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Newsletter October 31: Happy Halloween!

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Newsletter October 31: Happy Halloween!

Post by piwakawaka » October 31st, 2016, 5:41 pm

October 2016
Year 2, Issue 43

Hello, Readers.

By the time the next newsletter is published Blizzcon will have been and gone, Weird Al will have been awesome in the closing ceremony, and we'll all be buzzing about whatever it is that we're excited for next. In the case of A3 we get to dive headfirst into anniversary preparations. To think we as an agency have been growing and evolving for nearly two years is an incredible thing for us. We've gotten the chance to meet many incredible people and to help as many collectors as we can achieve their goals. Given the agency started as such a small idea and has grown as big as it has, is an incredible thing.

I hope you all have a good week,

[col]Post #1: You Are Here
  • Introduction
  • Table of Contents
Post #2: A3-related News
  • October Donation Drives
  • Terrible Turnip Tales
  • Wild Pet Capture Service
  • Adoptions
Post #3: Warcraft
  • “Weird Al” Yankovic Live at BlizzCon 2016!
  • Raid Preview: Taking on the Trial of Valor
Post #4: Blizzard
  • Blue Post: Find Your Friends Faster with Quick Join in Patch 7.1
  • Blue Post: Hotfixes: October 26
  • Blue Post: Patch Notes: World of Warcraft 7.1: Return to Karazhan
|Post #5: A3-related News continued...
  • Achievements and Milestones
  • Reading With Leashes
  • Photo of the Week
  • Upcoming Events
Post #6: Social
  • The A3 Network
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Re: Newsletter October 31: Happy Halloween!

Post by piwakawaka » October 31st, 2016, 5:42 pm

October 20th through November 4th[/size] HOW TO ENTER
Send your pets in-game to Athree-Bladefist and include the following:
A3 forum name

http://www.wowhead.com/npc=86061/cursed-birman | Worth 2 Entry
http://www.wowhead.com/npc=53884/feline-familiar | Worth 2 Entries
http://www.wowhead.com/npc=34770/macabre-marionette | Worth 2 Entries
http://www.wowhead.com/npc=86067/widget-the-departed | Worth 2 Entries
THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE…Winner will be able to choose a prize from a pool of 150+ pets!
Click the spoiler links below to view the prize options for each tier.
New Legion prizes were added to all 3 tiers on 10/20/2016!
Tier 1: 1+ Donations
Your Choice Of:
► Show Spoiler
Tier 2: 25+ Donations
Your Choice Of:
► Show Spoiler
Tier 3: 60+ Donations
Your Choice Of:
► Show Spoiler

Members who earned at least 5 entries total during the Donation Drive will also have the option of choosing http://www.wowhead.com/npc=112015/nightmare-whelpling as their Tier 3 prize!
October 3rd through October 31st
You have until 11:59pm ET tonight to enter!
You’ve decided to go on safari in the Jade Forest in search of an elusive critter: a rare quality S/S-breed Leopard Tree Frog. You have plans of grandeur for this secretive little amphibian and only it will complete your new dream team. You’ve spent weeks trudging through the damp forest stalking little blue frogs, capturing them, and flipping them over to determine if each frog was the target of your hunt. Weeks later... you’ve nearly given up, and then suddenly you spot it. A rare quality S/S-breed Leopard Tree Frog. You quickly begin chipping away at the croaker’s health so that you can capture it, take it home and add it to your new frogified super team. Just then... The pet you have whittling down the tree frog gets a massive critical strike and before your very eyes, the elusive object of your animal quest is killed. Your heart sinks as you leave to pack up your camp and return to Stormwind/Orgrimmar without your super speedy blue frog.

If only you'd had the ever horrifying leveled http://www.wowhead.com/npc=63365/terrible-turnip with you when you stumbled over the pet you were after. You could have used http://www.wowhead.com/petability=826/weakening-blow and avoided slaying it and instead taken it home with you.

Enter this event to exchange your low level Terrible Turnip for a level 25 Terrible Turnip!
More Information[/size][/b]
Wild Pet Capture Service
Above all else... A3 loves collecting pets! Collection doesn't just stop at pets that can be traded and adopted though - there are a few worlds' worth of wild pets out there waiting for collectors, too! A few of us would like to offer our love of hunting wild pets to A3 members to help them also round out their wild pet needs.

Each week (sometimes a few times each week!) we will comb zones to help members find the wild pets they are still after. We will turn a zone upside-down and inside-out looking for your pet(s) and message you once we've found them. You will then come and capture it! If you would like to take advantage of this service, but aren't available during our typical times, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask about alternative days and times.

