Intro to Caturdays

What is “Caturday”? Caturday, in the broadest terms, is the habit of posting cat-related memes on Saturdays. What will A3 Caturdays consist of? For A3 Caturdays we will aim to post typical Caturday memes, but also incorporate WoW-related kitties. We will have a thread in the blog section on the A3 forums where members can share their kitty pictures (real life, in-game […]

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BlizzCon® 2015 Virtual Ticket Now Available – BlizzCon

BlizzCon 2015 is just a few months away, and everyone can experience the panels, contests, and other con coverage from home with the BlizzCon Virtual Ticket—available to order now at! Also available for the first time this year are the BlizzCon goodie bags…available for additional purchase by virtual ticket holders while supplies last! Source: BlizzCon® 2015 Virtual Ticket Now […]

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Legion: The Upcoming World of Warcraft Expansion

After two weeks of rumors, purported leaks, sad attempts at Rick Rolls and much complaining, excitement, drama and generally high emotions, the new expansion has been announced at Gamescom. The announcement of World of Warcraft: Legion was prefaced by a small cinematic, tying the Alternate Universe Gul’dan to Main Universe Azeroth. Excellently executed, as all Blizzard cinematics are, it paves the […]

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