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Newsletter August 1: Incoming Demons!

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Newsletter August 1: Incoming Demons!

Post by piwakawaka » August 1st, 2016, 7:50 am

August 2016
Year 2, Issue 31

Hello, Readers.

It's all excitement now. We have an announcement on when the Demon Hunters and pre-expansion events will be available, Khadgar is being awesome in the Harbingers series, and all sorts of exciting information filters out as we get ever closer. Full information can be found in the various articles below.

We here at A3 care greatly about our fellow guild members, so we ask you all: if you are one of the unfortunate people affected by motion sickness from the recent graphical changes, check out the thread linked from the blue post about the issue. We don't want any of you unable to play because of nausea, and Blizzard needs as much information as they can get in order to eliminate this unfortunate side effect. Some steps have already been taken to rectify this but if you are still finding issues then any info you can provide will help.

Your health is important to us, and if you're having issues with nausea, please play carefully and make sure to take plenty of breaks.

I hope your week goes well, and that you're all excited for the upcoming events.

Legion Demon Hunter Q&A
A two-part Twitch stream where Senior Game Designer Jonathan LeCraft answers questions about Demon Hunters:



All previous Q&A sessions can be found on the Warcraft YouTube channel HERE.
Blue Posts
Demon Hunter Early Access and Demon Invasions Begin August 9
We’re pleased to announce that the next stage in the World of Warcraft: Legion pre-expansion experience will kick off on August 9!

Starting on August 9, the Burning Legion’s incursion on Azeroth will get underway, and players who have pre-purchased the expansion will begin creating their first Demon Hunters.

Players will begin at level 98 and will find themselves on the fel-shattered expanse of Mardum, where they’ll play the Demon Hunter starting experience before joining their allies in the fight against the Legion.

We have more for you in our Demon Invasions preview, our Demon Hunter guide, and our Legion digital comic series.

We’ll see you at the defense of Azeroth!

Community Manager

Motion Sickness
We’ve been able to use them to isolate a few more potential sources of motion sickness, and are currently working on sending out a small hotfix patch that will hopefully address at least some of them. We wanted to give a quick heads up on what we’re changing.

For starters, we were able to identify some potential issues with how flying mounts are behaving differently in patch 7.0.3 compared to 6.2.4 that we believe will help some players. Once this hotfix is live, flying mounts will no longer bank/lean to the sides when rotating in place, and the extent to which they lean when turning while in motion will be lowered back to how it was in patch 6.2.4. Additionally, we’re fixing an issue that was causing the camera to “pop” when landing or taking off on a flying mount.

We've identified and fixed some bugs that were causing some fairly extreme issues with the camera while the player is considered by the game to be in a “vehicle.” Because of how that tech is used, this includes several situations that might not obviously seem like you’re in a vehicle, such as the later parts of the Al’Akir encounter.

Action Cam is an experimental alternate form of camera control that is currently unfinished and not quite ready for the general public. It had become available through a console command in the Legion beta, but since it doesn’t give any unfair gameplay advantages and (so we thought) had to be expressly activated by the player, we’d left it accessible through that command.

However, it has become clear that more than a few players have somehow turned it on without knowing, and it’s a major cause of motion sickness for those players. So, we’re going to disable it entirely for now, and plan to bring it back in a future patch once we’ve sorted out all the motion sickness issues and given it a little bit more polish.

These fixes will be active on the PTR and Beta realms for testing as soon as possible, and if all goes well, we plan to apply them to live realms on Monday, August 1. Once they’re live, please do continue to report areas of the game or activities in which you’re finding yourself feeling unwell. Videos in particular are extremely helpful, as they allow us to see exactly what the camera is doing at the time. We’re continuing to put our highest priority on resolving these issues and getting you back in the game without having to worry about motion sickness.

Community Manager

Preview: Professions in Legion
In World of Warcraft: Legion, a number of updates and improvements to Professions are on their way. Today, we’re taking a look at the new ways you’ll work with the resources of Azeroth—as well as some new raw materials left in the wake of the Burning Legion invasion.

Quest to Be the Best

First and foremost, you’re going to find yourself going on more Profession-related quests than ever before. An Archaeology questgiver may want you to work with Brann Bronzebeard. A Jewelcrafting questgiver may challenge you to put the finishing touches on some gems. Only a commitment to working with your Profession trainers will earn you the most cutting-edge recipes. There are new quests related to most everything you do in each Profession, and as you learn your new and improved tradeskills, Profession-oriented quests will push you to rank up your recipes.

Recipes With Ranks

That’s right, in Legion, you’ll commit to your recipes to upgrade them, making them more efficient than they previously were. You can see each recipe’s rank in stars in the updated Professions window.

Ranks also apply to your gathering Professions—mining, herbalism, and skinning—where you’ll earn ranks of perks that make you a better gatherer.

Obliterum and Blood of Sargeras

You’ll find that among the many new items related to Professions in Legion, two will surely stand out: Obliterum and Blood of Sargeras. You’ll obtain Blood of Sargeras in a number of ways—it can be an added drop when gathering or disenchanting, and can be received in all manner of quest and dungeon rewards.

