Postcards from Azeroth – Orgrimmar

Hey, Everyone.

I went to Orgrimmar this time. Orgrimmar is a capital city that is found at the northern edge of Durotar. The imposing city is home to Warchief Vol’jin.

In Orgrimmar you can find a few pets. At the vendor Xan’tish you can buy Black Kingsnake, Brown Snake and/or Crimson Snake for 50* silver each. Paul North at the Brawler’s Guild (Shhh! Don’t talk about the Brawler’s Guild) has Clock’em for 30 silver. Vendor Matty (in the Goblin Slums) and trainer Varzok (between UC/Grom’gol zeppelin tower and the flight master) sell a number of pets for 50* silver as follows:

Blood Elf: Golden Dragonhawk Hatchling
Forsaken: Undercity Cockroach
Goblin: Shore Crawler
Pandaren: Jade Crane Chick
Tauren: Brown Prairie Dog
Troll/Orc: Black Kingsnake

The pet you see depends on what race your character is.

* Price varies with reputation level.

The Battle Pets in the city are the Creepy Crawly, Dung Beetle, Robo-Chick, Spider, Spiny Lizard, Toad and the Water Snake.

If you fish you might be able to get a Strand Crawler. He may also be in the quest reward Bag of Shiny Things from the Orgrimmar daily fishing quests.

See you on my next exploration!

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