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Newsletter August 8: Are You Prepared?

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Newsletter August 8: Are You Prepared?

Post by piwakawaka » August 8th, 2016, 7:11 pm

August 2016
Year 2, Issue 32

Hello, Readers.

Tomorrow with maintenance we get all the excitement of the Demon Invasions starting. I hope you are all prepared. Don't forget: if you haven't pre-purchased Legion, the Demon Hunter Glaives purchasable with the event currency are going to be Bind on Account. Make sure you grab them so you can unlock the appearance once you do get the chance to make your Demon Hunter.

In other news, there have been reports that http://www.wowhead.com/npc=40703 is no longer wrecking the http://www.wowhead.com/item=44606. A blue has posted confirming this is being looked into as it is not expected behaviour. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topi ... 14#post-15

I hope you all have a good week, and have fun fighting the demons!

This Month in Wow
According to Blizzard Entertainment, this month is going to be one of the biggest months in the history of the game. There will be a ton to do and Blizzard has taken the time to put together a list of things that we won't want to miss!
World of Warcraft: Legion

August 9th
Starting on August 9 with maintenance in each region, the Burning Legion’s incursion on Azeroth will get underway, and players who have pre-purchased the expansion will be able to create their first Demon Hunters.

Learn more in our Demon Invasions preview and Demon Hunter guide.

August 30th
The Tomb of Sargeras has been reopened, and the demons of the Burning Legion pour into our world. Their full, terrifying might is fixed on summoning the Dark Titan to Azeroth—and they’ve already located the key to his return.

With the Alliance and Horde devastated, only you can take up Warcraft’s most legendary Artifacts, scour the ancient Broken Isles for relics of the titans, and challenge the Legion before Azeroth’s last hope dies.
In-game Events

August 7th - 14th
Come one, come all—step up for a fun-filled week of activities that will keep you coming back for more! Participate in games to earn special prizes! Everybody's a winner at the Darkmoon Faire!

During the first week of each month, convenient Darkmoon Faire outposts with Darkmoon Portals will appear in Elwynn Forest and Mulgore, offering free rides to Darkmoon Island and the Faire.

August 2nd - 9th Timewalking: Cataclysm
While this event is active, players level 86 or higher may access a special Timewalking Dungeon Finder queue, which scales players and their items down to revisit past dungeons from the Cataclysm expansion. While Timewalking, bosses will yield loot appropriate for a player's natural level.

August 9th - 16th Apexis Crystal Bonus
While this event is active, Apexis Crystal gains are multiplied. Get yourself to Tanaan Jungle and cash in on the Apexis Windfall.

August 16th - 23rd Draenor Dungeons
While this event is active, defeating enemies in any level 100 Heroic or Mythic dungeon will award reputation with an appropriate Draenor faction.
Blue Posts
Legion Extended Preview Video
Take an extended look at many of the new zones, dungeons, bosses, and features coming to World of Warcraft on August 30, including customizable Artifact weapons, new combat animations, World Quests, a new PvP Honor System, Class Halls, and more!
https://youtu.be/nnjGw9ZL3QQ Blizzard Entertainment

Maximum camera distance - Legion 7.0.3 #10
We’ve been closely following the discussion around 7.0.3 camera changes, and especially feedback regarding specific sources of visual and physical discomfort. We recently released a client hotfix that addressed a number of mount-related camera issues, and we have another update in the works that addresses screen/FOV distortion resulting from addons that alter the viewport. Many developers on the WoW team are sensitive to various forms of motion and simulation sickness, and it’s an issue about which we care deeply. The last thing we want is for anyone who loves the game to feel unable to enjoy it due to physical discomfort.

Obviously, the cap on CVar-controlled max zoom distance has been a major focus of both community and our own internal discussions. My original post on the matter was not as clear as it could have been regarding our motivations for the change in the first place. It placed too much emphasis on “competitive advantage” in terms of a level playing field, when the core concern I was trying to convey is that “whatever the maximum allowed, that’s what competitive players will use in order to maximize performance, even at the expense of the game’s overall look and feel.” That shouldn’t be a terribly controversial statement: When you’re trying to dodge Fel Outpouring waves on Kormrok in Hellfire Citadel, the farther out you can zoom, the sooner you can see when they’re headed your way; why wouldn’t you zoom out as far as possible? (Corollary: Around what expected zoom level do we tune the speed and lethality of the waves?)

