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Power-leveling Strategies

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Power-leveling Strategies

Post by Ehly » May 6th, 2015, 6:23 am

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Power-leveling Strategies
(See this post for Leapfrogging your first pets to 25)

The focus of this collection of strategies is players who have a few level 25 pets, but need to level a lot more so they can start battling tamers (or anything they come across). I’ve put together some notes on how to power-level pets; however, I was away from the game for a year, so I’m sure there’s much for me to learn. I hope you’ll share your strategies in the comments!!

Please note: there are upcoming changes in Legion that may impact some of these tips. Feel free to comment or PM me if you find anything here that should be updated.

Recommended pets: everyone has their favorite(s), and I’ll link to my tamer team lists further down, but my recommendations for the non-tamer strategy and rare wild capture are:
  • If you don't already have a Gilnean Raven, Crow or Dread Hatchling, get thee to the Darkmoon Faire as soon as you can and battle level 5 or higher Darkmoon Glowflies until you find a Crow companion - rare and S/S breed, if possible. (Alternatively, you can roll a Worgen to get the Raven racial pet (see this guide) or, adopt or buy one on the AH.). Level this pet first.
    • Terrible Turnip - has a move that cannot kill an opponent. Extremely valuable when hunting rares. Get one (adopt or buy) and level it as quickly as you can.
    Recommended Add-ons:
    • Battle Pet Breed ID shows you the breed of a wild pet (after you’ve initiated the fight). Breed isn’t always important, and is irrelevant to a lot of people; however, there are some cases where breed can help.
      • Rematch. Allows you to look up a recommended pet, then show you others with the same move that may be easier. A good example is the Call Darkness/Nocturnal Strike combo. There are at least three pets with that combination of moves. One is far easier (and cheaper) to get than the others. I remember when I was trying to build teams for the Celestial Tournament and watched videos recommending pets that were difficult, expensive or impossible to acquire (like trading card pets). Rematch would have been a great asset, except that I didn’t know about it.
      Which pets to level? Depends on what you want to do. If you want to do the tamer route eventually, try to build some teams based on tamers you’ll be facing, and level those pets (See next section). If you just want to capture higher level wilds for your collection, you can build a couple of go-to teams, level them, and call it done.

      Non-tamer Strategy: Good places to level against wild pets
      • Aquatics around Vale of Eternal Blossoms (groups of Eternal Striders @ Mistfall Village (with nearby stable master): Level 1 pet in first slot, level 25 pets (Raven/Crow or other strong flyers) in second and third slot. Level 1 pet has to get through one round. They do not have to attack or take damage. The first move of many aquatics in this area is a heal or some other non-attack move, so your lowbie can take the “hit,” and then swap in your flyers and finish up. If you have 25s in the other two slots, the fight will take your level 1 pet to at least level 6 (with no boosts (once you have the safari hat and start getting food boosts, this changes dramatically). Take a bunch to level 10 and go to a tougher spot or stay here until they are in their high teens.
          • My strat for leveling vs. aquatics: Lowbie in slot 1, level 25 Raven/Crow/Dread Hatchling in second slot, pref. S/S breed, with Call Darkness & Nocturnal Strike, with a strong flyer in the third slot. Let lowbie take the first hit (almost always a heal), swap in Crow. Use Call Darkness when off cooldown, Nocturnal Strike and whatever other attack. I occasionally have to use my third pet.
        • The beach on the NE shoreline of Shadowmoon Valley in Draenor is a great place to continue leveling pets, although it is easier for Alliance (long distance from a flight path for Horde, and unfriendly). A friend takes his 10s (leveled at Mistfall) to this spot and gets them to at least level 17, making sure to use an XP-boosting treat.
          • Every pet pro has their favorite spot. Add yours to the comments!
          Tamer Strategies
          The way you’ll go here depends a lot on your goals. If you want to open up the tamers in Pandaria, you need to battle all of the tamers in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, Outlands, Northrend & Cata. Or, if you’re high enough level, you can skip it all and just do the Draenor, Tanaan Jungle and Garrison tamers. These offer good rewards, including charms and chances at pets, but you’ll need several well-planned teams leveled to 25.

          I recommend doing it all! You can use the lower level tamers early on as opportunities to get some XP for your lower level pets and get achievements and rewards. Once you have some pets leveled up, you can start on higher level tamers. To get started, go to your faction’s home city and find the quest giver. (Horde: Varzok, is in Orgrimmar, up near the wind riders and zeppelin towers; Alliance: Audrey Burnhep is in Stormwind City, between the bank in Stormwind's Dwarven District and the Cataclysm portals.)

          Before you start, go read up on the tamer quests. Use the lower level tamers as an opportunity to build & level teams for the higher level tamers, until you destroy the Cata tamers (the ones I had the most difficulty with). "Levelers" do not have to attack or take damage to get XP, but they do have to be swapped in. This is occasionally tricky, because some of the groups you're fighting deliver damage to your backline pets, so you have to know which ones do that and swap in your higher level pets on those.

