Repping with Leashes – The Kalu’ak: Part I

Hello, and welcome back to Repping with Leashes, where we explore the reputations that reward you with pets.

This month? Let’s go to the land of snow and rock, known as Canada.

*squints at cue cards*

Sorry, that’s Northrend. Man, I need my eyes checked.

Northrend. It’s much like Canada, in that it’s cold and gets snow. However, unlike Canada, the locals are not friendly, and there are no Timbits. I don’t think Canada has talking walrus, but I could be mistaken.


In Northrend, there exists the Kalu’ak, a race of humanoid, talking walrus people. Not aggressive by nature, they often get curb stomped by other races, such as the Kvaldir. Maybe it’s because they guard a special pet:


At first glance, Pengu might not seem any different than your normal tundra penguin. He has the same abilities as a tundra penguin, so why would you want him?

He has red eyes. Seriously, look.

Creepy, isn’t he? Kind of compels you to collect him, right? Okay then, let’s get started.

Minimum level to start Kalu’ak rep quests is 68. If you’re in the 68-72 range, it will be more difficult to complete the quests than if you’re 80 or higher. For maximum efficiency, you will want to do the non-daily quests as well.



Coldrock Quarry

Coldrock Quarry is just east of Amber Ledge. Go to the east side, and south a touch, and you’ll encounter Etaruk, a Kalu’ak Tuskarr, and Elder Atkanok, a rock. It looks very much like an Easter Island moai, if they had tusks. Each one has a quest for you that will start a short chain.

Etaruk: Reclaiming the Quarry (3 parts)
Elder Atkanok: The Honored Ancestors (4 parts)

Horde players have a choice, either before Coldrock Quarry, or after, to seek out Waltor of Pal’ea. He’s out at Garrosh’s Landing, due west of Warsong Hold. He should have two quests to start: Into the Mist and Horn of the Ancient Mariner. Each one has a followup, and the four of them will give you an extra 2000 reputation. After those four quests, he’ll send you to Karuk at Riplash Strand.

Riplash Strand

Riplash Strand is the southernmost tip of the Borean Tundra. It’s home to Karuk, another Tuskarr. Horde and Alliance reach this location in different ways. For the Horde, it’s via Waltor (see above), and for the Alliance, it’s Counselor Talbot in Valiance Keep. Alliance players need to do a few quests to open up that quest, but they’re all within Valiance Keep, so hopefully you’ve already knocked them out.

Once you’ve met Karuk, he will send you on Karuk’s Oath. From there, you’ll go on a multi-part quest chain, turning in at Karuk for a few, and then Veehja, a Naga, and then back to Karuk.

There’s no indication of where you need to go next, but to finish up with Borean Tundra, you need to go to Kaskala.


Kaskala is located on the eastern side of Borean Tundra, in the crook in the center, directly east of Warsong Hold. In addition to being the last section of quests to finish up here, it’s also home to the daily.

To start the quests here, go to Ataika, who’s located on the pathway down to Kaskala, next to Utaik. He’ll start you on a chain. The daily is offered by Utaik and you should pick it up. If you’re trying for efficiency, why screw up now?

Ataika: Not Without A Fight! (4 parts)
Utaik: Preparing For The Worst (Daily)

That ends Borean Tundra. That also ends the bulk of the quests you can do at level 68, but if you’ve been running all over the Tundra completing these quests, you’ll probably have hit 69 by now. If not, take Zygor’s advice to heart, and “grind a little until you hit 69.”

I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Just go complete a few quests. I hear the D.E.H.T.A are always looking for people to further their cause.

Total possible reputation
Alliance: 8720 (5720 rep into friendly) Horde: 10700 (1700 rep into honored)

Next Stop: Howling Fjord. It’ll be up soon, I promise!

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