In the course of working on Legion, and trying to improve the overall look and feel of our combat, class abilities, and the ways in which players interact with the world, we took stock of all aspects of that experience, including the camera. World of Warcraft is an avatar-driven open-world RPG, placing the player in the shoes of a hero who adventures throughout Azeroth, yet with the previous max console zoom, that hero would commonly take up less screen real estate than characters in isometric games like Diablo or Heroes, or even many Starcraft 2 units. At that zoom level, details of your character get lost, and details in the world vanish. The game ultimately is designed to be experienced with the camera zoom range available in the default UI.

Now, that is not to say that we don’t at times fail in creating an overall experience that is smooth and free of frustration at those zoom levels. When a tank can’t see around a boss like Archimonde to know where incoming demons are in order to corral them, that’s obviously not ideal. There is much we can do to keep WoW’s scale from spiraling out of control, as well as UI and camera improvements to the experience of fighting huge monsters, and we’ll be paying close attention to feedback along those lines as we move into Legion.

We intended to limit the console-overridden camera zoom very early on in the Legion Beta, which would have left us with many months to iterate on gameplay and feedback that arose from the change before releasing Legion. However, due to an oversight (we capped one way of overriding it, but not another) the change did not properly go through until the very end of the development cycle. Since then, we’ve heard from many players that they’ve relied on increasing the camera zoom to counteract a number of sensitivities, ranging from motion sickness to headaches from spell effects.

Recently, a number of players have reported some relief through using a new addon that allows them to bypass any and all limits on zoom distance. That addon takes advantage of a bug that has existed for some time but gone unnoticed (passing a negative value into a function). In an upcoming hotfix, we will be fixing that bug and thus causing that addon (and others like it) to honor the standard camera limits.

However, in that same hotfix, we will also be raising the hard cap on camera zoom to a midway point between what was possible prior to 7.0, and what is possible through the in-game interface options. This increased cap will allow power users to once again be able to extend their camera distance via a console command, should they so desire. The choice of the new max was informed by reports from players regarding what zoom distance eased the discomfort they were experiencing. Ultimately, we would prefer to address the underlying issues rather than relying on increased zoom to mask those issues, but now that patch 7.0.3 is live and we cannot properly iterate on the sort of changes that would be required, reapplying the band-aid is preferable to leaving an open wound.

We look forward to hearing your feedback once these changes are live. We want to continue working to improve the readability, usability, and accessibility of our game from a visual standpoint, including camera functionality, and community feedback and discussion are invaluable when dealing with such an inherently subjective area.

Game Designer

Marks of Honor
I wanted to pop in and talk a bit about Marks of Honor. Marks of Honor are a secondary reward system that provide a way for you to get old sets of PvP gear for transmog purposes. They are not the primary way you get gear from PvP. With the dawn of the new transmog system, we knew a lot of players would want to gain access to old PvP looks. These sets used to cost Honor Points (the currency) which was removed in 7.0.3. We considered changing the cost of this gear to gold, but felt that would make obtaining these looks trivial. So, we added Marks of Honor as a way to earn your way to old PvP set transmogs. There will not a vendor selling gear for level 110 characters for Marks of Honor. In addition, any items that have no impact on transmog (like necks, rings, etc) has been removed from the current tier of vendors.

In addition, with the launch of 7.0.3, many of Legion's systems came online including changes to PvP rewards. In Legion, level 110 players are rewarded Honor. Players below level 110 are rewarded XP. Unfortunately, during the pre-patch phase, Level 100 players do not benefit from XP. So, it's expected that right now, at level 100, the reward structure feels a bit incomplete. Once Legion launches, level 100 players will earn XP, Marks of Honor and gear rewards. At Level 110, players will be earning Honor, Marks of Honor and gear rewards. Players will be rewarded Honor or XP based on their performance and the score in a battleground. Players on the losing side can increase their chance to receive better gear and more Honor or XP by keeping the match as close as possible.

