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Newsletter November 28: Turkey Coma

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Newsletter November 28: Turkey Coma

Post by piwakawaka » November 28th, 2016, 3:43 pm

November 2016
Year 2, Issue 47

'I'll just do these dailies before the introduction is written,' she said. 'it'll be quick,' she said.

HAH! Somewhere around three hours later, and the biggest achievement was not throwing the laptop across the room. The Azsuna version of Like the Wind wasn't too bad, but, my goodness, the Suramar one... Not all of the time was spent on those quests; a fair chunk of it went into completing Warden towers and bonus PvP. Still, though: why couldn't the nice Kirin Tor quests be up?

There's not much to talk about this week. Everything is mostly at a standstill because of food comas. Still, make sure you're paying attention to our Anniversary notice, as that's starting very soon.

If you haven't seen it already, Wyrmy Tunkins is the reward for this fortnight's archaeology. Depending on your luck it could only take a few digsites, or a lot, to get through the first quest. Fortunately, after that you can pretty much sneeze and you're done.

Hope you all have a good week.

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Re: Newsletter November 28: Turkey Coma

Post by piwakawaka » November 28th, 2016, 3:44 pm

A3's 2-Year Anniversary
December 1st through December 30th

It's almost that time again A3ers! A3 will be turning 2 years old on December 7th and we're going all out to celebrate again! This year's prizes include rare pets, mounts, toys, BlizzCon 2015 & 2016 goodies, and more! Many of the pets we're bringing you have never been available through A3 before! Much like last year, the anniversary will be packed with events. Some favorites from last year are making a return, but there are also several new events for this year's festivities.

Anniversary Events
25 Days of Giveaways
Crossword Puzzle
Pet Pop Quiz
Toys for Tamers
Word Jumble

[col]Pet Giveaways
Autumnal Sproutling
Bronze Whelpling
Corrupted Nest Guardian
Enchanted Pen
Ethereal Soul-Trader
Eye of Observation
Eye of the Legion
Fel Piglet
Guardian Cub
Ji-Kun Hatchling
Landro's KT
Leyline Broodling
Nightsaber Cub
Plump Jelly
River Calf
Savage Cub
Seaborne Spore
Soul of the Aspects
Vengeful Porcupette

Mount Giveaways
Coalfist Gronnling
Garn Nighthowl
Swift Springstrider|Toy Giveaways
Autographed Hearthstone Card
Burning Blade
Coin of Many Faces
Crashin' Killdozer Controller
Crashin' Thrashin' Cannon Controller
Crashin' Thrashin' Mortar Controller
Crashin' Thrashin' Robot
Fel Spreader
Findle's Loot-A-Rang
Flaming Hoop
Hearthstone Board
Indestructible Bone
Leather Love Seat
Leather Pet Bed
Leather Pet Leash
Leylight Brazier
Moonfang Shroud
Moonfang's Paw
Muradin's Favor
Personal Hologram
Sack of Spectral Spiders
Spirit Wand
Sylvanas' Music Box
Tournament Favor
Unusual Compass
Winning Hand
World Enlarger
World Shrinker[/col]

[col]Loot Giveaways
Blizzcon 2015 Buildable Figures
Blizzcon 2016 Art Magnet
Hearthstone Card Pack Codes
Heroes of the Storm Jaina Code
Overwatch Origins Edition Digital Goodies Code|Other Giveaways
Void Touched Satchels
Quality Upgrade Battle-Stones[/col]

We hope you'll join us during the celebrations! Spread the news to your friends! :D
See You There!
November 21st through December 2nd[/size] HOW TO ENTER
Send your pets in-game to Athree-Bladefist and include the following:
A3 forum name

Bush Chicken | Worth 1 Entry THE WINNER WILL RECEIVE…Winner will be able to choose a prize from a pool of 150+ pets!
Click the spoiler links below to view the prize options for each tier.
New Legion prizes were added to all 3 tiers on 10/20/2016!
Tier 1: 1+ Donations
Your Choice Of:
► Show Spoiler
Tier 2: 5+ Donations
Your Choice Of:
► Show Spoiler
Tier 3: 10+ Donations
Your Choice Of:
► Show Spoiler
Wild Pet Capture Service
Above all else... A3 loves collecting pets! Collection doesn't just stop at pets that can be traded and adopted though - there are a few worlds' worth of wild pets out there waiting for collectors, too! A few of us would like to offer our love of hunting wild pets to A3 members to help them also round out their wild pet needs.

