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Guide: Raptor Hatchlings

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Guide: Raptor Hatchlings

Post by AzerothAdoptionAgency » April 29th, 2015, 6:26 pm

Author(s): Shegrah Editor: Sandwalker Formatted By: Jedikitten Updated By: n/a Additional Contributors: n/a

Raptor Hatchlings
There are a lot of Raptor Hatchlings and keeping them all straight can get confusing. I made a list of all of them and where to get them.
Cogblade Raptor - Pet battle in Blade's Edge Mountains. The area around (but not in) Death's Door in the southeast of the zone has a few spawn points. This is one of the more rare to find pet battles and it may be a good idea to upgrade this pet with a battle stone instead of farming for a rare.
Darting Hatchling - Looted from Dart's Nest in Dustwallow Marsh. The nest can be found east of Blackhoof Village. They are most commonly located near trees.
Deviate Hatchling - Drop item from Deviate Guardians and Deviate Ravagers in Wailing Caverns. These are the raptors located around the beginning of the instance. The drop rate is about 0.2%.
Fossilized Hatchling - Rare Fossil Archaeology item. It takes 85 fossil fragments to complete and there is no minimum Archaeology skill level required. Fossil dig sites are more common in the Eastern Kingdoms.

Both Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor offer other Archaeology pets that are only obtainable on one continent or the other.
Gundrak Hatchling - Drop item from Gundrak Raptor in Zul'drak. These raptors are located in the Northeast area around Gundrak. The drop rate is about 0.1%.
Lashtail Hatchling - Quest reward item. The Horde starting quest is "Defense of Grom'gol: Raptor Risk" which you get from Commander Aggro'gash in Grom'gol. The Alliance starting quest is "Bad Medicine" which you get from Brother Nimetz in the Rebel Camp.

After finishing this quest another quest will pop up for you and this is the quest line you need to follow in order to obtain the pet. Actually obtaining the pet requires level 85 and rescuing it from the heroic dungeon Zul'Gurub.
Leaping Hatchling - Looted from Takk's Nest in Northern Barrens. The nest can be found just South of Nozzlepot's Outpost. The nest is sometimes hidden by the foliage at the base of the trees; search carefully.
Obsidian Hatchling - Vendor item. Breanni in Dalaran offers this pet for 50 gold. She is located in a small room to the southeast of the Horde area - there will be a lot of mounts just outside the door. She also offers other pets, so be sure to check if you need them.
Ravasaur Hatchling - Looted from Ravasaur Matriarch's Nest in Un'Goro Crater. These can be found east of Marshal's Stand. Like the other raptor nests, these are often near trees.
Razormaw Hatchling - Looted from Razormaw Matriarch's Nest in Wetlands. These can be found northeast of Greenwarden's Grove. Raptor nests are often found near trees.
Razzashi Hatchling - Drop item from anything in The Cape of Stranglethorn and Northern Stranglethorn. It is possible to loot this off the same mobs that drop the Hyacinth Macaw pet. This pet and the Hyacinth have a drop rate of about 0.04%.
Zandalari Raptors - Drop item from Zandalari Dinomancer on the Isle of Giants. There are actually 4 raptor pets that drop from the same mob: The drop rate on these pets is about 1.7% meaning that after about 100 kills you should have 1 of each pet. These mobs have a very big healing spell so it might be a good idea to go with a character that has an interrupt. If you don't have the flight path to this area you can fly out there yourself from northeast Kun-lai Summit.
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04.29.2015 Guide created.
03.07.2016 General guide information update.
03.28.2016 Leaping Hatchling information added to guide.
03.28.2016 Guide was reformatted.
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Re: Guide: Raptor Hatchlings

Post by Aloborc » April 29th, 2015, 6:41 pm

WoW! What a nice guide. Thank you for taking time to post it!

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Re: Guide: Raptor Hatchlings

Post by Sandwalker » March 7th, 2016, 4:24 pm

Review's been done.
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Re: Guide: Raptor Hatchlings

Post by Jedikitten » March 29th, 2016, 12:40 am

Added the Leaping Hatchling in whilst I was formatting. :)
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