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Giveaway #16: WARCRAFT Horde Pin by WETA (6/5 to 6/11)  [ENDED]

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Giveaway #16: WARCRAFT Horde Pin by WETA (6/5 to 6/11)  [ENDED]

Post by Wakamaru » June 5th, 2016, 11:09 pm


Giveaway #16: WARCRAFT Horde Pin by WETA
Winner: ‏@BenTinyShaw[/align]


[col]Image Celebrate the launch of the Warcraft movie with by winning a WARCRAFT Horde Pin by WETA! We'll have the Alliance version up for grabs next week. :)

How do you participate?
1. Go to the Official A3 Twitter
2. Follow @A3pets
3. Locate the giveaway tweet (here)
4. ReTweet the giveaway tweet

That's it!

The deadline is 11:59pm ET on June 11th
|[attachment=0]hordepin2.png[/attachment] A Twitter account is required to participate in this giveaway.
This giveaway is for all of our Twitter followers, not solely A3 members. Personal stock is used to fund these giveaways - never guild stock.
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