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How A3 Re-Homes Pets

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How A3 Re-Homes Pets

Post by Wakamaru » July 15th, 2015, 12:27 am


Azeroth Adoption Agency (A3) gives donated pets away to members who need them in a variety of ways.

Weekly Adoptions
This is our standard pet adoption method. Each week we stock 5 bank tabs with a series of pets and members may post a request list for each of those 5 tabs. They will receive 1 pet from each list for each tab provided stock is available at the time their request is processed. We ask that members request as many as they can from each tab on their lists in case we run out of their first pick pets – then we can send them another pet from their list.

To ensure that all of the best pets don’t only go out to our early-in-the-week players, we restock the tabs midweek. Requests made Monday through Wednesday evening are filled from the initially stocked pets on Sunday and requests made after Wednesday restock (late evening) through Friday are filled from the midweek restock. It is up to each member to decide which set of days they’d prefer to post their request during.

While we aim to fill as many requests as possible please remember that this is not always possible. There are a number of reasons why a pet request won’t be filled – but more often that not it is because the member has broken a rule or we have run out of them. Brief notes are left for each member in their requests about the status of their request and we send out more thorough information where required on the Friday/Saturday.

Weekly Adoption threads are open from Monday-Friday and are closed on the Weekends. Pets are COD’d to their new homes for 1 copper. The purpose of the 1 copper COD is so (a) we have confirmation that a member has claimed their pet and (b) a pet does not sit in a members inbox for 30 days before expiring and being returned to us (this happened a surprising amount!). If the pet comes back to us after 2 days from the COD we will attempt to resend it two more times allowing for a total of 6 days to claim it. If members know they won’t be able to claim their pet in this amount of time they can PM Wakamaru and notify her – and she will make alternative arrangements for them.

Weekly Raffles
Weekly Raffles are our solution to the more rare or expensive pets that need to be adopted out. In the past these were being unfairly claimed by the early morning people leaving the rest of the guild unavailable to claim them over and over again. As a result we developed the raffle system to ensure that everyone needing these pets had a reasonably fair shake at them.

If a member needs the weekly raffle pet they will post a response to the thread featuring the pet by providing the requested simple information. This typically involved including your character name and answering a quick or silly question. At the end of the week we draw 3 winners from the participant pool and those members receive the raffle pets. In months where we only have 1 raffle per week members are restricted to one win per month in order to help ensure more people have a chance to win something. In month where we have 2 raffles per week, the allowed wins may be increased to 2 per person.

Like adoptions, raffles are open from Monday-Friday and are closed on Weekends. Winners are typically drawn and announced Saturday evening. Also similar to adoptions, raffle pets are COD’d for 1 copper and resent 2 times for a total of 6 days’ worth of claiming time.

Special Events
A3 will host special events from time to time geared at finding donated or acquired pets new pets. Examples of these events might include—
100 Days of Summer: 1 type of pet given away each day of summer
A3 Anniversary Event: Tons of pet giveaways and mini contests with pet and wow-themed rewards.

Mini Contests
A3 mini contests include events such as selfie contests and forum/blog/site hide n’ seek games.

Donation Drives
Donation drives are a core feature in A3 and help to ensure we’re bringing in a steady flow of specific types of pets that we may be low on. Donation drives (often referred to as DDs) typically have 3 tiers worth of prizes which can be unlocked as donation amounts reach certain thresholds – and the winner of the drive can choose from any of the unlocked rewards. Donating pets from the list/s provided will earn you entries into the drive for a chance to win those prizes. Many members also donate anonymously if they don’t need any of the rewards. These entries are typically evenly divided among other participants at the end of the drive.

Twitter Giveaways
A3 will host Twitter Giveaways from time to time in order to help drive traffic to the project. Giveaways are simple and usually only require that you follow @A3pets and retweet the giveaway tweet. Please note that stock for giveaways is acquired specifically for them and is not taken from donated pets UNLESS the donor specifically gives us permission to do so.
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