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Newsletter July 2: Important! Upcoming Forum Maintenance!

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Newsletter July 2: Important! Upcoming Forum Maintenance!

Post by piwakawaka » July 8th, 2018, 11:56 pm

July 2018
Year 4, Issue 27


Hello A3ers!

It is once again time for a major forum upgrade! During the week of July 2nd through July 6th you can expect the site to be mostly inaccessible. During this period I will be working through numerous updates and implementing several brand new features.

As a result of the necessary downtime you can expect the following A3 functions to be on standby:
  • Normal style weekly newsletter
  • Adoptions
  • Majority of the forum activity
If you need assistance with anything NOT RELATED to these standby features, please join A3's official Discord server and post in the #support channel. We highly recommend changing your Discord nickname to match your A3 forum name for ease of confusion.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation during this process. I will be working around the clock to ensure things are up and running on time as well as functioning properly. We expect to run into a bug here and there, but we'll work through them as we find them. :)


Planned Updates
  • The board will be updated from PHPBB version 3.2 to 3.22.
  • Pages feature will be upgraded to be easier to view.
  • Contact admin feature will be upgraded so that multiple team members are paged at once.
  • Board rules link will now feature A3 board rules, not simply the default PHPBB rules.
  • An application form will be added to the menu that will display available team member positions when applicable. Remember that there is a Google form available for those who are interested in future positions. You can find that here.
New Features
  • Forum categories will now be collapsible.
  • Members will now be able to earn badges (like achievements) for completing certain board tasks, the duration of their membership, and participating in or winning events.
  • Members will now be able to earn points for activity on the board. Points will be able to be spent to enter special BlizzStore giveaways.
  • Post models will be added so that members can select templates such as adoption forms or event entry from a quick drop-down menu (rather than copy/paste).
  • You will now be able to like/react to forum posts.
  • A dedicated knowledge base will be created with information for common problems as well as Q&A's from the Q&A forum.
A New Look
  • The board will have a brand new look!
Groups and Ranks
  • A groups will be merged into one singular group in order to streamline board mailing. Special groups will now appear in the form of ranks and badges.
Forum Cleanup
  • Several forum sections are being removed or merged into other sections in order to improve the overall appearance of the forum.
  • Hobbies, Real World and Everything Else sections will be combined and turned into a General Discussion section.
  • UI, Addons & Macros and Looking For Group section will be merged into the World of Warcraft section.
  • Reading With Leashes Blog Discussions and Sister Guild: Petoholics Anonymous sections are being removed. These will instead appear as dedicated sticky posts in the Azeroth Adoption Agency section. The Azeroth Adoption Agency section will be moved into the Discussion category.
  • Special private sections such as Superstar Sanctum, Donor Domain and Pet Trading (Superstar Only), and Staffing Needs & Opportunities sections will be deleted. They are not used. The normal Pet Trading section will remain as-is.
  • The Games section of the forum will be updated with several quick and easy reply games. This section will be designed with point farming in mind.
Discontinued Features
  • The Wild Pet Capture Service is being retired. It was rarely used and often times when it was used, members did not return to review the responses to their thread. Instead, there will be a dedicated sticky post for people needing help finding rare wild pets located in the Pets, Collecting & Farming section.
  • Discord is being included in the update!
  • The adoptions sites section is being removed. Instead, #magistream and #dragoncave will have a place under the Other Games section. #mg_anon_links and #dc_free_eggs are being deleted. Members without the Magistream and Dragon Cave roles will still not be able to view these channels.
  • The #welcome and #about_a3 channels will have their text updated.
  • #helpful_links will be purged of most Legion content in preparation for BfA.
  • Most Legion pins will be purged in preparation for BfA.
  • I've probably forgotten something here. Check the newsletter posted on the 9th or 10th for a recap of changes. This newsletter will also include instructions for properly reporting bugs.

Currency can be a real pain to farm - especially for so many pets! We'd like your help farming vendor pets so that we may share them with other A3ers! This Donation Drive will include most pets purchased from vendors using currency, all vendor pets purchased using currency + gold, and some that require gold only. This event will include any cageable pets that can be purchased from a vendor using currency and/or gold (74 pets total!). Check out the information post for a full list. Tiers for this donation drive are 50, 100, and 150.
Members who earn at least 15 entries total during the Donation Drive will also have the option of choosing a Plush from the Blizzstore, a Funko Pop! Vinyl from the Blizzstore, or any Funko Pop! Vinyl from Funko's Amazon store as their Tier 3 prize!

Maximum value $25USD before S&H!
International shipping OK!


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