read, it’s time for me to step back from the agency as a staff member (and focus on other aspects of my life that are in need of attention). Everything remains in the more than capable hands of Wakamaru and the rest of the Team. I am more than certain that they will continue to grow this place and make it better all the time.

I want to thank everyone for being a part of A3 and making it amazing. It would not be nearly as successful as it has been without each and every one of you. No matter if you have donated, adopted or joined our team, you have impacted what we are now. I will be forever grateful for the many amazing memories experienced and friendships gained.

You haven’t seen the last of me, though! I will still try to be around the forum and in the guild; I’m simply no longer a team member. You can't shake me that easy! :P

Here's looking forward to Legion and many more pets! Happy collecting everyone!

-- Rusti
Final thoughts…
We hope that you will join us in wishing Rusti luck on the next stage of her life. Hopefully, she will have time to pop into the community once in a while. We look forward to seeing her then!
Image June 27th through July 11th It's summer and it's time for Shark Week! We'd like you to join us in the Shark Week madness A3-style with events and pet giveaways.

There are Land Sharks up for grabs in the Land Shark Giveaway or Forum Shark Scavenger Hunt. There are level 25 Left Sharks up for grabs in the Left Shark Exchange. And last, but not least, there is a BlizzStore pet up for grabs in the Bling Shark Hide 'n' Seek!
!! THESE EVENTS END 7/11 @ 11:59 PM ET !![/b][/size][/color]
Community Shout Out
The A3 team would like to thank everyone who responded to and helped with our Looking For Farmers: Midsummer Fire Festival announcement which requested help in farming festival pets. These pets will, of course, be adopted out in the future to A3 members. We received a number of pets during the festival thanks to those of you who helped farm and contribute them! We would especially like to thank VikingLady for sending us a blazing army of spiders and sparks! We were truly blown away by your massive contribution!
We would also say to say a big Thank You to Fenrasta. During the Midsummer Fire Festival, Fenrasta flew several A3 members around through the event's bonfires and offered several more times to do additional world tours. During these tours, Fenrasta covered all of the Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms fires, as well as offering to cover the Northrend, Outland, and Pandaria. This act of kindness and time sharing resulted in members not only receiving http://www.wowhead.com/item=23247/burning-blossom's but also getting tons of experience for their leveling characters! This act of kindness also resulted in A3 receiving a few extra pet donations from the event.
Thank you to everyone for your efforts during the festival!

Giveaway #18: 500+ Followers Giveaway https://twitter.com/A3pets/status/749779955303665665[/b]

[col]Image To celebrate reaching more than 500 followers on Twitter, we'd like to say thanks to our followers with a giveaway! The winner of this giveaway will be able to choose one of the several prizes.

Any current BlizzStore pet (see here)


One of the following Cute but Deadly keychains: Arthas, Illidan, or Sylvanas.*

How do you participate?
1. Go to the Official A3 Twitter
2. Follow @A3pets
3. Locate the giveaway tweet (here)
4. ReTweet the giveaway tweet

That's it!

The deadline is 11:59pm ET on July 13th
|Image A Twitter account is required to participate in this giveaway.

*The Cute but Deadly keychain option is only available for U.S. winners. The BlizzStore pet option is available for anyone with a WoW account.

A Twitter account is required to participate in this giveaway.

Bot winners not allowed.
Giveaway accounts not allowed.

This giveaway is for all of our Twitter followers, not solely A3 members. Personal stock/funds are used to fund these giveaways - never community stock/funds.
A3 Team ChallengeAre you interested in winning 30 Days of Game Time, Any Current BlizzStore Pet, or Any Current BlizzStore Transmog Helm? Of course you are! Participate in A3's new weekly event and you just might! This week's challenge:
Image [/align]
Wild Pet Capture Service
Above all else... A3 loves collecting pets! Collection doesn't just stop at pets that can be traded and adopted though - there are a few worlds' worth of wild pets out there waiting for collectors, too! A few of us would like to offer our love of hunting wild pets to A3 members to help them also round out their wild pet needs.

Each week (sometimes a few times each week!) we will comb zones to help members find the wild pets they are still after. We will turn a zone upside-down and inside-out looking for your pet(s) and message you once we've found them. You will then come and capture it!

There are both Horde and Alliance hunters on standby to help with the pet search, so both factions are welcome.
Weekly Raffle

Entries will be open from:
Jul 11 - Jul 15
for: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=83562/zomstrok
Do you want to help supply pets for adoption that A3 needs? We have a Pet Suppliers thread where members can sign up to sponsor certain pets they are willing to supply. When the supply of certain pets starts to run low or we have an upcoming project where we’ll need more of a certain pet – we’ll send out a notification about that pet to our suppliers! There is no guess work and no 24/7 farming because we’ll let you know when we’re in need of the pets.

There are no quotas to meet when supplying the pets that you signed up for. You can provide whatever amount you are comfortable with.

New supply options were added on March 6th.

For more information about the Pet Supplier project click here.

[col]Reputation[hrc=black]1[/hrc]Ammen Vale Lashling
Dun Morogh Cub
Durotar Scorpion
Elwynn Lamb
Enchanted Broom
Mulgore Hatchling
Sen'jin Fetish
Shimmering Wyrmling
Teldrassil Sproutling
Fox Kit
Rustberg Gull
Rodent Crate
Bone Wasp
Sky Fry
Savage Cub
|Professions[hrc=black]1[/hrc]Land Shark
Sea Calf
Magical Crawdad

Vendor[hrc=black]1[/hrc]Darkmoon Cub
Darkmoon Hatchling
Darkmoon Monkey
Darkmoon Turtle
Darkmoon Tonk
Darkmoon Zeppelin

World Drop[hrc=black]1[/hrc]Azure Crane Chick
Spawn of G'nathus
Whether entering a one-time competition or requesting your weekly pets, please remember these essential tips so your requests and entries aren't disqualified.

  • Don't forget to keep your WarcraftPets account up to date. You can find a guide on how to do this here.
  • Please remember to check what pets you have before submitting requests! Add-ons don't always display things accurately.
  • Please remember to report your request list if you acquire a pet you have requested. We've modified our system so that even if your post has already been flagged you can still report and make changes.
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Currently only 3% of our members have contributed to assist with operating costs. 1% of our members have contributed more than once.

A few spare dollars here and there can go a long way!|Donations are accepted through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required to donate.


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A special 'Thank You' to Wakamaru - for creating this week's Pawprint Press header!
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