          Tip: look up two-pet Elekk carry strategies. These two-pet strategies allow you to carry a lowbie for XP, or have a back-up third pet, just in case. I went back later and re-did the required ones again and found the two-pet strategies made life so much easier. Major Payne was not a pain, and Orkut didn't make me cry.
          • Completing the Taming Azeroth achievement will open up the tamers in Pandaria, and gets you close to a nifty Safari hat which gives a 10% XP boost as long as you're wearing it. The hat will be stored in your toybox, but make sure to add a button for it, or equipment set, so you can switch to it quickly.
            • Fight the Pandaria tamers. Get this quest from the same character that gave you the other series. You should be able to swap in one leveling pet per fight. The quest reward bags drop bandages and occasional Battle Stones (usually family-specific), plus a chance at a rare Porcupette. They can also include a variety of gray items to sell and vanity treats, leashes, etc. Once you've gotten the quests to do daily battles in Pandaria, you can - if you want - forget about the others (until you're ready for An Awfully Big Adventure or unless you want The Longest Day achievement).
              • Here is my route & strategy for Pandaria; however, my “triple threat” strategy is also known as “howl bomb,” which is is being removed in Legion, so it will need an edit. I’m leaving the link in for the route. It includes all of Pandaria: tamers, spirit tamers & BoF. I just skip whatever I'm not doing that day.
            • Defeating Aki the Chosen will open up the quest to fight the Pandarian Spirit Tamers (see Gentle San for Horde or Sara Finkleswitch for Alliance). In addition to offering great XP for one pet per battle, their quest reward bags have a chance to contain battle stones and/or a spirit pet in their likeness.
              • If I remember correctly, defeating Aki also opens up the Beasts of Fable (BoF) quest from the same quest givers. After turning in that quest, you will have 3 quests available daily, with three or four BoFs in each group. These guys don't offer enough XP to make it worth getting in a leveler, but the quest reward bags can contain bandages, lesser pet treats (good for 25% increased XP for 1 hour) and a chance at one of four pandas.
              Beyond Pandaria
              • With a level 3 Menagerie in your garrison, do the daily pet battle and collect pet charms, training stones (and pets). Use the charms to buy treats or battle stones. Save the training stones for when your pets are nearing 25*. It’s not generally worth swapping in a lowbie (If Squirt still gives XP, check out Shergoth’s non-Howl Bomb strategy)
                • If you have a garrison, but not a Menagerie (or one at the right level), you can still fight the traveling pet tamer each day. Use the group finder and get a few more training stones and a chance at some more pets.
                  • Draenor tamers reward pet charms for each fight and can also be used to level pets. Ashleigh is my favorite, because I can take two level 1s to at least level 9 in one fight.
                    The Process
                    After you've built some teams and leveled them, those are the ones you take to the tamers on a regular kind of route. I had one solid process (slow but sure), then switched to a more systematic one.

                    Slow but sure
                    Pre-Draenor, this was my method. Once I got the right teams to level 25, I simply picked out 1 or 2 pets and leveled them from 1-25 by visiting all of the Pandaria tamers (including the spirit tamers), wearing my hat and using a lesser pet treat. I thought this was power-leveling until I figured out that I could do more.

                    Level pets in groups. Use whatever methods you like to get your pets to higher levels, then visit the tamers with the mid-level pets. Whenever possible, use pet treats to boost XP. You don't have to take them to level 25 this way: if you are doing garrison battles, you'll soon have a hefty collection of training stones. I wait and use one stone* at level 24, but others use up to 4 stones (depending on the size of their collection, I'm sure).

                    At one time, I sorted my pets by level and found that I had quite a backlog of "natural" 21-23 level pets, so focused on them throughout several tamer routes. With the safari hat, a treat booster and a handful of regular fights, I got 60 pets from 21-23 to 24-25 in one week. Once a pet hit 24*, I stoned it, but sometimes the XP carried them from 23 to 25. It all depended on where they were on the progress bar.

                    *Check the pet's XP before stoning. I found that a dozen or so of the pets I worked on this last week were only a couple of hundred XP from level 25. Why use a stone when a single, regular battle would take them over the top? Likewise, if they were level 23 and close to the line, I ran them through a basic fight to get them to 24, then stoned.

                    Credit: I’d like to thank user Secksy for showing me the Mistfall Village spot. And for the level 25 P/S Gilnean Raven.

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                    Re: (in progress) Guide: Power-leveling for Beginners

                    Post by Aloborc » May 26th, 2015, 9:35 pm

                    I like to level my pets by using any level 25 pet with Decoy in the first spot. My favorite place for this strategy is Frostfire Ridge in WOD. Frostfire has large concentrations of battle pets scattered about in groups around mountain ridges. Make sure you use you safari hat, hamburger and weenie buff. I use Lifelike Mechanical Boar (Decoy, Rebuild, Missle), Leveling pet, level one's work fine here, Nexus Whelpling (Tail Sweep, Arcane surge, Mana Surge). I begin with my boar and cast Decoy. Immediately I rotate my level one pet in--his attack is blocked and he is immediately rotated back out to either boar or whelpling. I continue the battle with my boar and whelpling. I can generally level 2 level one pets to 25 within 1 hour. I often use 3 battle stones on each pet at approx. level 22. I get these stones from doing my daily menagerie battles and Erris every day.
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