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  • Gearing up for Winter Veil

    Happy Caturday once again! The Feast of Winter Veil starts next week on Wednesday, December 16. Make sure to check out the festivities in-game! There are tons of fun things to collect during Winter Veil, […]

  • Fashion Friday #18 – Mail

    This week’s Fashion Friday transmog set is a black, red and gold set for Alliance Elemental and Restoration Shamans with animated blue highlights. This set could also be for a Horde character if the weapon […]

  • Fantastic Pets and Where to Find Them – Restless Shadeling

    Restless Shadeling These creatures are silent, save for the occasional sigh of otherworldly despair. Family Restless Shadeling Available Breeds: , H/S Abilities Slot 1:  Shadow Shock Arcane Blast Slot 2: Plagued Blood Death and Decay […]

  • Fantastic Pets And Where To Find Them – Cogblade Raptor

    Cogblade Raptor This model of raptor is produced in the Blade’s Edge Mountains. Their robotic roars are a common sound near Toshley’s Station. Family Cogblade Raptor Available Breeds: , S/B, B/B Abilities Slot 1: Bite Batter Slot […]

  • New 7.3 pets: Raiding with Leashes V achievement!

    Hey A3ers! Check it out! There’s a new Raiding with Leashes achievement coming in Patch 7.3! The pets for this achievement (Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm) will come from the following raids: Bastion of Twilight […]

  • Fantastic Pets And Where To Find Them – Black-Footed Fox Kit

    Black-Footed Fox Kit Often it is red-footed after it catches its prey. Family Black-Footed Fox Kit Available Breeds: , B/B Abilities Slot 1: Bite Flurry Slot 2: Crouch Howl Slot 3: Leap Dazzling Dance Colors […]

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