[col]Specifications Allowed

Both Factions
All Zones
All Pets
Any Quality
Any Breed
Any Specifics (color, size, etc.)|Image[/col]
Pet Suppliers
Do you want to help supply pets for adoption that A3 needs? We have a Pet Suppliers thread where members can sign up to sponsor certain pets they are willing to supply. When the supply of certain pets starts to run low or we have an upcoming project where we’ll need more of a certain pet – we’ll send out a notification about that pet to our suppliers! There is no guess work and no 24/7 farming because we’ll let you know when we’re in need of the pets.

There are no quotas to meet when supplying the pets that you signed up for. You can provide whatever amount you are comfortable with.

New Legion supply options were added on September 16th and new post-Legion options were added on September 26th.

For more information about the Pet Supplier project click here.

Autumnal Sproutling
Baby Elderhorn
Court Scribe
Enchanted Cauldron
Enchanted Pen
Enchanted Torch
Extinguished Eye
Fel Piglet
Fledgling Warden Owl
Nursery Spider
Plump Jelly
Ridgeback Puglet
River Calf
Sewer-Pipe Jelly
Sting Ray Pup
Stormborne Whelpling
Sunborne Val'kyr
Thaumaturgical Piglet
Bloodthorn Hatchling
Bone Wasp
Crazy Carrot
Dusty Sporewing
Frostwolf Pup
Glowing Sporebat
Lost Netherpup
Savage Cub
Sky Fry

Aqua Strider
Rodent Crate (horde and alliance)
Spawn of G'nathus

Fox Kit
Ammen Vale Lashling
Dun Morogh Cub
Durotar Scorpion
Elwynn Lamb
Enchanted Broom
Mulgore Hatchling
Sen'jin Fetish
Shimmering Wyrmling
Teldrassil Sproutling
Tirisfal Batling

Mr. Grubbs[/col3]
Whether entering a one-time competition or requesting your weekly pets, please remember these essential tips so your requests and entries aren't disqualified.

  • Don't forget to keep your WarcraftPets account up to date.
    You can find a guide on how to do this here.
  • Please remember to check what pets you have before submitting requests!
    Add-ons don't always display things accurately.
  • Please remember to report your request list if you acquire a pet you have requested.
    We've modified our system so that even if your post has already been flagged you can still report and make changes.

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Re: Newsletter October 31: Happy Halloween!

Post by piwakawaka » October 31st, 2016, 5:43 pm

“Weird Al” Yankovic Live at BlizzCon 2016!
Hoist your accordions and ready your battle-axes, because “Weird Al” Yankovic is closing out BlizzCon 2016!

The Grammy Award–winning pop parodist will be taking the stage the evening of Saturday, November 5, to provide an epic send-off for everyone celebrating this year’s convention. If you didn’t score tickets to the show, Blizzard gamers and Weird Al fans around the world can still get a front row seat at home with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket.
Raid Preview: Taking on the Trial of Valor
Since Loken’s betrayal, Odyn has been trapped within the Halls of Valor as Helya plots in the shadows to claim the souls of his Valarjar champions. In recent days, however, great heroes have arrived in the lands of Stormheim in the Legion’s wake. Hoping that their might and determination could tip the scales and end Helya’s reign, Odyn summons these champions for a final test.

Helheim was just the beginning of Helya’s bid for the souls of the Valarjar champions and her machinations for Odyn. In the new raid dungeon, Trial of Valor, Azeroth’s heroes will be able to journey further into this tale of betrayal when the doors open on November 8.
Team Member
[+] A3 Responsibilities
Pawprint Press Manager
Reading With Leashes Contributor
Recruitment Team
Tracking Sheet Manager

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Re: Newsletter October 31: Happy Halloween!

Post by piwakawaka » October 31st, 2016, 5:46 pm

Blue Posts
Find Your Friends Faster with Quick Join in Patch 7.1
We’re making it even easier to find your friends and join them on their adventures through Azeroth with the addition of a Quick Join option in patch 7.1: Return to Karazahn.

You’ll be able to quickly and easily see friends who have queued for select eligible content within your Social tab (o) in the “Quick Join” tab. You’ll also be able to recommend others by using /invite to join the group even if they aren’t already friends with the group leader. Additionally, friends won’t need to leave their queue to add you and will receive a join request that they can accept or deny for each additional member.

What content queues will you be able to join your friends for?
  • Dungeon Finder
    Raid Finder
    Premade Group Listings (once the friend has joined the group)
    Non-rated Battlegrounds
    Non-rated Arenas
    World PvP such as Ashran
So whether it’s your guildmate, your Battle.net friend, or your Real ID friend, you’ll be able to find each other and take part in a variety of game aspects without the need to ask the age old questions of– “What are you doing?” “Any room in your group?” “Can my other friend join?” You’ll just be able to see all of your friends, see what they’re up to, and ask to join with just a couple of clicks. It’s so easy, a drogbar can do it!

