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Membership request  [INVITE COMPLETE]

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Membership request

Post by SpiceWitch » December 7th, 2018, 8:21 pm

Hey there!

My battletag is: SpiceWitch#1546.
My Bladefist character name is: Spicewitch.
My main/realm is: Makanara/Blackhand
Play schedule: Pretty random at the moment due to work, feel free to message me in other games as well.
I heard about you guys through a WarcraftPets post!

I've been playing WoW since just before Lich King dropped. My older brother and his fiance got me into the game. They've both since stopped playing, as has my cousin, so I've outleveled them all. MWAHAHAHA! I met my fiance through the game last year and play a lot of Blizzard games with him.
My favorite pet is Zao! I love all the pets, but Zao was the one that really got me into pet collecting and leveling. I'd been casual before the Celestial Tournament, but when I saw a player running around with him I knew I needed a tiny celestial yak of my own. It took me three and a half months of grinding for pets, leveling them, and coming up with strategies - but I finally beat the tournament and won him! Then I cheesed my way through the rest of the celestial menagerie. I've been hooked ever since <3
Something about me...hmmm. I'm a self-published author who's looking to make a big debut early next year. I love stories, be they in books, movies, video games, shows, or any other medium.

Looking forward to being a part of this amazing community!

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Re: Membership request  [INVITE COMPLETE]

Post by Jedikitten » December 7th, 2018, 8:26 pm

Hi there @SpiceWitch!

Btag request sent from Jedikitten. Please be advised you may also receive requests from Flameflash, OzinLA, & Piwakawaka. This allows us to cover more hours of the day giving you a better chance to get into the guild quickly! We remove Btags once the invite is completed (must make room for more people).

~Jedi c:
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