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Queston: Pet suppliers question  [ANSWERED]

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Queston: Pet suppliers question

Post by LadyWizard » August 2nd, 2015, 6:04 pm

Just hit me if you're a pet supplier and there's a raffle using the pet you're supplying for tickets how is that handled?

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Re: Pet suppliers question  [ANSWERED]

Post by Irayna » August 2nd, 2015, 7:01 pm

As a pet supplier, you are on the list to be directly contacted when the supply of a pet is low to help ensure that we do not have to leave the pet out of the adoptions. This doesn't prevent you from using any pets that you gain in any method you choose. If a pet that is on the suppliers list is part of a donation drive, you can decide which method you wish to use to donate. If you want to enter the raffle, you can submit them through the normal event entry method. If you aren't interested in the prize for a donation drive, simply submit your pets using the normal method.

As Rusti had stated in her supply request PM --
Blorp must be obtained on bladefist and donated as an unlearned, uncaged item and can be used to enter the Upcoming Darkmoon Faire Donation Drive that will be taking place August 2 - August 9 while the DMF is in town. If you choose to enter the DMF with them then please include an additional note that these were also a supply request so we can give proper credit in both avenues.
What this means is... If you were sent a supply request but wish to submit the pets for raffle credit, simply submit the pets through Athreedrive with the usual requested information PLUS include a note that it was a supply request.

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