Blue Poster

Hotfixes: October 26
Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to World of Warcraft: Legion. Some of the hotfixes below take effect the moment they were implemented, while others may require scheduled realm restarts to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch update. This list will be updated as additional hotfixes are applied.

Additional information about the expansion can be found below.

October 26



Death Knight

Fixed a bug that caused Dark Transformation to not trigger some additional effects, and not correctly transform abominations into flesh golems.


Fixed a bug where Shred could sometimes fail to deal damage or generate combo points.
Full Moon is again in the Arcane school.


Bestial Fury will correctly increase Bestial Wrath's damage bonus to your pet and Hati.


Enslave Demon can correctly target enemies up to one level above the caster.

Class Halls

Missions will be less likely to offer follower armor set items to players that have maxed out the item level of all their champions.


The legendary Rogue ring Insignia of Ravenholdt should now be able to hit creatures with large hitboxes.
The legendary Warlock belt Power Cord of Lethtendris should no longer incorrectly have a chance to be activated by targets that already have Unstable Affliction.


Honor Talents


Thorns now has a 1 second cooldown between procs.


Killing the Waking Nightmare first during quest, "Waking Nightmares" will no longer prevent players from seeing Slumbering Nightmare.

October 25


Bonus Event

Completing a dungeon on any Mythic Keystone difficulty will now count towards progress on the weekly Bonus Event quest, "Emissary of War".



Luffa Wrappings should once again function correctly for non-Feral Druids.
Prowl should once again have the correct stealth effectiveness.
Mass Entanglement should now reliably chain to nearby targets.


(Retribution) Fixed a bug preventing the Sword of Light passive from being fully calculated into baseline damage.


(Restoration) Lava Burst should correctly deal a critical strike against targets with Flame Shock, at level 20 or higher.


(Arms) Fixed a bug preventing the Seasoned Soldier passive from being fully calculated into baseline damage.

Dungeons and Raids

Quest Items related to Karazhan attunement now drop in Mythic Keystone dungeons in addition to Mythic difficulty dungeons.

Game Client

(Work in progress) Sheathing and unsheathing a weapon should no longer cause the game to crash.


Warden Towers temporarily rewarded 150 Honor. They have been convinced to once again reward 300 Honor.
Honor rewards from Tol Barad have been reduced by 50%.

Class Adjustments
Relentless reduces crowd control duration by 20% (was 25%).
Developers’ Notes: We feel Relentless is over-represented in a lot of situations, so we’re slightly reducing its effect.
Demon Hunter
Fixed a bug that was preventing Imprison modified by Detainment from being removed by Divine Shield and Ice Block.
Fury of the Illidari no longer causes reduced damage in PvP.
(Fire) Stamina reduced by 10% in PvP.
(Frost) Stamina reduced by 10% in PvP
Developers’ Notes: Fire and Frost Mages have felt a bit too tanky.
(Frost) Deep Shatter increases the damage of Frostbolt by 150% (was 200%).
(Mistweaver) Surge of Mist now causes Enveloping Mist to incur an 8 second cooldown (was 6 seconds).
Developers’ Notes: Mistweavers Monks have often relied on Soothing Mist to do most of their healing. Now, when choosing Surge of Mist, you may have to cast another healing spell during the Enveloping Mists cooldown.
(Mistweaver) Counteract magic increases the healing of Renewing Mist by 125% (was 150%).
Developers’ Notes: Counteract Magic has felt a bit too strong against damage-over-time compositions.
Avenging Crusader now properly increases the cooldown recovery rate of Judgment and Crusader Strike.
Avenging Crusader no longer increases the cooldown recovery rate of Tyr's Deliverance.
(Discipline) Searing Light increases the damage of Smite by 15%, down from 30%.
Developers’ Notes: The Discipline Priest is intended to be an offensive healer, but we feel they were over-performing in 2v2 Arena.
Agility reduced by 10% in PvP.
Stamina reduced by 5% in PvP.
Developers’ Notes: Rogues are intended to be strong, yet vulnerable to focused-fire. We feel they have too much survivability while dealing too much damage with both utility and survivability, so we’re toning them down.
(Assassination) System Shock duration reduced to 2 seconds (was 4 seconds).
(Subtlety) Stamina reduced by 5% in PvP.
(Assassination, Outlaw) Stamina reduced by 15% in PvP.
(Enhancement) Agility reduced by 10%.
(Demonology) Doom, Doubled now increases the damage of Doom by 33% in PvP situations.
(Demonology) Grimoire of Synergy increases the Warlock's and Pet's damage by 30% in PvP situations.
(Demonology) Implosion damage reduced by 20% in PvP situations.
Bladestorm now deals full damage in PvP situations.
Developers’ Notes: Bladestorm is intended to be a strong damage cooldown for the Arms Warrior. In Legion Beta testing, Arms Warriors felt too strong, so we reduced the damage Bladestorm did in PvP. We feel we’re back to a place where returning it to full damage makes sense.
Execute now deals 15% more damage in PvP situations.
Developers’ Notes: Execute is designed to be a signature strength of the Warrior, and should always be the right choice on targets within Execute range in PvP. We’ve found that there are some situations where that wasn’t true, so we’re increasing the damage of Execute to make it always the right choice.


