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[OFFICIAL] Getting Started With A3

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[OFFICIAL] Getting Started With A3

Post by Wakamaru » January 14th, 2017, 3:11 am


Thank you for your interest in joining the A3 community! We're really excited to have you and would like to help you get settled in. Below you will find information regarding the order in which you should complete tasks so that you can start adopting pets quickly!

Getting Started

Step 1
Read the community rules.
Why? Every community has rules and ours is no exception.

They are mostly common sense "don't be a jerk" rules but, sadly, over the years it has become necessary to actually put them in text.
Community Rules Step 2
Create your guild character!
Why? The guild serves as our point of contact for the community in regard to sending and receiving pets.

Using the guild bank you will be able to view the pets that are available for adoption. Being in the guild on the correct server will ensure that we can mail you your pets!

  • Create a character on the Bladefist server and Horde faction. Any race will work!
  • Please DO NOT use ASCII characters (e.g. á, ç, ß). This creates an extra unnecessary obstacle when we are trying to deliver pets to the correct people.
Once you have created your character you will want to move it to the nearest capital city so that you have access to a mailbox and guild bank.

Step 3
Apply to the guild.
Why? If you don't join the guild, you can't see which pets are up for adoption!

We ask prospective members to apply to the guild on the forum due to the fact that our members and team play across many a scattered server. It's very difficult to pin us down on Bladefist sometimes. Applying to the guild over the forum gives us the chance to add your BattleTag and message you when we're online. This way we can switch servers and invite you as soon as we're both online!

Apply To The Guild
Visit the link above and read the announcement post titled "How To: Request Guild Membership". There will be a copy/paste application there for you to use so that we collect all the information needed to get you set up and ready to adopt pets.

Since there are multiple team members doing invites, we usually get to people pretty quickly. You can expect a 24-48 hour wait in most cases. We ask that you please be patient and don't harass other members on the forum, the Discord server or in WoW while you wait.

While you are waiting for your invite, take a moment to check out other community features such as the rest of the forum, games, events, and giveaways, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, and Reading With Leashes (our blog).

Step 4
Adopt some pets!
Why? If you are missing pets, we're here to try to help you fill in the gaps.

Take a look through your collection and figure out which tradable pets you are missing. To do this as quickly and as few errors as possible, we highly recommend using XuFu's Collection Viewer. Visit the link, find the Tools option in the top menu, and select XuFu's Collection Viewer. Select your realm and enter your character name, then click on Import Pets. Wait a moment for the viewer to display your collection stats.

Scroll down the page a bit to find the filters, and set them as follows:

  • Name [blank]
  • Level [all]
  • Quality [all]
  • Breed [all]
  • Families [all]
  • Duplicates [all]
  • Tradable [yes]
  • Collected [no]
Pets that you are missing will be highlighted in red. Please take the time to compare XuFu's list to your own collection in the game so that you don't accidentally request a duplicate pet and wind up with a denied request!

Once you have your list, take a look at the adoption tabs IN GAME. There are currently 6 tabs full of potentially adoptable pets. You are allowed to submit 1 request for EACH tab ONCE per week, for a total of 6 requests. If the pet you requested is still in stock when we are filling your request, it will be mailed to you.

Be aware of the fact that our inventory is directly dependent on donations and is therefore not limitless. Occasionally we will have to deny a request because we've simply run out of the requested pet. For this reason, we encourage members to create a list with multiple pets for each tab when possible. If we run out of your first choice pet, we'll send the second choice pet.

Adoptions are mailed late Friday night. Be advised that hours may vary slightly as our lovely pet sender lives in New Zealand.

For full details on adopting pets, please visit the pet adoption subforum.

Pet Adoption Step 5
Pay attention to the newsletter!
Why? Pretty much all crucial information regarding A3 events, important changes and so on will be featured here.

The newsletter, Pawprint Press, is posted late Monday evening / early Tuesday morning. Make it a habit to read through it each week! There is always important community news, event and giveaway notices, actual giveaways, games and member features.

You can be featured in the newsletter! Utilize the Twitter hashtag #A3Achieve for any achievements, milestones or nifty loot you find. Utilize the Twitter hashtag #A3pix to send of screenshots or selfies of you out and about in the game!

Lastly, the newsletter will include important news about updates and changes from Blizzard regarding Pet Battles, BlizzCon and WoW in general as well!

Pawprint Press Step 6
Familiarize yourself with the rest of the communities features!
Why? We have forum games, giveaways, contests, events, community discussion, points and badges that can be earned, and so on.

Take full advantage of everything there is to offer! You will want to pay close attention to the events and giveaways subforum, the games subforum, the newsletter, the blog, Twitter and Discord. There is almost always something happening!
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