Happy Caturday!

Happy Caturday everyone!

The Bonus Pet XP event is here again. I hope you are all enjoying speed-leveling your pets! This event ends on Monday so, if you haven’t already, go take advantage of the extra XP and get some new 25s. Also, if you win 5 PvP battles you get the insta-25 stone as a reward from the quest. If you’re not sure about PvP teams, check out this thread on our main forums: PvP Teams.

And now, on to our regularly scheduled Caturday!

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Last Wednesday was Veteran’s Day here in the US. So in honor of all our military, Happy Veteran’s Day!

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Also, remember, Pilgrim’s Bounty is coming up soon in World of Warcraft, along with Thanksgiving!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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