Players should no longer fail to get credit for completing world boss World Quests.

Players with a full inventory should now be able to complete “Edict of the God-King” and accept “Unwanted Evidence” after defeating God-King Skovald in Halls of Valor.
The quest drops for “Uncovering Orders” should now come from the final boss in each of the three named dungeons, Assault on Violet Hold, Black Rook Hold, and Vault of the Wardens.


Bloodgazer Falcosaurs should now respawn more quickly.

October 19



Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters should now receive a cache (or mount when lucky) from Pandaria world bosses who previously had no items for Demon Hunters.


Blessing of Sanctuary now has a 30 second cooldown.

Dungeons and Raids

Emerald Nightmare


Damage immunity such as Divine Shield or Blessing of Protection now prevents damage dealt by Spear of Nightmares.


Rogues will no longer end up inside Il’gynoth’s core when attacking it with Shadowstrike or Killing Spree.


The effects from Jewelcrafting neck pieces should now scale properly when Timewalking.



It should now be easier to obtain Jewels of Aellis for the quest "Sifting Through the Rubble". Angry Highborne Spirits should now have a 100% chance to drop a jewel.


Warden Tower captains no longer have a limit on the number of eligible players who can simultaneously tap them.


Alliance players are now able to complete "Full Circle" in Vashj'ir.

Blue Poster

Patch Notes: World of Warcraft 7.1: Return to Karazhan
The official patch notes for World of Warcraft Patch 7.1: Return to Karazhan are here.

New Karazhan Mythic Dungeon

From the moment of its mysterious creation, the purpose of this dark tower has been intertwined with the history of the Guardians of Tirisfal, once Azeroth's greatest bulwark against the Legion. It is now best known as the home of Medivh, who tragically betrayed Azeroth and brought the unbroken chain of Guardians to an end. This legacy makes Karazhan a place of particular interest for the Legion, who have descended in full force in an effort to open a new front in their war on the denizens of Azeroth.

Gather a party of five seasoned adventurers and return to this legendary dungeon to face eight bosses on Mythic difficulty. It’s an experience that may turn you upside-down!

New Trial of Valor Raid

Since Loken's betrayal, Odyn has been trapped within the Halls of Valor as Helya plots in the shadows to claim the souls of his valarjar champions. In recent days, however, great heroes have arrived in the lands of Stormheim in the Legion's wake. Hoping that their might and determination could tip the scales and end Helya's reign, Odyn summons these champions for a final test.

This new three-boss raid dungeon completes the story of Stormheim. Odyn, Guarm, and Helya will become available in Normal and Heroic difficulties two weeks after the launch of Patch 7.1, with Mythic and Raid Finder Difficulties opening afterward.

The Continuing Suramar Campaign

Your heroic efforts in Suramar continue with a series of quests that unlock over a period of nine weeks, ultimately leading you to the very entrance of the Nighthold. Delve into the story of the Nightfallen insurrection against the Nightborne and their Legion allies, and you can obtain the wondrous Arcanist’s Manasaber mount. Look for the quest “Lockdown” to get started.

New World Quests

A new questline that will unlock Helarjar World Quests is now available. Look for “A Call to Action” in Dalaran to discover the depth of Helya’s influence on all of the Broken Isles and contribute to the resistance.

Falcosaurs are here! The coastline of the Broken Isles is under assault from an invasive, predatory species, and they’re breeding out of control! Falcosaurs drop Falcosaur Eggs and Falcosaur Feathers, reagents for new First Aid and Cooking recipes. Save an Orphaned Falcosaur pet to begin a journey toward understanding these hungry creatures, and you might find yourself with a unique new mount.

Table of Contents

Class Changes

Death Knight
Demon Hunter

Legion Companion App
New World Event
Pet Battles
Player Versus Player
User Interface

Class Changes

Death Knight


Icebound Fortitude has returned, reducing damage taken by the Death Knight by 30% (remains at 20% for Frost Death Knights).
Frozen Pulse now triggers if you have fewer than 2 full Runes (was 1).
Frozen Pulse damage reduced to 60% of Attack Power (was 72%).
Glacial Advance now hits targets in melee range more reliably.
Razorice now increases Frost damage by 3% per stack (was 2%).
Obliterate damage increased by 20%.
Howling Blast damage increased by 50%.
Death Coil damage increased by 50%.

