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[OFFICIAL] Adopting Battle Pets

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[OFFICIAL] Adopting Battle Pets

Post by Wakamaru » April 14th, 2015, 12:04 pm


Adopting Battle Pets
We're super excited that you are interested in adopting battle pets from A3! Please take a moment to read through the helpful sections below and you'll be ready to adopt your first pet!

Basic Requirements
  • You need to already be a member of the A3 forum and nursery guild to request pets. For information on how to accomplish these tasks check out our Getting Started with A3 page.
Our #1 Rule
You must NEED a pet in order to adopt it. We define NEED as not already owning.

The reason for this is because our pet inventory is not limitless! We want to be able to help as many members fill out their collections as we can. As such it's important that you don't adopt pets that you already have.

The Adoption Process
  • Log into your WoW account and log onto your A3 nursery guild character.
  • Determine which pets you do not own yet. Read "Step 4" in the Getting Started guide mentioned above for helpful hints on how to accomplish this.
  • Visit the guild bank and browse the first 6 tabs. See if there are any pets in those tabs that match your needs list.
  • Visit the Adoption Subforum to find the adoption threads. There will be one thread for each tab of the bank, i.e. Bank Tab #1 would correspond with the "Tab 1 Adoption Requests" thread.
  • Repond to each of the tab threads that you wish to adopt pets from. If you want pets from tab 1, you post them to the tab 1 adoption thread. If you want pets from tab 2, you post them to the tab 2 adoption thread, etc.
You will only receive 1 pet from each adoption tab each week. This gives you a chance of adopting up to 6 pets per week. We recommend that you submit lists greater than 1 single pet. If we run out of stock for your first choice pet, we'll send the second choice pet.

Denied Requests
There are two factors that may result in a denied adoption request.
  • Requesting a pet that you already own may result in that tab's request being denied. If there is another pet in the list that can be sent, it will be sent instead. However, if you only request one pet and that pet is a duplicate, the request will be denied.
  • If we completely run out of stock for your entire list, the request will be denied. There is nothing we can do about this.
If one (or all) of your requests are denied you cannot resubmit it. You will have to wait until the next week to try again.

Duplicate Requests
While we will try to be patient and work around duplicate requests, if you submit frequent and/or excessive duplicate adoption requests this may result in a combination:
  • Denied adoption requests.
  • Being placed in a 3 week adoption time out.
If these penalties have to be enforced a lot, you may lose your adoption privileges altogether.

So spend the extra minute and double check your lists!

Adoption Week
Adoptions are open Monday through Friday (US). Adoptions are closed on Saturday, Sunday, some holidays and during team breaks. Announcements for holidays and breaks are always posted in the newsletter.

Adoptable pets are stocked on Monday.

Different pet breeds ARE NOT considered to be different pets. You can request a specific breed if you see it in the guild bank. We cannot guarantee that you'll receive that pet, but we'll make our best effort to send you the correct breed.

Making Changes To Your Request
There are some instances where it is necessary and/or appropriate to request a change be made to your request. These include accidentally requesting a pet you already own, obtaining a pet that you requested before the request was filled, or misnumbering the request according to the adoption tab.

You cannot edit your adoption requests post! To make changes you will need to use the Report button. To do this, locate the request that you want to be changed and then find the gear button near the top right of the post. Click the button and select 'Report this post'. Fill out the form and submit it.

You may NOT request additional pets be added to your adoption request. You will need to wait and add these for the next adoption week.

Missing Pets
If you have requested a pet and it has not arrived in your A3 nursery guild character mailbox within 8 days, first be sure to consult the Announcements section of the forum/Discord. If there were any delays in sending pets the notices will be posted in both of these places.

If there are no notices, you will need to contact Piwakawaka either through Private Message on the forum or through Direct Message on Discord. Do not message or mail Piwakawaka in-game.

Politely let them know that you haven't received your pet(s) yet. We will investigate and get back to you pretty quickly about the status of your pets.
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