Each week (sometimes a few times each week!) we will comb zones to help members find the wild pets they are still after. We will turn a zone upside-down and inside-out looking for your pet(s) and message you once we've found them. You will then come and capture it! If you would like to take advantage of this service, but aren't available during our typical times, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask about alternative days and times.
Specifications Allowed

Both Factions
All Zones
All Pets
Any Quality
Any Breed
Any Specifics (color, size, etc.)
[/col] [/align]
Pet Suppliers
Do you want to help supply pets for adoption that A3 needs? We have a Pet Suppliers thread where members can sign up to sponsor certain pets they are willing to supply. When the supply of certain pets starts to run low or we have an upcoming project where we’ll need more of a certain pet – we’ll send out a notification about that pet to our suppliers! There is no guess work and no 24/7 farming because we’ll let you know when we’re in need of the pets.

There are no quotas to meet when supplying the pets that you signed up for. You can provide whatever amount you are comfortable with.

New Legion supply options were added on September 16th and new post-Legion options were added on September 26th.

For more information about the Pet Supplier project click here.

  • Alarm-o-Bot
    Autumnal Sproutling
    Baby Elderhorn
    Court Scribe
    Enchanted Cauldron
    Enchanted Pen
    Enchanted Torch
    Extinguished Eye
    Fel Piglet
    Fledgling Warden Owl
    Nursery Spider
    Plump Jelly
    Ridgeback Puglet
    River Calf
    Sewer-Pipe Jelly
    Sting Ray Pup
    Stormborne Whelpling
    Sunborne Val'kyr
    Thaumaturgical Piglet
  • Bloodthorn Hatchling
    Bone Wasp
    Crazy Carrot
    Dusty Sporewing
    Frostwolf Pup
    Glowing Sporebat
    Lost Netherpup
    Savage Cub
    Sky Fry
  • Aqua Strider
    Rodent Crate (horde and alliance)
    Spawn of G'nathus
  • Fox Kit
    Rustberg Gull
  • Ammen Vale Lashling
    Dun Morogh Cub
    Durotar Scorpion
    Elwynn Lamb
    Enchanted Broom
    Mulgore Hatchling
    Sen'jin Fetish
    Shimmering Wyrmling
    Teldrassil Sproutling
    Tirisfal Batling
  • Mr. Grubbs
Whether entering a one-time competition or requesting your weekly pets, please remember these essential tips so your requests and entries aren't disqualified.

  • Don't forget to keep your WarcraftPets account up to date. You can find a guide on how to do this here.
  • Please remember to check what pets you have before submitting requests! Add-ons don't always display things accurately.
  • Please remember to report your request list if you acquire a pet you have requested. We've modified our system so that even if your post has already been flagged you can still report and make changes.

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Re: Newsletter November 28: Turkey Coma

Post by piwakawaka » November 28th, 2016, 3:45 pm

4 Legendary "soft cap"

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Let's talk a bit about legendaries.

From the beginning of Legion, we've deliberately been pretty tight-lipped about how obtaining them works, because the best thing you can do to get them really does just boil down to "play the game and do the max-level activities you enjoy most." It was meant to be a background universal reward that would occasionally offer a surge of power to complement the transparent and omnipresent Artifact and normal itemization systems. Obviously, as we sit here reading posts speculating whether it's better to delete unwanted legendaries to improve your chances of getting more, there's a lesson for us to learn from how that approach has played out. (PS: Don't delete your legendaries. The system looks at what you've gotten, not what you have.)

We've also been pretty conservative in our design, with the intent of loosening the reins as time went on. With a system of this scale that spans all max-level activities, we couldn't be certain that we'd tuned it correctly based on data from thousands of people playing our beta for a few hours a week; it'd inevitably be different in the live game with millions of people playing in far more focused ways. And we knew that if we erred on the side of legendaries being too common, we could easily end up in a situation where some people (whether lucky people, or those who played the most) were flooded with them. If that happened, it'd have been a mess - a chunk of the playerbase would've had bags full of legendary items and no more to look forward to for months to come, and if we'd tried to "fix" it after the fact, then everyone who hadn't taken advantage of the generous period would have felt forever behind.