Demon Hunter

Agonizing Flames damage bonus to Immolation Aura reduced to 30% (was 50%).

Felblade is now usable against targets in melee range even if the Demon Hunter is rooted.
Distance from which Soul Fragments can be used for Soul Cleave, Soul Barrier, and Spirit Bomb has been increased to 25 yards (was 20 yards).
Demon Blades will now trigger while on the global cooldown (was delayed until after the GCD). This is not a gain to throughput.
Spirit Bomb healing from damage increased to 15% (was 10%).
Soul Barrier now lasts 12 seconds (was 8 seconds).

Abilities learned have been spaced out:
Sigil of Silence – Level 101
Empower Wards – Level 103
Sigil of Misery – Level 105


Mastery: Harmony now includes Frenzied Regeneration.
Ysera's Gift will only heal party or raid members.
Living Seed now copies 25% of the crit heal (was 50%).
Seeds of the World Tree now increases that amount by 8%/point (was 10%).
Owlkin Frenzy will now only affect Lunar Strike (and not Solar Wrath or Stellar Flare).
Swiftmend healing increased to 770% of Spell Power (was 700%).
(Balance, Guardian, Feral) Druids how have Regrowth in place of Healing Touch.
Regrowth is castable in Moonkin Form.
Talents, artifact traits, and legendaries have been updated to affect Regrowth where appropriate.
(Restoration) Regrowth has 40% additional chance to crit (was 60%).
Activating Incarnation no longer triggers a global cooldown for any spec.
Incarnation: Chosen of Elune once again provides the armored Moonkin model.
Galactic Guardian:
Now causes Moonfire to generate 10 Rage (was 15).
Now increases its direct damage by 300%.
Now has a spell alert.

​Thick Hide now reduces damage taken by 6% (was 10%).
Prosperity now reduces your Swiftmend cooldown by 3 seconds (was 5 seconds).
Cultivation healing increased by 20%.


Track Mechanicals granted to all gnome and goblin hunters, as well as any hunter who uses the Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix.
Posthaste now lasts 5 seconds (was 8 seconds).
Vulnerable now increases damage by 50% (was 25%), stacking up to 2 times (was 3 times).
New Hunter talent (replacing Dash):
Trailblazer: Your movement speed is increased by 25% anytime you have not attacked for 3 seconds.

Aimed Shot damage reduced by 5%.
Raptor Strike damage increased by 100%.
Carve damage increased by 150%.
Butchery damage increased by 35%.
Throwing Axes damage increased by 25%.
Animal Instincts has been redesigned: Flanking Strike now also reduces the remaining cooldown of a random one of the following abilities:
Flanking Strike
Mongoose Bite
Aspect of the Eagle



Arcane Blast damage increased by 17%.
Arcane Missles damage increased by 17%.
Arcane Orb damage increased by 17%.
Arcane Charges now increase mana costs by 125% (was 100%).
Pyroblast damage reduced by 6%.
Flamestrike damage increased by 15%.
Aftershocks damage increased by 15%.
Brain Freeze now also increases the damage of your next Flurry by 50%.
Waterbolt damage increased by 25%.
Water Jet damage increased by 100%.
Lonely Winter now increases the damage of affected spells by 25% (was 20%).
Flurry damage increased by 5%.
Ice Lance damage increased by 5%.
Frostbolt damage increased by 5%.
Ray of Frost damage increased by 5%.
Frost Bomb damage increased by 5%.
Comet Storm damage increased by 5%.
Ebonbolt damage increased by 5%.
Frozen Orb damage increased by 5%.
Blizzard damage increased by 10%.


Effuse now heals for 250% of attack power (was 200%).
(Windwalker, Brewmaster) Crackling Jade Lightning now costs 20 Energy, plus 20 Energy per second.
Brewmaster Monks now gain 15% additional Armor from gear.
Brew-Stache now lasts 4.5 seconds (was 1.5 seconds).

Sheilun’s Gift now activates Soothing Mist.
Chi-Ji Crane Heal now heals for 135% of spell power (was 150%).
Soothing Mist now heals for 64% of spell power per tick (was 55%).


Retribution Aura no longer ignores tanks (including self).
Flash of Light now heals 450% of spell power (was 425%) and costs 18% of base mana (was 16%).


The Rule of Law talent now increases the radius of Tyr’s Deliverance by 50%.
Light’s Hammer now costs 35% of base mana (was 40%).
Sanctified Wrath now extends Avenging Wrath by 5 seconds (was 10 seconds).


