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Newsletter July 9: We Are Back! And Other Important Notes

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Newsletter July 9: We Are Back! And Other Important Notes

Post by piwakawaka » July 9th, 2018, 6:25 pm

July 2018
Year 4, Issue 28

A message from Wakamaru~

About Last Week's Forum Updates
Unfortunately, I spent the end of last week working to undo an error caused by a corrupted file in the initial phpbb 3.2.1 to 3.2.2 update - never made it past the initial update. The error was reported back to the developers of phpbb, but nothing beyond that as far as receiving help happened.

Rather than risking a total loss of years of posts and all membership... I've simply restored the board back to June 9th. This will mean some posts are missing and some recent members need to re-register.

I did do a backup from July 3 and 5 before I started just in case, but for whatever reason, I wasn't able to successfully bring everything online back with those (16 hours alone went to this). You will notice that some posts from the end of June or early July are now missing. We'll re-do what needs replacing, and proceed without the rest.

So.... until I get word about the corrupted file we're back to where we started. I tried twice with the same result.

For those of you who were patient with me during this thank you.

We'll try again when I know more.

Forum Cleanup
In the meantime, I will be going ahead with consolidating the sub-forums. As a reminder:
  • Several forum sections are being removed or merged into other sections in order to improve the overall appearance of the forum.
  • Hobbies, Real World and Everything Else sections will be combined and turned into a General Discussion section.
  • UI, Addons & Macros and Looking For Group section will be merged into the World of Warcraft section.
  • Reading With Leashes Blog Discussions and Sister Guild: Petoholics Anonymous sections are being removed. These will instead appear as dedicated sticky posts in the Azeroth Adoption Agency section. The Azeroth Adoption Agency section will be moved into the Discussion category.
  • Special private sections such as Superstar Sanctum, Donor Domain and Pet Trading (Superstar Only), and Staffing Needs & Opportunities sections will be deleted. They are not used. The normal Pet Trading section will remain as-is.
Coming To Terms With Reality
An unfortunate realization has been brought to the attention of myself and the team during all of this. Quite simply: is the level of activity in the community worth the amount of time the team as a whole spends on various projects for everyone?

The answer is no.

This is something we've been avoiding talking about for a while, but the stress of last week has made us face the issue head on.

The team is still functioning at the 40-70 participation level we had in our first two years of operation and not the 5-15 level since.

We keep trying to offer new events and bigger prizes/giveaways to draw back in more participation and it's going nowhere.

In addition to the lack of community participation, some members consistently let their pets be returned, gripe about missing out on something even though they were online and the event/giveaway lasted weeks to months, or they have a rotten attitude when something doesn't go their way. Simply put that's disheartening.

The team is spending too much time, money and gold on our end with not enough effort on the community's end basically.

So what does all of that mean for you? Nothing really, keep doing what you're doing!

What does it mean for the team? We're going to take a hard look at where we can scale back and cut down on time. Our efforts need to match the current climate of A3, not the climate from the start of A3.

We'll have our meeting this week and get back to everyone with a list of overall changes.

Worry not -- you are still getting pets. Adoptions, events and giveaways will still be a thing. The newsletter and blog will still be a thing.

For the 10 or so who consistently read the newsletter watch for changes in two weeks(ish). For the rest who don't... good luck! You're going to need it.


Newsletter Changes
Hello, Readers.

As per Wakamaru's announcement above, we will also be looking at how the newsletter is being done going forward. While we love the current layout, the fact is the newsletter is being read by only a handful of people.

To this end, we will no longer report news about World of Warcraft and Blizzard. Other sites already do a far more in-depth job of this already, and our covering the news is simply redundant.

We will be covering instead things of note happening in our community. This will likely include 'Call to Arms'-type events, major changes (such as the failed forum update) and other such things. There is a reasonable chance this will mean some weeks there is nothing for the newsletter, however, and as such we will be reviewing things further down the road to see whether or not we are keeping a steady flow of content to justify a weekly issue, or if we would be better off dropping to a fortnightly edition.

We will be keeping our Photo of the Week, and the crosswords as a way of engaging the community. We always enjoy seeing what you are up to so please keep sending those screenshots.

It will take some time to settle how we want things to look like going forward, but never fear -- we will keep you few valuable readers up to date as we go forward.


Currency can be a real pain to farm - especially for so many pets! We'd like your help farming vendor pets so that we may share them with other A3ers! This Donation Drive will include most pets purchased from vendors using currency, all vendor pets purchased using currency + gold, and some that require gold only. This event will include any cageable pets that can be purchased from a vendor using currency and/or gold (74 pets total!). Check out the information post for a full list. Tiers for this donation drive are 50, 100, and 150.
Members who earn at least 15 entries total during the Donation Drive will also have the option of choosing a Plush from the Blizzstore, a Funko Pop! Vinyl from the Blizzstore, or any Funko Pop! Vinyl from Funko's Amazon store as their Tier 3 prize!

Maximum value $25USD before S&H!
International shipping OK!


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