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OzinLA introduction

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OzinLA introduction

Post by OzinLA » September 15th, 2017, 11:20 pm

First!!!!1 (dang I hate people who do that).

Since as a part of the application process we ask a few questions to break the ice, it is only fair that we reciprocate. I'll start.

Name and Realm of your main character (level 20+): Alleynah - Lothar (A) aka the fail druid.
Playing Schedule: mostly weekends, with brief "chore" type activity before and after work on weekdays. But I am on the West Coast, so most people are turning in when I log on. Also, unlike most WoW players I am an early bird and fade by 9 pm.
How did you hear about A3? I wasn't an original-original member, but I read a post on Warcraft Pets back when A3 had a different forum host and joined up then. It was a couple of months before they switched to this forum. I don't know how long it was before I joined the team, but it has all been fun.
How long have you played WoW?: Since a few months before WotLK dropped. An acquaintance (now good friend) mentioned it, and invited me - getting herself a zhevra mount in the process. She now only plays sporadically, and on a bad week I would log 20 hours minimum...
What's your favorite pet?: That's a difficult question, I really don't do favorites. I guess my workhorse is Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. For appearances, any of the reasonably sized pets (hate the micro pets). Currently, of course it is Shadow, but Sparkle Bunny is very cool too - love its animations.
How did you get started collecting vanity pets/battle pets?: I guess accidentally? I was around for the 4th anniversary (or whatever it was) and got the Baby Blizzard Bear. Didn't really start collecting until after the pet battle system was brought out, and even then I was a pretty late adopter. You see I am way older than the pokemon demographic, so I didn't know what the fuss was about. A guildie sold me on trying the battles and I have never looked back.
Tells us something about yourself!: I am from a small town in Australia, transplanted to Los Angeles (hence my screen name). Over-educated 50-something. Share a house with two males, one humanoid, one feline.
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Re: OzinLA introduction

Post by Fenrasta » October 19th, 2017, 7:52 am

OzinLA wrote:Share a house with two males, one humanoid, one feline.
You need a 3rd one to make a full team! :wink:

You described yourself as "overeducated" - what fields of study interest you most?


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