Holy Wrath now deals 200% of your missing health in damage to 4 nearby enemies, up to 120% of your maximum health.
Blade of Wrath has been redesigned: (Passive) Your auto attacks have a chance to reset the cooldown of Blade of Justice.


First Avenger: Avenger’s Shield now add +50% damage to the first target, and +10% Grand Crusader proc chance.
Bastion of Light now has a 2-minute cooldown (was 3 minutes).
Crusader’s Judgment now has 2 charges, and Grand Crusader now also grants a charge of Judgment.


Mindbender now returns 0.5% of your mana per tick (was 0.75%).


Power Word: Solace now returns 1% of your mana per tick (was 0.75%).
Clarity of Will’s cast time is now 2.0 seconds (was 2.5 seconds).
Contrition now increases Atonement by 3 seconds (was 2 seconds).


Renew healing increased to 62% of spell power (was 55%).
Desperate Prayer now heals and increases health by 30% (was 20%).
Divinity now lasts 6 seconds (was 8 seconds).
Heal now heals for 500% of spell power (was 475%).
Prayer of Mending now heals for 175% of spell power (was 150%).
Prayer of Mending now avoids jumping to targets that already have Prayer of Mending, if possible.
Binding Heal now costs 2.5% of mana (was 3.0%).
Holy Fire damage increased to 200% of spell power (was 150%).


Arcane Torrent now generates 15 Insanity.
Power Word: Shield cost increased by 51%.
Shadowform has returned as a new spell for Shadow Priests:
Assume a Shadowform, increasing your Shadow damage dealt by 10%, and reducing your Physical damage taken by 10%.
You may not cast any Holy spells while in this form.
The shadowy visual is now tied to Shadowform.
Voidform now acts to intensify Shadowform. It automatically triggers Shadowform if not already active, and you gain the effects of both.
When Voidform ends, you return to Shadowform.
The damage of all Shadow Priest abilities has been reduced to compensate for this, resulting in no net gain or loss of damage.


Kingsbane now generates 1 combo point.
Hemorrhage, Marked for Death, and Ghostly Strike show up on the caster's nameplates.
The cast time for all Assassination poisons has been reduced to 1.5 seconds (was 3 seconds).
​Saber Slash damage increased by 10%.
Pistol Shot damage increased by 10%.
Ghostly Strike damage increased by 10%.
Blunderbuss damage increased by 10%.


Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, and Feral Spirits now all have totem timers.
Earthquake Totem has been renamed to Earthquake and no longer summons a totem.
Torrent now provides a 30% bonus to Riptide’s initial heal (was 40%).

Earth Shock damage increased by 15%.
Frost Shock damage increased by 15%.
Stormkeeper now also makes the affected Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightning instant.
Stormkeeper now has a 1.5 second cast time.


Demon Skin and Demonic Circle have swapped talent locations.
Devour Magic has returned for Felhunters.
Doomguard’s Doom Bolts damage increased by 13%.

Unstable Affliction now afflicts a target with up to 5 Unstable Afflictions at once.
Compounding Horror trait redesigned: its buff causes your next Unstable Affliction to deal (32% Spell Power) Shadow damage instantly, stacking up to 5 times.
Soul Effigy is now immune to AOE damage.
Agony damage increased by 5%.
Unstable Affliction damage increased by 5%.
Siphon Life damage increased by 5%.
Drain Life damage increased by 5%.
Drain Soul damage increased.
Phantom Singularity damage increased by 5%.
Corruption damage increased by 10%.
Demonwrath now generates Soul Shards more consistently.
Demonic Empowerment now increases health by 20% (was 50%).
Thal’kiel’s consumption deals damage equal to 8% of pet health (from 6%).


Inspiring Presence now affects party and raid members only.
Hamstring is now on the global cooldown, and can once again trigger Tactician.
Bladestorm damage increased by 8% for all specs.
Raging Blow damage increased by 8%.
Rampage damage increased by 8%.
Execute damage increased by 8%.
Bloodthirst damage increased by 8%.
Odyn’s Fury damage increased by 8%.
Furious Slash damage increased by 8%.
Dragon Roar damage increased by 8%.
Ravager damage increased by 8%.
Enrage now increases damage taken by 20% (was 30%).
Warpaint now modifies the Enrage damage taken increase to 15%.


The following items now disable their effects rather than cancel the entire buff when leaving the Broken Isles:
Bloodtotem Saddle Blanket
Leystone Hoofplates
Demonsteel Stirrups
The damage effects from the following trinkets should no longer hit targets that are crowd-controlled:
Six-Feather Fan
Terrorbound Nexus
Caged Horror
Twisting Wind
Emerald Nightmare trinkets
Ravaged Seed Pod’s damage increased by 20%.
Nature’s Call cone attack damage increased by 40%.
Unstable Horrorslime’s damage increased by 20%.
Bough of Corruption’s damage increased by 10%.
Horn of Cenrius’s healing increased by 10%.
Unbridled Fury’s duration increased by 5 seconds, and its armor and health bonuses increased by 10%.
Swarming Plaguehive can now also drop for Shaman whose loot specialization is set to Enhancement.

