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Favorite Addons

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Favorite Addons

Post by Ivrae » April 26th, 2015, 6:20 am

On the old forum, we had a topic for people to post their favorite addons. I've copied them all over into a single post, so we can continue where we left off:

Battle Pet Breed ID:[/size]
Ehly wrote:I cannot get by without these two [Battle Pet Breed ID & Pet Tracker].

Jedikitten wrote:I also love Battle Pet BreedID. I'm constantly forgetting that not everyone has this addon and when they share a pet they just got with me and I comment on the breed they get all confused. lol

Pet Tracker:[/size]
Ehly wrote:I cannot get by without these two [Battle Pet Breed ID & Pet Tracker].

Shifty wrote:I have also been using pettracker which has been wonderful when figuring out where pets are and what I still need.

Irayna wrote:I replaced Pet Battle Teams with it since it's much smarter when it comes to leveling pets. It allows you to create a leveling queue and it will automatically pick your leveling pet if your team has one based on it's spot in the queue, and you can pick certain requirements for certain teams... For instance, if I want to level a bunch to 10 real quick, I set my aquatic levelers team to Max lvl 10 and just keep killing until I get bored (or run out of pet treat buff).

Irayna wrote:...with rematch, I can set a slot as a leveler and it will automatically put my leveling pet in there regardless of where he currently is or if I have a team of 25s up and running... Rematch lets you set up a leveling queue and if you pick a leveling team, it automatically puts your highest priority pet in the leveling slot. As soon as he hits 25, it gets the next one. You can also set requirements per team for leveling. Say you don't want to waste the bonus XP on your grand masters. You might set your Grand Master Aki team to only use max level 15 pets, so that you know that you aren't going to lose out on any XP. Say you have your queue sorted by level so that you get the ones to 25 that are closer, and you have 100 pets that are 16+ at the top of the list. When you switch to your Aki team, it will go ahead and grab pet #101 in your queue to put in there.

Jedikitten wrote:I've just recently started using Rematch because my Pet Battle Teams addon stopped working after the 6.1 update. It definitely took some getting used to, but now I hardly ever even open my pet journal unless I want to see all the possible breeds for a pet, or something along those lines. Another great thing about Rematch is that you can share teams, so one of my guildies had a team that he had a lot of success with, and rather than tell me which pets, abilities, and what order, he just shared the team with me. Granted, that's a small luxury, but still it's nice. I'd be glad to help you out with Rematch if you want to give it a try.

Necia wrote:As for rematch and all possible breeds, I believe your Pet Breed ID + Rematch combo, you can see *all* possible breeds. You just have to select a pet and then scroll over the breed and another little box pops up within the pet window. Very snazzy. (All of this takes place in the Rematch window)

PetJournal Enhanced:[/size]
Irayna wrote:...a lot of the features in Enhanced are also in Rematch.

Cancel Pet Fight:[/size]
Irayna wrote:And finally Cancel Pet Fight to help me see if I've already checked a wild pet and to make it easy to cancel the fights if I'm just looking for rares.

Pet Wheel:[/size]
Jedikitten wrote:Another relatively insignificant addon that I use is called PetWheel. It uses a combined graphic of the strengths/weaknesses for each family to the next from the graphics on warcraftpets.com's Guide to WoW Pet Battles. The wheel doesn't "do" anything; it just sits there, but it's nice to have something to glance at if I need a reminder of what is good against what, etc.

Pet Market:[/size]
LadyWizard wrote:another good one that Tika turned a few of us onto was Pet Market which is similar to auctioneer and auctionator BUT it only does pets and only shows you the lowest price missing ones

Ivrae wrote:I actually tried Pet Market the other day, but unfortunately it doesn't work at all if you have Trade Skill Master, so I guess I'll just stick with my shopping list.

Better Battle Pet Tooltip:[/size]
Ivrae wrote:Better Battle Pet Tooltip has a neat function where it will add an "already fought" line in a wild pets tooltip if you've already fought it and then forfeited. This is really quite useful if you're checking groups of the same pet for specific breeds or rares.

Battle Pet Daily Tamer:[/size]
Ivrae wrote:Battle Pet Daily Tamer has an option to add paws to the map for the Beasts of Fable, as well as the ability to add all selected paws to the flight master map if you're looking for the closest flightpoints.

Bartruby Summon Pet:[/size]
Ivrae wrote:Bartruby Summon Pet is what I use to make sure my petless characters stay petless, and my characters with pets always have the right one out. Probably not very useful if you like summoning a variety of pets and don't theme them to your characters.

Ivrae wrote:Rarity is what I use to track farming sessions. I don't actually deliberately farm anymore, but it also serves as a nice list of mounts/toys/pets I don't have yet that are drops.

[size=150]Pet Farm Helper:[/size]
Hollthulhu wrote:Needs to be on this list!

(Everyone apparently loves Rematch.)
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