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  • Throwback Thursday – August 27, 2015

    Wow, where has the time gone? It seems like only last week I was writing up the August 6th #tbt, and now we’re at the end of the month. Sorry I missed a couple of […]

  • Postcards from Azeroth – To Argus: Auberdine

    Auberdine Auberdine (not to be confused with a large purple vegetable with a similar name) was once the primary settlement in the grim, mist-shrouded area known as Darkshore. It was populated mostly by night elves, […]

  • BlizzCon 2018: World of Warcraft Q&A

    This year’s BlizzCon World of Warcraft Q&A was hosted by Scott Johnson, host of The Instance podcast and recent recipient of a Podcaster Hall of Fame award. Panelists included Alex Afrasiabi (Senior Creative Director), Ion […]

  • Fashion Friday #14 – Mail

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog set is a fiery grey, green, and brown set for Survival Hunters of both factions. Although this transmog looks great on both genders the different model used by each makes […]

  • Creature Feature: Mr. Bigglesworth

    Creature Feature – Mr. Bigglesworth Mr. Bigglesworth Possible Breed: S/S Stats: Health: 1400 Power: 260 Speed: 325 Abilities Slot 1: Claw Pounce Slot 2: Ice Barrier Frost Nova Slot 3: Ice Tomb Howling Blast Mr. Bigglesworth […]

  • Base Factions of the Argent Tournament

    Hi, I’m FlameFlash. I’ve been in this glorious World of Warcraft that we share since the Burning Crusade. I’m an altoholic and fairly fresh pet collector, so let’s find all these new possible friends together! […]

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