Legion Companion App

Bounty information has been added to World Quest tooltips.
Added filter options on the map for active bounties.
Items received from completed Work Orders are now shown.
Performance improvements.
Bug fixes.


In this patch, a large number of changes are made to improve the order and flow of abilities gained while leveling all classes.

In many cases, the level 1-10 abilities that introduce the class have changed.
Many special bonuses and features for class abilities are now granted by upgrades that are learned at a later level.
This applies to every spec for every class other than Death Knights and Demon Hunters.
Druids below level 10 now use Wrath and Moonfire as their primary damage abilities, rather than Shred and Ferocious Bite.
While Smite will still be the first spell given to Priests at level 1, the added absorb shield effect will be an upgrade learned by Discipline at level 36, as the purpose of that effect is to add to healing in group content.
Rogues will start leveling with an ability that attacks with one weapon and generates one combo point. Rogues who choose Assassination specialization will replace that ability with Mutilate at level 40.

New World Event

Return to Alcaz Isle – Dr. Weavil and the Drudge Gnomes
Get to the bottom of Dr. Weavil’s insidious plans on Alcaz Isle.
Rewards include the Big Red Ray toy for everyone and tamable mechanical spiders for Hunters.

Pet Battles

Raiding with Leashes IV
Delve into Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, and Ice Crown Citadel in search of rare pets and the chance to do battle with a new Celestial foe!

Player Versus Player

Nagrand Arena has received a significant visual update.

Honor System

Honor talents will no longer be lost when a player chooses to Prestige.
Players will receive gold or artifact power in lieu of honor talents at higher prestige levels.


The Item Levels of PvP gear rewards now scale as World Quest gear rewards scale, and PvP gear rewards can be Titanforged, Warforged, socketed, or include tertiary stats.
Players will no longer receive a bonus piece of gear based on their rating for the first two wins in each rated bracket (2v2, 3v3, 10v10).
Players will now receive a bonus piece of gear based on their best rating from the previous week for each rated bracket (2v2, 3v3, 10v10).
Bonus gear will be of the “Gladiator” type at PvP ratings below 2000, and of the “Elite” type at PvP ratings above 2000.
The first victory of the day bonus now includes a large Artifact Power reward.
The reward increase for your first victory of the day has been extended to all brackets: Skirmishes, 2v2 Arenas, 3v3 Arenas, and Rated Battlegrounds.
Artifact Power rewards have been increased.

Honor Talents

Death Knight


The two bottom rows of Death Knight Honor Talents have been significantly redesigned:
Choose one of: Deathchill, Frozen Center, or Delirium
Choose one of: Tundra Stalker, Overpowered Rune Weapon, Chill Streak
Chill Streak Damage increased, cooldown reduced to 45 seconds (was 60 seconds).
Remorseless Winter’s snare now cannot be dispelled.


Unholy Mutation duration reduced to 8 seconds (was 12 seconds).


Many talents have changed positions in the Druid Honor Talent tree.
Pouncing Strikes now affects Maim and Rip, but no longer affects Rake.
Pouncing Strikes no longer causes you to leap towards the target.
Tranquility now heals for double the amount in PvP.
Disentanglement now causes Efflorescence to remove all snare effects from friendly targets when it heals.
Thorns now deals 5% of the attacker’s total health in Nature damage.
Nourish has been re-designed:
Reduces the cast time of Healing Touch by 0.5 seconds and automatically applies one of your missing healing-over-time spells to the target. If all of them are present, Healing Touch critically heals.


Fast Feet now also reduces the duration of snares by 20%.


Yulon’s Gift has been replaced with Niuzao’s Essence.
Casting Purifying Brew now dispels all snare effects.
Mighty Ox Kick cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 60 seconds).


Refreshing Breeze now refreshes the duration of Essence Font on targets rather than Renewing Mist.
The Soothing Mist from Ancient Mistweaver Arts mana cost reduced, and healing increased slightly.
Dome of Mist duration increased to 8 seconds (was 6 seconds).
Fortune Turned healing bonus increased to 50% per stack for 2 stacks (was 15% per stack for 3 stacks).
Healing Sphere healing increased by about 40%, and its cooldown reduced from to 45 seconds (was 60 seconds).


