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Planned Features

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Planned Features

Post by Wakamaru » April 22nd, 2015, 1:05 am

PLANNED FEATURES We have a lot of features planned for the future. Curious about what is to come? Check here to find out!

Planned Features (in no particular order)
  • Best Answer - Allows our mods to mark the "best answers" to member questions. The answer will be automatically included in the initial question post.
  • Thanks For Post - Allows users to thank post authors and rate posts/topics.
  • Auto Group Feature - Automatically have members added to a group based on (1)# of posts (2)length of membership (3)# of warnings received.
  • Messenger Box - Facebook-like chat system.
  • @Mention - Allows users to mention other users in their posts. The mentioned user/s will recieve a notification that they have been mentioned.
  • Medal / Badge System - Award users w/ badges for various tasks. ie. a badge for donating pets.
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