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FAQ: I shared an achievement with A3, when will it be in the newsletter?

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FAQ: I shared an achievement with A3, when will it be in the newsletter?

Post by Wakamaru » December 13th, 2016, 9:49 pm

Achievements In The Newsletter
I shared an achievement with A3 in the forum achievement thread or on twitter with #A3Achieve. When will I see it in the newsletter?

Each newsletter is prepared during the week before it's published. Newsletter information collection occurs from Saturday to Friday, with Friday being the deadline for content going into the next week's newsletter.

In order to have an entire week's worth of achievements in a newsletter, we use a previous week's achievements for a current newsletter.

If you post an achievement on Wednesday of this week, it is collected the next week, and then included in the newsletter published on the Monday following the collection week.

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Submitting Achievements Correctly
How do I submit my achievements for the newsletter?

This information is available in every newsletter achievements section. To share your achievements you can either post them to our website thread location here: The Official Achievements & Milestones Thread.

Or you can share them with us on Twitter using the hashtag #A3Achieve: Twitter.
Missed Achievements?
What if I suspect my achievement was missed?

Wait. Sometimes this happens when things are extra crazy in a week. If achievements are skipped one week, they'll be picked up for the following week. If you are still concerned about an achievement after this: (1) Check that you submitted it correctly then (2) Contact Piwakawaka.
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