So we started out stingy, since if we erred in that direction it would be far more fixable. (We've since increased legendary drop rates in general, in patch 7.1). We also put some measures in place to reduce the gap between the very luckiest player and the unluckiest player. Luck is inevitably a factor in games like this, but with millions of people playing the game, if we allowed pure randomness to go unchecked, there would inevitably be some players who played hours every week and literally never saw a single legendary item. Thus, the so-called "bad luck protection" that improves your chances a bit each time you could have gotten a legendary but failed to do so.

As its name suggests, the "bad luck protection" system exists to protect the unluckiest players from the cruel fate of the dice. Those who were on the other end of the spectrum in terms of good fortune, we figured, didn't need a system to help put them even farther ahead of the rest of the world. And we drew that line at 4 legendaries, initially, planning to raise it as time went on. Once you'd gotten 4, you could absolutely get more, but the invisible hand of "bad luck protection" would no longer help you. Almost by definition, if you had 4 legendaries in, say, early October, you were super-lucky. You didn't need help getting more.

What we genuinely did not anticipate was just how much some of the very most dedicated players would play, mainly in pursuit of Artifact Power. By mid-November, we started to hear questions about whether there was some sort of 4-legendary limit, and we realized that there existed a group of players that had done so much content that they actually had an expected legendary count of around 4. They hadn't needed to be unusually lucky to get there. (Note that this is a very small group. They're overrepresented in these discussions, because this issue concerns them, but we're talking about hundreds of people out of millions.)

So we removed that soft cap just over a week ago. "Bad luck protection" now applies indefinitely. Most of the players in this category have probably been focusing on Mythic Trial of Valor for the past week, and since wiping repeatedly to raid bosses during progress sadly can't award legendaries, they haven't had a chance to see the effects of the change just yet. If/when some players get to a point when they have every legendary available for their spec, then so be it. They certainly will have earned it, and there will be more coming in future patches. The Unique-Equipped limit keeps the power gap between the haves and have-nots reasonable, and we'll continue to adjust the effectiveness of the outlier legendaries (coming up in patch 7.1.5) with the goal of keeping them exciting but not gamebreaking.
Game Director


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Re: Newsletter November 28: Turkey Coma

Post by piwakawaka » November 28th, 2016, 3:46 pm

Reading With Leashes
Have you checked out our recent blog posts?
If not, you should!
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|Let us know what you'd like to see covered via the blog forums or by sending Jedikitten a PM![/col3]
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Re: Newsletter November 28: Turkey Coma

Post by piwakawaka » November 28th, 2016, 3:46 pm

Social Media
Image Facebook Page
  • Like us on Facebook! The A3 Facebook page is used as a information portal for A3ers to find news and updates about A3 as well as helpful information about WoW and Blizzard. Streaming may become apart of this resource at a later date as well.
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The major perk of an app like Discord is that communication is live. Meaning – you can see it on the fly (assuming you are logged in). This will be an advantage over the forum or twitter where you need to check in throughout the day. It will be especially helpful with organizing groups, sharing rare spawn information with others, or just getting to know your fellow A3ers!|[/col]
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Re: Newsletter November 28: Turkey Coma

Post by piwakawaka » November 28th, 2016, 3:47 pm

Thank You
Thank you to everyone to contributed to this week's newsletter! Piwakawaka (editor/contributor)
Jedikitten (formatting/contributor)
Sandwalker (copy editor)
Irayna (contributor)
OzinLA (contributor)
Wakamaru (contributor)

A special 'Thank You' to Wakamaru for creating this week's Pawprint Press header!
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[redbg][url=http://azerothadoptionagency.com/viewtopic.php?f=156&t=623]Movie Connections[/url][/redbg]
A3 has a number of forum games going for members to participate in. Members are also encouraged to start any new forum games they have ideas for. Head over to our new Games forum and jump in!
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Operating costs are the costs required to run the community – these do not include the costs of sponsoring giveaways.|A3 is a volunteer operated project and we need the help of our members to keep the site online.

Currently only 5% of our members have contributed to assist with operating costs. 1% of our members have contributed more than once.

A few spare dollars here and there can go a long way!|Donations are accepted through PayPal. A PayPal account is not required to donate.


For more information about donating you can read the Can I help the Agency financially? F.A.Q.[/col3]
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