Grapple Weapon is a sixth tier Honor Talent.
Disarms the enemy for 6 seconds, with a 60 second cooldown.
Spinning Fire Blossom generates 1 Chi, costs 50 Energy.
Spinning Fire Blossom is now affected by Mastery: Combo Strikes.
Heavy-Handed Strikes now causes Fists of Fury to reduce the movement speed of targets by 70% for 2 seconds each time it deals damage.
Heavy-handed Strikes has been moved to the sixth tier.
The first tick of Fists of Fury will knock down and stun targets.
Zen Meditation has been replaced by Zen Moment:
Costs 5 Chi. Has a 45 second cooldown and a 10 second duration.
Reduces damage taken by 20%, increases healing taken by 20%.
Each attack that triggers Combo Strikes (in non-consecutive ability use) reduces the effect by 5%. Zen Moment fades if it reaches 0%.
Whirling Kicks has been replaced by Control of Mists:
Every 20 seconds, Effuse is instant-cast. You gain a Control of Mists debuff with a 20 second duration after casting Effuse instantly. Each Chi spent while Control of Mists debuff is active will reduce its remaining duration by 1 second.
Yulon’s Gift now only affects Flying Serpent Kick.
Rushing Tiger Palm has been replaced with Disabling Reach:
Disabling Reach now increases the range of Disable by 7 yards.



Vengeance Aura now only affects targets who have your Greater Blessings.



The Honor Talent version of Spirit Link cooldown reduced to 30 seconds (was 60 seconds).
Earth Shield’s protection now activates when the target takes an attack equal to 6% of their total health (was 10%).



Multiple Honor Talents have changed positions in the Honor Talent tree.
Cremation has been redesigned:
Cremation now makes Immolate an instant cast, and Conflagrate deals an additional 4% of the target’s total health in Fire damage.
New Honor Talent: Focused Chaos
Focused Chaos increases the damage of your Chaos Bolt by 150%, but it no longer is also cast on your targets afflicted by your Havoc.
New Honor Talent: Entrenched in Flame
Conflagrate roots targets until cancelled. This effect is not broken by damage.
Bane of Havoc no longer replaces Havoc, and both can be used.


Blood of Sargeras

Illnea Bloodthorn now sells valuable materials:
5 Felslates can be purchased for 1 Blood of Sargeras.
3 Starlight Roses can be purchased for 1 Blood of Sargeras.
3 Leylight Shards can be purchased for 1 Blood of Sargeras.
20 Unbroken Claws or Unbroken Teeth can be purchased for 1 Blood of Sargeras.
All other items sold in lots of 10 for 1 Blood of Sargeras.


Nomi now has a chance to drop Slightly Burned Food instead of Badly Burned Food.
Nomi will now always return 1 of the meat you gave him.
Nomi can now teach tier 3 recipes such as Nightborne Delicacy Platter, even if you don’t know a required precedent tier 2 recipe, such as Barracuda Mrglgagh.


Extended the base duration of the following bait buffs to 5 minutes:
Blessing of the Thistleleaf (Val’sharah)
Salmon Lure (Highmountain)
Ravenous Flyfishing (Oceanic)
A bait duration extension has been added to the Confused Seerspine Murloc (Suramar).


Added new Level 100 boosted character tutorials for Hunter (Survival) and Shaman (Enhancement).

User Interface

Addons and Macros
Nameplate options made less confusing.
Addons can no longer access the positions for player, party, and raid members in instances.
Addons can no longer perform actions on nameplate tokens.
The icons in the icon picker for macros and guild bank tabs are larger.
New macro conditions for “reticle” spells: @cursor and @player.

Set pieces are now called out in the personal loot banner.
A transmogrification chat message is now displayed whenever any bind-on-equip item becomes bound to you.
In mail, a player’s other characters have been added to the auto-complete list.
There is now a confirmation dialog box when sending gold or items through mail and trade.

Maps and Questing
Flight map now shows party and raid members as well as all turn-in quests and your mini-map yellow arrow quest.
Clicking on the dungeon/raid icon on the world map will open the Dungeon Journal.
So that you can now see what you are on top of, Player icon on World map no longer has a tooltip.
Honor rewards now appear on World Quest tooltips.
Added Auction House sorting by unit price and buyout.
World quests Bonus Objectives will now always show in the tracker, even if you have a lot of tracked quests.
When you click on an emissary button on the world map, the map now moves to a zone with an uncompleted World Quest for that emissary.
World quests can be filtered by reward.

Social and Grouping
Added support for new Quick Join system.
You can now show the in-raid self-highlight without a circle.
Group Finder now shows raid and wing names in the LFR dropdown and tooltips.

Improvements made to how the UI scaling work better with 4K monitors.
Now allowing for scaling of the cursor for 4K monitors.
Added new “For the Horde” and “For the Alliance” emotes.

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Re: Newsletter October 31: Happy Halloween!

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Thank You
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