We're really excited to see your reaction to the full system at level 110. Please keep the feedback coming, we love reading everything you have to say.

Game Developer

What's wrong with DK's having mobility?
Death Knights are meant to have lower mobility than other melee classes, but feel very strong once they’re in range. That said, we agree that they need a little help with their on-demand movement options. In an upcoming hotfix, we’ll be lowering the cooldown of Wraith Walk to 45 seconds, so you can close those gaps more regularly.

This change will give Unholy a bit too much mobility, thanks to the passive 15% movement speed increase from Death’s Advance. Unholy’s already been a little stronger than intended, so to make up for the Wraith Walk buff, we’ll be removing Death’s Advance. The end result of these changes is that all Death Knights will have higher on-demand mobility, and Unholy will have lower passive mobility.

We’ll be applying these changes via hotfix very soon.

Community Manager

The third and final Harbingers video produced by World of Warcraft was released on August 4th. If you missed it, check it out now!

If you haven't already listened, there's a four-part audio drama that is a prelude to the events of the of legion. Check it out here
A3 Team ChallengeAre you interested in winning 30 Days of Game Time, Any Current BlizzStore Pet, or Any Current BlizzStore Transmog Helm? Of course you are! Participate in A3's new weekly event and you just might! This week's challenge:
Image [/align]
Connecting A3ers through Discord
[col]ImageA3 is always looking for new and interesting ways to connect with its members. One of our greatest hurdles, though, is connecting members to each other. With everyone playing on different servers, different factions, and the limitations of the friends list – many of you have probably never had a chance to connect. We hope to use the Discord App to help solve that!

The major perk of an app like Discord is that communication is live. Meaning – you can see it on the fly (assuming you are logged in). This will be an advantage over the forum or twitter where you need to check in throughout the day. It will be especially helpful with organizing groups, sharing rare spawn information with others, or just getting to know your fellow A3ers!|[/col]
Wild Pet Capture Service
Above all else... A3 loves collecting pets! Collection doesn't just stop at pets that can be traded and adopted though - there are a few worlds' worth of wild pets out there waiting for collectors, too! A few of us would like to offer our love of hunting wild pets to A3 members to help them also round out their wild pet needs.

Each week (sometimes a few times each week!) we will comb zones to help members find the wild pets they are still after. We will turn a zone upside-down and inside-out looking for your pet(s) and message you once we've found them. You will then come and capture it!

There are both Horde and Alliance hunters on standby to help with the pet search, so both factions are welcome.
Weekly Raffle[col]

Entries will be open from:
Aug 8th - Aug 12th
for: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=84885/draenei-micro-defender
Do you want to help supply pets for adoption that A3 needs? We have a Pet Suppliers thread where members can sign up to sponsor certain pets they are willing to supply. When the supply of certain pets starts to run low or we have an upcoming project where we’ll need more of a certain pet – we’ll send out a notification about that pet to our suppliers! There is no guess work and no 24/7 farming because we’ll let you know when we’re in need of the pets.

There are no quotas to meet when supplying the pets that you signed up for. You can provide whatever amount you are comfortable with.

New supply options were added on March 6th.

For more information about the Pet Supplier project click here.

Albino River Calf
Draenei Micro-Defender
Forest Sproutling
Frostwolf Pup
Son of Sethe
Bloodthorn Hatchling
Dusty Sporewing
Glowing Sporebat
Spectral Porcupette
Veilwatcher Hatchling
Whether entering a one-time competition or requesting your weekly pets, please remember these essential tips so your requests and entries aren't disqualified.

  • Don't forget to keep your WarcraftPets account up to date. You can find a guide on how to do this here.
  • Please remember to check what pets you have before submitting requests! Add-ons don't always display things accurately.
  • Please remember to report your request list if you acquire a pet you have requested. We've modified our system so that even if your post has already been flagged you can still report and make changes.
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