Blood of Sargeras is a rare reagent used in many recipes, from Engineering’s Cranial Cannons (a gun you wear on your head) to Jewelcrafting’s Chatterstone toy. Along with other reagents, Leatherworkers will use 25 Blood of Sargeras to craft the Great Northern Elderhorn mount.

You’ll obtain Obliterum by obliterating crafted gear at your Obliterum Forge in Dalaran.

Obliterum is the epic item that upgrades the item level of your crafted armor by 5, taking it from item level 815 all the way to item level 850. As with so many steps in your professional development, gaining access to your Obliterum Forge is the subject of a quest line.

This Thing Goes to 800

Every Profession in Legion has 100 new levels of fascinating and fel discoveries for you to make, as well as new and exciting adventures for you to undertake. Archaeology in the Broken Isles means new finds that can turn up a mount, a pet, a toy, and some items that are available via quests rather than digsites. Tailors can make clothes chests that allow others in their party or raid to try on a whole set of clothes in one click. First Aid quests will have you bandaging up the wounded on the front lines of the war against the invading Legion. Scribes will create valuable Vantus Runes, which increase your performance against a specific boss, and you’ll want to savor Cooking, which now includes bacon.

Some Blacksmiths will even learn how to craft a Steelbound Devourer mount!

Blizzard Entertainment
World of Warcraft

Legion Pet Battle Info
With how close Legion is to launch, It's time to look at some of the things we can look forward to.
Hidden Daily
The toy http://www.wowhead.com/item=122681/ster ... et-journal found in Azsuna summons the NPC http://www.wowhead.com/npc=98489/shipwrecked-captive. The Captive is a Grand Master Pet Tamer and will offer an account-wide weekly quest. The quest is only available to the player who summons the NPC and will reward pet charms. (source)
Class Exclusive Pets
In Legion there are currently four pets which are exclusively obtained by specific classes. The pets will be BoP and are not cageable, but can be used in pet battle teams by your other characters once obtained. The only way to obtain these pets will be to level the class needed as well as unlock certain aspects of their Class Order Hall.
A3 Team Challenge
Are you interested in winning 30 Days of Game Time, Any Current BlizzStore Pet, or Any Current BlizzStore Transmog Helm? Of course you are! Participate in A3's new weekly event and you just might! This week's challenge:
Image [/align]
The second of the Harbingers videos produced by World of Warcraft was released on July 28th. If you missed it, check it out now!
World of Warcraft: Legion Comics
Over the past weeks a large amount of bonus lore has been coming out in various media. If you haven't read them already, there is a series of four comics that lead up to the invasion of the Burning Legion.

You can find each of the comics in the links below.

World of Warcraft: Legion #1—Magni: "Fault Lines"
World of Warcraft: Legion #2—"Nightborne: Twilight of Suramar"
World of Warcraft: Legion #3—"Highmountain: A Mountain Divided"
World of Warcraft: Legion #4—“Anduin: Son of the Wolf”
Wild Pet Capture Service
Above all else... A3 loves collecting pets! Collection doesn't just stop at pets that can be traded and adopted though - there are a few worlds' worth of wild pets out there waiting for collectors, too! A few of us would like to offer our love of hunting wild pets to A3 members to help them also round out their wild pet needs.

Each week (sometimes a few times each week!) we will comb zones to help members find the wild pets they are still after. We will turn a zone upside-down and inside-out looking for your pet(s) and message you once we've found them. You will then come and capture it!

There are both Horde and Alliance hunters on standby to help with the pet search, so both factions are welcome.
Weekly Raffle

Entries will be open from:
Aug 1 - Aug 5
for: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=88514/bloodthorn-hatchling
Do you want to help supply pets for adoption that A3 needs? We have a Pet Suppliers thread where members can sign up to sponsor certain pets they are willing to supply. When the supply of certain pets starts to run low or we have an upcoming project where we’ll need more of a certain pet – we’ll send out a notification about that pet to our suppliers! There is no guess work and no 24/7 farming because we’ll let you know when we’re in need of the pets.

There are no quotas to meet when supplying the pets that you signed up for. You can provide whatever amount you are comfortable with.

New supply options were added on March 6th.

For more information about the Pet Supplier project click here.

Albino River Calf
Draenei Micro-Defender
Forest Sproutling
Frostwolf Pup
Son of Sethe
Bloodthorn Hatchling
Dusty Sporewing
Glowing Sporebat
Spectral Porcupette
Veilwatcher Hatchling
Whether entering a one-time competition or requesting your weekly pets, please remember these essential tips so your requests and entries aren't disqualified.

  • Don't forget to keep your WarcraftPets account up to date. You can find a guide on how to do this here.
  • Please remember to check what pets you have before submitting requests! Add-ons don't always display things accurately.
  • Please remember to report your request list if you acquire a pet you have requested. We've modified our system so that even if your post has already been flagged you can still report and make changes.
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